Harry Potter: Seeking Friendships' Home

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Harry woke to the feeling that something or someone was watching him, opening his left eye he found himself staring at the back of the couch he had slept on. As he opened his right eye he saw Twilight looking at him, still having a look of curiosity on her muzzle.

"Miss Twilight, what are you doing?" Harry asked, trying to stay calm despite her watching him sleep.

"Just coming to see if you were awake, Spike's making breakfast downstairs so if you want some you had better get up." Twilight said before walking down the stairs to the first floor of the library.

Once she had left Harry got up and stretched his legs before rising for the day. Sniffing the air, Harry was delighted to smell pancakes cooking and the bitter aroma of tea. Making his way down the stairs and finding the kitchen by the voices of Spike and Twilight, Harry walked in on Spike wearing an apron and holding a spatula while Twilight was holding a frying pan with her magic. Trying not to disturb this peaceful scene of family, Harry looked at the table and found three place settings already there, so he moved to the stool in front of one, and after a few moments of thinking, managed to sit down.

"Good morning Harry, how did you sleep?" Twilight asked, looking away from the frying pan for a moment and saw him sitting at the table.

"Best sleep I've had for a while, thank you. Is there anything I can do to help with breakfast?" Harry asked in return, feeling a little guilty about being a guest and not doing anything to help.

"Not right now, but if you can help with the clean up afterwards." Twilight told him with a smile, appreciating the fact that Harry wanted to help.

Once breakfast was over and everything was put away, with Harry complimenting Spike on the pancakes causing the dragon to smile, grateful to hear someone other than Twilight compliment him, Harry turned to Twilight once again and decided to ask something that had been bothering him since he saw the ruins of the castle last night.

"Twilight, do you know if there are any books on early Equestrian history here? Specifically before the princesses came to power?"

"There should be something in the library; I'll try to find something for you. Spike and I need to go back to Canterlot and pick up my things from the Royal Palace; will you be okay on your own?"

"I'll be fine, so long as the books provide me with some answers. If or when you see Princess Celestia, could you please ask her what time she wants to see me tomorrow?" Harry asked, giving Twilight a hopeful grin as the three inhabitants walked into the main room of the tree with all of the book shelves lining the walls. Twilight and Spike moved towards the History section, Spike taking a ladder with him, as he was the only one with opposable digits, when there was a knock at the door. On reaching it, Harry opened to door to find a light gray coated pony with a dark gray, mane; on looking closer he realized that their guest was a mare.

"May I help you Miss?" Harry inquired thinking that she just wanted to return a book.

"Yes, is the library open yet? I'm looking for something about the musical arts." The pony replied, having a very cultured voice that to Harrys shock sounded British.

"One moment please, I'll check with Twilight." Harry said before turning his head and calling out to Twilight. "Twilight, is the library open at this time, there is someone here looking for a book."

"Hello, I'm Twilight Sparkle, please come in and I'll see what's available." Twilight said, rushing to the door and nudging Harry to one side so that the gray pony could enter the tree building.

"Good morning, I'm Octavia. I'm looking for something on historical cellists, preferably with examples of their music." The now named Octavia answered as she walked into the library and gazed around the room. While this was happening, Harry walked over to a pile of books Spike and Twilight had placed on a table. Looking them over Harry was disappointed to find only books detailing legends and myths, although there was one entitled Discord's Reign.

Grasping that book with one hoof, Harry pulled it towards him and turned to the table of contents, letting the conversation between Octavia and Twilight fade into the background. Scanning it he noticed a chapter on an ally of Discord, named Vole Mort, and on seeing the chapter title, Harry froze as the name of Discords ally was uncomfortably similar to Riddles nom de guerre.

Flipping to the chapter in question it described a rogue Alicorn stallion, with red eyes that led a group of black masked Pegasi and terrorised small villages around Equestria. He became known as Vole Mort after killing several Earth Ponies, along with Unicorns and other Pegasi, from the air during several attacks. The chapter continued to describe the horrible things this group would do, until two years before the fall of Discord, the princesses, who were leading a rebellion at this time, destroyed Vole Mort's group, but failed to eliminate Vole Mort himself, who had retreated to Discords final stronghold.

The closing paragraph described a legend, that had been found carved onto the walls of a cave located somewhere in the Everfree Forest, saying that only a hero of the past could truly defeat Vole Mort and finally bring peace to Vole Mort and to themself. The paragraph concluded saying that Discord had been turned into a statue by the Elements of Harmony, however by this time Discords eyes had turned from the yellow he had at the start of his reign to red, exactly the same shade as the rogue Alicorn.

Looking up from the book and trying not to throw up the remains of his breakfast Harry saw that Octavia was leaving the library with a pair of books balanced on her back and Spike was re-organizing the shelves, putting back the ones Twilight had taken down to show Octavia. Turning his head he saw Twilight coming back towards him after closing the door with a smile on her face.

"I see you found a book, is it giving you the answers you wanted?" the lavender coated mare asked before taking a closer look at Harrys face and frowned "Are you all right Harry?"

"Twilight do you know if there is a book detailing the legend about a hero from the past here, I'd like to take a look at it." Harry asked quietly, trying not to alarm her.

"There should be, I'll look. Spike, could you help me find Legends and Myths, volume Seven please!" Twilight called out to her assistant before heading back over to the shelves and looking at the titles on the spines of the various books, searching for the volume in question and after a few moments returned to the table with a large book enveloped in a pink aura.

"Here it is; if you don't mind my asking, why are you looking into a legend that's over a thousand years old?"

"Have you read 'Discords' Reign? Specifically the chapter on his ally Vole Mort and the things he did?" Harry questioned as he opened the book to the table of contents and found to some discomfort that the chapter the legend was in was Chapter 31, page 1980. "I'm trying to disprove a theory I have about my presence here."

"What, you think you might be this hero the legend talks about? If you read it, it says that only a being from before ponies came to rule Equestria could bring peace to the both of them." Twilight said, skeptical about her guest's belief.

"Twilight, I know I'm not making sense, but please trust me when I say that if what I think has happened, then I will need to fight the same Dark Lord I mentioned last night at some point in the future." Harry said before looking at the page and while reading through the legend one section caught his attention:

'At the redemption of the Moon the Hero will appear, bearing a crescent mark. Lost and confused he will find Elements and do battle with the Mare of the Night. Finding solace in the scholar, the musician, and the leader, he will know peace for a time. On Mid-summer Eve the Lord of Chaos will arise to challenge to glory of the Celestial Sun and will prevail. The Hero and Lord of Chaos will do battle for the sake of all Equestria.'

Twilight was looking at Harry while he was reading the legend and was concerned about how the further he went, the more depressed he looked. "Harry, are you alright?"

"No, I'm not alright, and I don't think I will be for some time. Twilight, this section isn't a legend, it's a prophecy and it's coming true." Harry said with a voice filled with sadness and despair.

A/N: This chapter was a pain to write, I wanted to get a bit of darkness in to set up events for later in the story. Now for the pairing information, I have decided on three mares: the first being Twilight, the second being Octavia, and the third being Spitfire. Hopefully the next chapter will not take as long to write.