Chapter 003

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"Yay, I can't believe we're done with work! I thought it would never end." Ichigo said in a huff.

"Yeah, I know. Well, we should go to my house before going over to Zakuros house." Mint said tiredly.

"Okay, let's get cleaned up and try on new dresses." Ichigo said, happily.

"You said it... I'm so tired. I worked so hard!" Mint said in a tired huff.

"I can't believe Shirogane made you work today, I mean, you never work." Ichigo said.

"Hey! That's not true. I work all the time! Do you think drinking tea is not work?" Mint replied

"No, I don't." Ichigo said, annoyed.

"Funny, that's what Shirogane said." Mint replied

"Ugh, I hate rich people..."

"Rude much." Mint snapped.

"Rude much." ichigo said in a mimicking tone.

"Ichigo! Ugh, let's just go before I do something I'll regret."

"Okay, lets go." Ichigo said as they walked out of the cafe.

With Ryou


'I hate that, Masaya. How dare he claim her as his?'

"Oh well, I better get going if I don't want to be late." Ryou said aloud.

"COME ON RYOU! WE GOT TO GO!" Keiichiro yelled, from down stairs.

"Be there in a sec!" Ryou yelled back.

"Now Ryou!" Keiichiro yelled again.

"I'm coming, I'm coming!" Ryou yelled as he ran down the stairs.

"Finally! what was taking you so long?

"Um, grabbing the

gift, thats all." Ryou replied.

"Ok, well let's go." Keiichiro said, as he walked toward the door.

'I'll have to think of something to do to Masaya later.' Ryou thought to himself.

"Hurry up Ryou get in the car!" Keiichiro yelled now setting in the driver's seat of the car.

"I'm hurrying, I'm hurrying! Gosh." Ryou said.

"We're going to be late if you don't move it!" Keiichiro yelled out the window.

"Ok lets go, I'm in." Ryou said, as he shut the car door shut.

"Good, it's about time." Keiichiro said starting the car

On the way all they did was talk about new stuff for the cafe.

When thay got to Zakuro house they went up to the door and knocked. Just then Zakuro opened the door and let them inside. Zakuro was wearing a long purple dress and purple high heels.

"You look Beautiful Zakuro." Keiichiro said in a sweet voice and kissed his girlfriend. ( Yup thats right she's his girlfriend and they're in love so, ha!)

"Aw thank you, hun." Zakuro said with a smile.

"Um where do you want this stuff?" Ryou asked,trying to break the two up.

"Oh, over there." Zakuro replied

"Oh, ok." Ryou said, putting the bags where he was told.

"Thank you, Ryou." Zakuro said with a rare smile.

"Well I'm going to go put up the cake now." Keiichiro said as he walked to the kichen.

In the kichen there where lots of food for the party. There were chips and dip, pop corn, candy, sandwiches, crackers, and the cake Keiichiro brought. There was also alot to drink. From soda to punch even water was set up for the party. The maids where now hanging up decorations. This is going to be a fun party.

With Ichigo.

"Oh, Mint this dress is beautiful. Thank you so much!" Ichigo thanked Mint.

She was now wearing a short pink dress, with a black belt, and with a flower on it. Along with her dress she was wearing pink high heels.

Mint was now wearing a long blue dress that had a V neck and a black belt. She was also wearing black high heels.

"Ok, Ichigo, do you want to go to the park be for we go?" Mint asked, hoping to buy some time.

"Um, yeah sure why not." Ichigo replied.

"Ok good let's go." Mint said, walking to the door.

"Wait for me!" Ichigo yelled as she ran after Mint, who was already in the car.

"Ok, lets go." Ichigo said as she got into the car.

It took them five minutes to get to the park in the car. Ichigo sang to the radio the whole way there as Mint just sat there and watched.

Now that they were there they started walking to Ichigo's favorite tree. This was where it all started, where her and Ryou met.

"I love this tree." Ichigo said with a smile.

"Yes, I know this is the tree you became a Mew at, I know." Mint replied, indifferent.

"Your mean I love this tree!" Ichigo yelled .

"Ok, ok, hey... we sould get going." Mint said


"Oh, okay." Ichigo replied

It took them a few minutes to get back to the car.

"Mint hurry up lets go!" Ichigo yelled from inside the car.

"Can't I enjoy this beautful day?" Mint asked.

"Not if you don't want to be late!" Ichigo yelled out the window.

"Ok, I'm coming, don't worry." Mint said, as she got up to the car.

Once in the car they started driving to Zakuro's house.

Back to Ryou

"Okay, she should be here soon, so what now?" Ryou asked.

"Um, go put the cake out on the table." Keiichiro

ordered with a smile, happy his friend wants to help.

"Ok." Ryou replied as he went to the kichen to get the cake.

"Hey, Zakuro?" Keiichiro asked.

"Yes?" she replied.

"Would you go out with me this friday?" he asked.

"Sure." she replied with a smile.

"Great!" Keiichiro said happly.

"Ok, the cake's on the table." Ryou said as he walked back in to the room "So, anything else? Ryou asked.

"Oh that's good, and no." Keiichiro replied

"You sure?" Ryou asked.

"I'm sure." Keiichiro replied, a little annoyed.

The house was now covered in pink decorations. Ryou thought he was in Girly Land.

Soon everyone was there, but Mint and Ichigo. ( Yes, even Masaya was there.) There was a big pile of gifts on the gift table.

"When is Ichigo going to get here, Na-no-da?" Pudding asked, ready to start the party.

"In a little bit." Keiichiro said.

All the gests were now in the dining room waiting for Ichigo to get there.

"But I want cake now!" Pudding yelled.

"No, you have to wait." Keiichiro replied

"Hush, she's here!" Zakuro yelled taking her place by Keiichiro.

Now all the guests where hiding ready to serprise Ichigo.

Back with Ichigo.

"You ready to have some fun?" Mint asked

"Yup, so what are we going to do? Make-up, nails, watch a movie? What!?" Ichigo asked

"You'll see." Mint replied.

"Oh, ok." Ichigo said as she walked up to the door.

"Let me open the door for you." Mint said, as she opened the door.

"Oh, thanks." Ichigo replied as she walked in. "Hey, where's Zakuro?" Ichigo asked.

"Um she might be in the dining room. Let's go see." Mint replied as she pulled Ichigo to the dining room.

As soon as she opened the door Ichigo flicked on the light.


"Oh thanks you guys!" Ichigo yelled happily.

"Oh, your welcome." Zakuro said as she gave her a hug.

"Did you do all this?" Ichigo asked.

"Well me and Mint planned the party, but Keiichiro made the cake and Ryou got some of the decorations." Zakuro replied.

"Oh thanks you guys!" Ichigo said hugging Keiichiro and Zakuro now.

"Oh and thank you Ryou!" Ichigo yelled to Ryou from the other side of the room.

Let's get this party started!

End Chapter 003

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