Apple was jogging along side King who forcibly dragged him, "Wait up!" Apple yelled to him. King smirked, "What's wrong? Kitty can't keep up?" For once King was no longer the shorter, though he wondered if Apple will outgrow as he goes into adolescence. King walked a little faster. "Come on, you dragged me with you to them, keep up!" he yelled then laughed running ahead. Apple sighed, "Wait until I grow more than you, it's not going to be fun!" he yelled but King ignored him living his moment.

By now all expect Apple and King were at the house. "Where is Apple? If he doesn't come-" Grape was saying but Peanut interrupted her, "It's them!" waving to them. Apple was panting barely keeping up with King who was smiling, "Kid couldn't keep up... maybe he should run more." Grape got her claws out, "Are you suggesting that our little brother is fat?" she said in threatening tone. King swallowed loudly, "N-NO! I just-" Max covered King's mouth with his paw. "Let's not upset Grape eh?" then he tone became darker, "Wouldn't want two cats and maybe Peanut having a talk with you." Apple stuck his tongue out, "Let's not bully him, I brought him here... so he's my responsibility." Apple said in a more grown up tone.

Grape was surprised hearing that and King scowled, "Don't treat me like some kind of kid!" Apple gave a Cheshire grin, "Really, I could skin your hide, don't think just because I'm small means that I'm weak." he replied showing off his claws. Max grinned, "Reminds me of you Grape, already rubbing off of him?" Grape laughed then gave Max a threatening glare, "Honey, don't think I won't skin you either." she said in a calm tone. Peanut coughed, "Right now we wait for~" a footstep was heard behind Apple, "Hey Peanut." a female voice said. "GAH!" Apple yelled before going behind King.

The Pomeranian smiled, "Aw... is this Apple?" The blond cat came from behind King, he then walked nervously to her, "H-hello my name's i-is." he rambled on, Tarot giggled, "You're such a cutie!" Apple began blushed violently and the others could have swore that Apple was steaming. "How about a kiss on the cheek?" she asked to him which made him further blush, "E-eh?! U-u-um, w-well I uh..." Max grinned, "Aw, he's been struck by Tarot."

For a split second Peanut and Grape were worried that Apple was a dog lover, but they then assumed it's just Apple being so young. Tarot gave a light kiss on Apple's cheek which made him faint. "Aw, cats and dogs will both fall for a cutie like him." Tarot said in a friendly smile. Grape hissed, "What do you mean?" the thought of Apple being like Max made her upset. Peanut shook his head, "N-no Grape, I'm sure that she met it in a good way." he said. Grape then calmed down and unclenched her fists. She then looked towards Max and Peanut, "Please don't expose him to you know..." Max nodded but Peanut tilted his head, "What?" Grape sighed, "Stuff that kittens shouldn't see."

Peanut then understood learning the stuff he couldn't see at all from his parents, especially the internet. Bad stuff. Peanut saluted, "Understood, Apple will never be exposed to inappropriate material." he said in a official tone much to the humor of Grape. "My Peanut, always brings a smile." she thought. King shrugged, "It's not like he knows about that stuff." he said in his usual tone. Grape grimaced at King, "I bet you do look up those things on the internet, besides Apple is practically half your age."

Tarot then brought Apple back to consciousness. "A-ah...What happened?" he tried to remember about what happened, "W-wait... did she kiss me?" he asked to them, they nodded. He then feel his right cheek and started reminiscing, "It was like magic.." he thought about that wonderful kiss. Tarot smiled, "Well I'm physic. So the magic must have got to you." Apple looked amazed, "Really, like reading minds?" he asked. She nodded and then her eyes glowed green. "Magnificent!" Apple excitedly yelled, "Can you do other stuff?" King coughed, "Ahem, we were here for something, I believe?" he said.

Peanut and Max nodded, "Pridelands!" Apple became curious, "Pridelands?" Tarot grinned, "Don't worry, hyperreal surround senusal won't hurt." her eyes glowed green. Apple poked his head, "Hyper..." Grape gave a reassuring smile, "Don't worry, I'll protect you." she said. Soon the world warped and Apple became an young lion cub. Max became Parnok. Grape became Princess Illaya, and Peanut became Saso, a hyena. Tarot became a parrot and King a crow.

Apple looked at his body, "Wow! I'm like a foot taller and I have muscles!" he flexed them. He grinned, "This is awesome!" Grape heard something, "Hyenas, let's go!" All of them except Apple and King sprinted off, "WAIT YOU BASTARDS, DON'T FORGET US!" King yelled in a mad tone. Apple was ready to follow them when he heard some noise. He then shushed King, "Do you hear something?" he said. A rustle came from the right of them in the tall yellow grass that was almost as tall as Apple.

"We found one!" a hyena cried, he was holding a spear and pointing it very closely to Apple's chest, and he became extremely frightened. Soon more came from around them, "You will come with us!" one of them yelled to Apple. The lion cub wetted himself, "Help me!" he yelled for Grape and Peanut. "Take the bird too." the assumed leader said. King as the crow was swearing profoundly as they grabbed his wing, "That hurts you~" the hyena holding cover King's mouth. "This one is going to joining us for dinner." he smiled. Apple was beginning to faint, "S-someone please..." soon he collapsed. King saw Apple being lifted by the hyena's, "Crap, Grape's going to kill me." he thought.