He walked into the strip club, not knowing that it was a strip club to meet up with his bestfriend.

Dressed in a black suit, a dark maroon tie, and his hair neatly in a high ponytail, Hyuuga Neji, the most renowned car designer in all of Earth, scoured the crowd for a familiar pair of brown buns.

Known for his revolutionary designs in the Eco-friendly cars, his works in Ford, Nissan, and Dodge, he changed the family car industry forever. No more gas gobbling minivans, no, Neji's microvan was of seven seats, more compact, yet still roomy, more features, and less gas than an ordinary minivan.

Yet, he isn't known well, due to his works in the family industry rather than race cars.

He looked over at all the drunk men-undoubtedly here to get away from their wives and girlfriends-and found absolutely no female soul that wasn't half naked dancing on a pole.

Then, he sat down, with a mug of beer. He regretted it about two seconds later, when a masked woman in a maroon corset, same color as his tie, a red pair of boyshorts, and garters holding up her fishnets, came off her stand, off the pole, and sat beside him, creeping her way up to his face. She pulled off his black jacket leaving a white formal shirt.

He flinched, although his eyes still seemed unemotional. She crawled onto him, and lifted a leg over his knees, and climbed on top of him, sitting on his lap.

He looked at her, face hidden, brown hair in... Buns. He lifted up the mask to reveal his childhood friend, Tenten Yamakuchi. Working here. At a strip club.

She smiled up at him. "Hey."

He was shell shocked. "H-hey."

She grabbed his drink, and got off of him. Her legs landed with a soft 'thump!' onto the seat and she started to talk. "So Neji, how are-"

"What the fuck are you doing?" Neji asked her incredulously.

"Uh, my job. I own this place, you know."

"Um, no. I didn't. I thought you had a successful business."

"This is successful!"

"Well I'm not su-" he was cut off by the sight of his twin sister. "WHAT is Hinata doing here?"

She turned, seeing her stroll in with Naruto and Kiba on her arm. "Oh, yeah. She comes here once a week, pretends to watch the strippers, buys some drinks, and leaves her two fanboys here to wallow in their erections."

Hinata waved at her, not noticing her twin. She shuffled over to the bar, bought eight entire bottles of beer, handed them to the currently fascinated males, and walked out.

Neji sighed in relief. "Well, Ten, I'm disappointed in you."

She looked at him, then straddled him again, looking him straight in the eye. "Youre disappointed that I'm SUCCESSFUL?"

Suddenly, the lights dimmed and two spotlights flashed onto a huge stage on the front.

There were two women, two poles, and two spotlights. One had her blonde hair braided up high, and one huge bang on the side, clad in a purple bra that was basically a strip of fabric going over her breasts which was holding something pale pink in between them, and t-string in red. The other had her pink hair up in a gigantic bow atop her head, and a bra in deep red, with pink lace, and purple t-string. The announcer introduced them as Ino and Sakura.

The music was suddenly different as the blonde pulled the double ended dildo from her boobs and the other one grasped the pole upside down, her panties sopping already. The blonde teased her, and the pink's moans were heard across the entire club. When the blonde pulled Sakuras panties off, there were hoots and hollers at the sight of the naked vagina. When Ino decided to use the dildo on her self, she leaned against the pole and pushed her t-string aside, gasping incoherently. Sakura felt unneeded, and terribly terribly horny, and facing the wall, dragged her vagina and clit across the shining metal, glistening liquid coating it. Then, Ino orgasmed, and they started to share the sex toy.

While most of the men had their attention diverted to the lesbian action, Neji stole his eyes onto Tenten's cleavage, which was spilling onto his chest. She turned to him, who was looking at her face all of a sudden.

"Theyre some of my best acts." she whispered, standing up and leading him to a back staircase.

They both headed upstairs to her personal staff areas, and her apartment. "You live here?" he asked.

She nodded.

He looked to one wall, with a collection of teddy bears, and to another with a collection of sex toys and bondage straps. He was flustered as one reflected her child self, and the other her horny self.

"So... Are you popular with the men here?" he asked, seating himself randomly onto a couch, landing on a vibrating dildo which was still wet. He started an erection, and pulled the dildo out, and the pillow into his lap.

She nodded. "They pay extra for the virgin stripper. They think they'll get lucky, but i don't like prostitution."

He raised a brow. She laughed, and put on some pj pants over her shorts, and pulled a blanket over her corset.

"Wanna watch barney, or porn, cause I have both." she said.

He didn't answer, and she popped in a video about cunninglus. She sighed as she got wet and he got his erection full swing.

"Oh, oh, y-yess..." she whispered, no, moaned out, "I've always wanted someone to eat me out."

