Hewwo, everybody. So as it turns out, this is the anniversary of Nolan York's creation. XP So I decided to make this one-shot! Here we go!

The clouds were grey and gloomy over the ruins of the ancient factory. The crippled adult, Nolan York, slowly approached a small gravestone, which was set up before a fallen statue of a cloaked figure. The man held a bouquet of grey, dried flowers in his lap, not much emotion on his face as he dropped the bouquet onto the dirt patch. As he sat and stared at the grave before him, his black-clothed wife, Danika approached him. "After everything that happened… you'd still bother to pay him a visit?"

Nolan gave a light sigh. "Twenty years ago today… he brought me in and changed my life. It was evil, what he did. But at the same time… he taught me a lot of things. If it wasn't for him… I never would've found the right path. I never would've learned… what was truly important to me. And I certainly would've never met you."

"Hm hm." Danika smiled and lightly chuckled.

"And the reality was, he was just the same. It's just… he was never able to find his right path. Even with a second chance…"

"Hmm. Well, even after what he did… it's still great that someone's looking after him. Even in death. You're really sweet, Nolan."

"Hehe… No…" Nolan sheepishly grinned. "Anyway, let's go home. He may be gone, but that won't discourage his followers." With that, the two adults proceeded back to their 4x4 ship, leaving the flowers on the lone grave.

R.I.P.: Revan Bane Sidious. Numbuh 23 BBY of KND, Prince of the Sith.

So, there you have it. Nolan still has a little soft spot for Brain. Even though he was the most evil villain in the whole series. XP Anyway, happy Fanfiction birthday, Nolan! :D Your awesomeness knows no limits! Except in the Nextgen Series. XP See you later!