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My sweet strawberry . Chapter 001

It is March 15, the sun is high in the sky and there are no clouds in sight. Today Ichigo turns 15. This day started out like any other (get up get, dressed brush, your teeth and so on).

Ichigo put on a black shirt with a strawberry on it, a pair of black skinny jeans, a pair of pink flats, and to top it all off, a pink jacket.

Ichigo was about to go down stairs, only pausing when she saw her mom coming up the stairs.

"Happy Birthday Ichigo," Ichigo's mother yelled.

"Good morning, Mom..." Ichigo spoke groggily, still tired.

"Heres your breakfast, darling." her mom spoke, happily.


"Your welcome."

Her breakfast had the cutest strawberry pancakes with strawberry syrup, whip cream and strawberrys all over. (Yum!)

Ichigo ate as quick as she could before grabbing her backpack and heading out the door.

"Ugh, I can't believe I've got to work on my birthday!" Ichigo thought out loud, as she ran through the street. "Ryou is so mean. He's such a jerk!"

Meanwhile in the Cafe.

"Ichigo's going to be late again," Ryou sighed, thinking aloud while sitting at one of the tables.

"Give her a break, Ryou." A voice spoke behind him.

"Keiichiro! When did you get there?!" Ryou shouted in suprise.

"I've been here for five minutes, Ryou." Keiichiro sighed.

"Have you?' I didn't notice." Ryou replied with a smug tone of voice.

"Anyway... You should leave her alone, since It's her birthday after all." Keiichiro continued.

"Ha, All the more reason to torture Her!" Ryou laughed with an evil little smirk.

"Ryou..." Keiichiro spoke with a dissaproving voice.

"Im kiding-Im kiding!" Ryou replied fearfully, scared of Keiichiro's intimidating glare. (Which is highly unlike Keiichiro, if I might add!)

"Good... Now be nice." Keiichiro smiled, speaking in a tone usually reserved for a pet.

"Don't you have some cakes to bake?" Ryou spoke, clearly annoyed.

"OH-I forgot I got to make Ichigo's birthday cake! Thanks, Ryou!" Keiichiro yelled, as he ran in to the kitchen.

'Well... If nice is what he wants, I'll just have to be so nice Ichigo won't know whats going on!' Ryou thought as he gave his trade mark smirk.

"I'm here!" The red head shouted as she busted through the door.

"Oh, Ichigo-dear, how are you?" Ryou spoke in a worried voice.

"You look tired, here, sit down." he said, as he stood to pull a chair out for her.

"Shirogane... are you all right?" Ichigo questioned, in a worried voice.

"Of course I am-Oh, and call me Ryou." he said in a sweet voice.

"No... Shiroganes good... are you sure your all right?" Ichigo asked, even more worried now.

"Sure. You can call me what ever you want, 'kay?" Ryou said in a cheer full voice.

"Heh.. heh.. yeah.. ok, I got to go get dressed for work now. So... bye!" Ichigo said clearly creeped out.

"Ok, bye sweet heart!" Ryou said, clearly enjoying this.

Ichigo didn't even reply, as she ran straight to the back to get dressed.

In the dressing room, Mint and

Zakuro were having a conversation until they saw Ichigo enter in.

"Well happy birthday, Ichigo!" Mint said in a happy tone.

"Thanks, Mint... um... do any of you know what's wrong with Ryou?" Ichigo asked .

"What do you mean. He seemed normal to me. Why, what's wrong with him?" Mint asked in a smug tone of voice.

"Oh, it's just he's actually being nice... too nice."

"Well maybe it's because today is your birthday." Zakuro said, finally speaking.

"Yeah, maybe..but maybe not." Ichigo sighed.

"Well, I'm sure it's ok." Mint replied

Back with Ryou.

'Yes, my plan worked. She's freaked out. This is great, now all I have to do is act this way all day and Keiichiro wont be able to stop me. 'Cause he's too busy planning Ichigo's Surprise Party. This is going to be fun...'

"Ryou, I need you to do some thing for me!" Keiichiro yelled.

"What do you need?" Ryou sighed

"I need you to go to town and get Ichigo a gift and some more party decorations." Keiichiro explained.

"Okay, I'll go." Ryou sighed.

So Ryou headed out the door, got into his red mustang, and drove off to town.

Back with Ichigo.

By now the girls have already headed out of the dressing room.

"So, Ichigo, what are you doing after work?" Mint asked.

"Oh I don't know. Go home I guess". Ichigo sighed

"Well, why don't You come to Zakuro's house with me?" Mint asked hoping for a yes.

"Okay but I have to call my Mom first" Ichigo repled with a smile.

Walking out into the Dining room, she looked around and saw Lettuce working the cash register and Pudding bouncing on her boll and braking plates. Like always. Then Ichigo noticed Ryou was gone.

"Where's Ryou?" Ichigo asked as she picked up a rag to start washing tables.

Just as she asked,

Keiichiro walked out of the kitchen.

"Keiichiro, Where's Ryou?" Ichigo asked a bit worred

"Oh, I asked him go to town and get a few things". He said with a wink at Mint and Zakuro .

Just then a flicker of light filled the room and the door opened.

"TAR-TAR" Pudding yelled, as she jumped on Tarts back.

"Get off me!" Tart yelled, as he tryed to pull her off his back

"Awe you two are such a cute couple!" Ichigo teased.

"Oh, shut up you old hag!" Tart yelled.

"Old Hag! Old Hag... why you little Brat!" Ichigo spat

"Cut it out you two." Keiichiro scolded

"He started it" Ichigo pouted.

"And I'm ending it!" Keiichiro scolded again.

This just made Ichigo pout and Tart to stick his tongue out at her.

Back with Ryou

'Man... what does a Strawberry want... I have no clue! What does she want.. What does she want?' Ryou thought, as he went in and out of stores. So far all Ryou has done is get

decorations, but now it's time for the gift, but what does Ichigo want.

Ryou was now looking at jewelry, when a necklace caught his eye. It was a red stone with a cat in the middle and a gold chain held the stone.

'It's perfect for her...' he thought. Now he could go home.

When Ryou entered the cafe, it was busy like all ways. Ichigo was working the cash register now, so Lettuce could take a break. Mint was drinking tea like always, leaving Zakuro and Pudding to serve customers.

Ryou went straight to the kitchen to speak to Keiichiro.

When he got to the Kithchen he pulled out the bag of decorations

"Are these okay?" Ryou ask his friend.

"Yup, they will do fine. Thanks Ryou!" Keiiechiro said, as he went through the bag with a smile.

"So where's the gift?" Keiichiro asked, hoping Ryou had found one.

"Right here." Ryou said pulling a box out of his pocket.

"Good what is it?" Keiichiro asked,hoping he got some thing nice.

"You'll see", Ryou smiled. (Duhn Duhn...Duhn!)

End Chapter 001.

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