"Wait... where's Apple?" Grape said. She looked around to find him, "APPLE!" she yelled. The cub didn't come, "Uh-oh." Grape then heard a yell come from behind her. It was her little brother's yell for help, "APPLE!" Fury engulfed every part of her, "They did not just..." she whispered, Peanut approached her, "Grape?" the lioness clenched her fists. "I'm going to ******* KILL THOSE HYENAS!" she yelled very loudly before racing off to Apple. "GRAPE!" Max yelled running after her.

Peanut looked to Tarot, "Where's Apple, Tarot?" he asked. Tarot snapped her fingers, "He's not far, we need to run now if you want to save him." she said in a urgent tone. Peanut then sprinted towards Max and Grape.

Apple sighed then grunted, "A-ah...what happened?" he looked up to see his hand and legs tied together. "What the?" he tried to move around but only struggled. "What is this?" Apple yelled to the hyenas. A few of them looked curious, "Why is your speech like that?" one of the younger ones asked. One of the younger children poked Apple on the cheek, "Where are you from?" Apple decided to try something else, "I'm from a far away land, the land of Australia." he said in a proud voice. The hyenas were in awe, "Australia? Sounds like a divine place." one of them said. Apple nodded, "Indeed, there animals of completely different families live there, such as the kangaroo, dingoes, and koalas!" he said to them. "Tell us more!" they yelled to him. "Only if you untie me!"

They let him go, Apple sat down around a campfire, "Far from the plains of the Pridelands, lies a massive Island, Australia, named after the Latin term of "Under land"." He described the great Australia, ranging from the vast plains of the Outback, to the modern cities of Sydney and Melbourne. "There's several million people and animals living in the continent, I remember hearing that Sydney's population was close to 5 million." the hyenas were shocked, "5 million people?!" they yelled together, Apple nodded. Hyena villages rarely exceed 100 people, and even the massive cities of the Pridelands were hardly beyond half a million.

Apple drew a rough approximation of Sydney with skyscrapers made out of glass and steel. Something the Pridelands universe had very little in terms of knowledge. "Don't think that's the biggest city, in Tokyo there's around 20 million." Hyenas whispered to each other. "How do we know that you're not lying?" Apple nodded, "Well, my picture doesn't prove." Apple smiled, "Peut-ĂȘtre que cela va vous montrer!" The hyenas were really confused, "What was that language?" Apple smiled, "French, the language of romance, from the country of France." The hyenas smiled, "This child knows so much!" They brought him gifts, "Please, accept our offerings, great one!" Apple shook his head, "N-No." King came on his shoulder, "Leave the kid alone."

They obeyed but remained in awe of Apple's knowledge of the world. "Is there anything else?" they asked. Apple smiled, "Sure, there six continents, North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Antarctica." One of the child who poked him asked a interesting question, "Where is Pridelands in?" he asked. Apple became nervous, "Where is Pridelands? My guess would be in Central Africa." They handed him more paper, "Can you draw the world?" an elder asked. Apple nodded as he started draw, "Here's Africa, then Asia...hard to draw, Europe, North America, and...South America." he finished to the amazement of all of the hyenas. "Here are we?" Apple pointed in Central Africa. "Men, prepare battle plans, we are going to invade Europe!" they all cheered.

Apple shook his head, "Actually...Europe's over 2000 miles away, by foot it could take weeks to a month." the hyenas didn't really care, "We will travel by foot if we have too!" Apple sighed, "There's also the Mediterranean Sea, and the Alps." The hyenas became more discouraged, "Well, we can create a boat, and our clothes will protect us in the cold!" Apple stuck his tongue out, "There is also the ever present threat of military superior tribes in there." The leader sighed, "Fine, give us more time." They left Apple to his own device will was, admittedly, very stupid considering that the lion cub could very easily slip out undetected. And also he could warn other tribes of their location. Apple sat down on the hot barren grass and sighed, "Where are you Grape?" he thought.

Grape was thinking the thought, "Where can you be?" she thought desperately. "Actually, Tarot! Can't we just come back to the house." Tarot shook her head, "No, Apple is too far away to come with us." Grape started really fuming, "Great." Peanut ran back to them, "I found Apple and King!" he yelled. Grape sprinted towards Peanut and grabbed him, "WHERE?!" Peanut pointed back over there. Grape smiled towards Peanut, "Good boy, let's go!" they ran towards the encampment.

As soon as they arrived the hyenas saw them. "Lions, probably the mother's found out about her missing cub!" Grape's eyes opened in shocked, "What's with me being Apple's mom?!" Peanut giggled, "You and Apple do look the same." he said. "And your the father I presume?" a hyena asked. Peanut blush, "Ah-hah, well um..." Max smiled, "Yeah Peanut, save your son." Peanut sighed, "There's no going away with that!" Apple came towards the front and blocked the hyenas, "Leave them alone, they didn't try to kill me!" he yelled to them. Grape looked bewildered, "What? They kidnapped you!" she said to Apple. The lion cub shook his head, "They might have did that, but they let me go!"

Grape facepawed, "Fine..." she said. Apple kept talking to the hyenas about the world, and soon he started playing with the children in a game of hide and go seek. "Why don't you play with your child?" a elder asked her. Grape sighed in frustration, "He's not my son..." the female elder became interested, "Do you know the parents?" she asked to Grape. The lioness, "No. His parents and him separated at his place, and we found him injured, so we adopted him later." She ahead looked at Apple and smiled seeing him running around the field with the tribe's children, laughing, having fun.