He smirked. Wait, smirked?

Then, he turned the tv off, and embraced his full horny self.

"Then let's make it happen." and before she could argue, his lips were on hers, and his hands were everywhere. He ripped off her pajamas, and she sucked on his lips. Then, she pushed him off, and walked to her room, all the while purring seductively, and he didn't notice when she pulled some cuffs from a shelf.

He had no choice but to follow her.

Tenten straddled him, and started to kiss him full on he mouth, moaning at the feel of his stick against her hole. She pulled his arms over his head, and cuffed him on the bedpost. She licked her lips, hissing, "You're mine!"

He whimpered.

She grabbed Neji's shirt and unbuttoned it, slashing it off his cuffed build with a knife. She licked her lips and slathered saliva over his abs. He bucked when he felt her heat pressure onto him, and she lifted herself off. She shook an disapproving finger at him. "Tut tut, Neji, you sexy little bastard."

She turned herself around and placed her ass in his face, and pulled her panties down further than they already were. She then pulled down his pants and boxer briefs as he moaned in excitement.

"Ten..." he sighed.

She smirked, pulling off her corset, not facing him. He saw her milky back, and her legs, those troublesome boyshorts the only thing on her. She didn't turn around, but she crawled backwards, her butt and her panties nearer to his face.

He pulled the maroon piece of string down with his teeth and she gasped in amazement as he licked her skin.

"Great, you made me wet." she answered him, turning and revealing her precious C-cups to him. Neji's eyes were clouded over, and he had an idea.

While Tenten was looking at him, he stuck his tongue out, and swiped his lips. Her gaze weakened. He then feigned a licking action. She let out a sound that was like a moan. Neji swirled it in small circles. She groaned, and she relented, but not in the way he wanted her to.

She stood on top of him, and when her vagina was in full view, she opened her lips with her index and middle left fingers, and ran her right middle finger from back to front repeatedly.

His mouth watered and he snapped up. She started to stroke her clit, then inserted a finger into her self, letting out a loud moan. Her digit disappeared into her, plunging in and out, torturing Neji.

Suddenly, she was brought down to her knees with a violent orgasm, and her fingers moved to the head of the bed. She panted as Neji watched the cum drip from her, past her lips, and onto his mouth. He licked his lips, tasting her. He smiled.

His tongue started by teasing her clitoris. She gasped, mid-orgasm. He slowly, torturously, ran his tongue front to back, and she moaned for him to go on. He moved his wet muscle towards her inner thigh, and he made her groan in want and need by teasing the inside of her leg.

"Neji... Please... More..." she whimpered.

He licked his lips. "I need more than that."

She grinded into his face, but he did nothing. "I'll release you, just please." she sighed.

He smirked and let her uncuff him. He sat up, and shook his pants and underwear off his ankles. She was naked as well, and her back was on the bedpost, fingers teasing herself as she waited for him.

He pulled her hands away from her vagina, and swiped the tip of his penis onto it and made her shiver. Pulling back, he pulled a nipple into his mouth.

She groaned and pressed forward. He sucked and flicked the other one with a finger. She was filling the room with sounds that would make a straight woman wet. "Ahh, oh, mm-nneji!"

He pulled back and she groaned. "Dont you dare st-Ah!"

He attacked her clit with his tongue and thrusted his fingers in. She came a few seconds later, and panted heavily. He ate her out repeatedly.

She sighed, and climbed onto him and took him into her mouth. "Ten-oh, mnn, t-tah-ten!" he made sounds that made her even wetter.

He orgasmed while she was humming against his 7 inches. All the load was swallowed, and soon, Neji's hands were on her breasts, Tentens hands were on his dick, and their mouths were on each other's.

"Please... Now..." Neji whispered across her lips.

She nodded, "Yes... Yes... Yes Neji... Now..."

He placed his tip right on her hole. He ran it up and down and up and down in a teasing manner and she thrashed about, bucking her hips uncontrollably. "Neji!"

He smirked, and kissed her. While she was distracted with a tongue battle, he thrust in.

Tenten's voice was contorted into a cross between a moan and a whimper. Neji's voice made a sound that was between the word "damn" and "fuck" (duck?).

He moved and she moaned. He thrusted faster ad she met every one. She started to tighten around him, and soon-



::Following morning::

"Yo Nej." Tenten said, poking him in his flaccid dick.

It turned hard and he grumbled awake. "What was that for? I'm horny again now."

She smiled. "That's why i woke you up. Can we have sex again?"

He tackled her to the pillow with a kiss. "Yeah. But do you have any condoms? I don't want to get you pregnant."