A cage. That's what this is. A cage. And I'm the bird. The one who can't fly. The one who doesn't have a say. Of course they make it seem as though 'this is a great opportunity' but I see through their official white coats. They're lying. And lying is bad.
I was brought here when I was six. They say I'm special. That something's in my blood. But I know what I am. A freak. The only reason Mother gave me up was she wanted to spare me the pain and humiliation of being where I belong. A circus. That's what I am. I'm meant to be gawked at. I'm meant to be laughed at. I'm meant to be the one no one wants to play with at recess.

Great life, isn't it?

Let's begin. With my early life, when I was a small and not-adorable child. I will say, that since I came to this world, no one ever loved me, except my mother. Even my father. To skip all the unessesary parts, I will only say that I was an accident. That's all I have to say. My mother, that when I was born, had 18 years, was a little young to have kids. She was in total depression, since nobody knew she was pregnant, even my father. When she discovered that was pregnant, she had to flee the house of her parents, to live in the poorest part of the city, on a house made of newspaper. She had to hide me, since my father was a violent teen. He, made this scar that covers almost half of my face. Let's continue. As I said, I am horrible, everything on me is horrible. My father, when I was 3 years old, burned my face, with candle wax. So nobody could ever love me.

My mother, some-kind of loved me. Altough, since we were extra poor, she forced me to work. But not even that worked. Nobody would like to give money to a girl with a scar in her face. So, she sold me to a circus. I live in a country called the Earthsea. And my name is Therru. Here, in my country, are famous the legends of dragons, and you can see witches and mages in the market, where you can buy a great variety of things. But, there is also famous the slave traffic. My mother also thought on that option, but the circus payed more. I'm a bird without wings, a freak. A stupid girl that just wastes space here.

In my cell I always count the days, that I was here. Now, they all sum 6 years. I've been here since 6 years, and in two months, december second, I will scape. The day when the bird scapes her cage. And flies free, with her new and gold feathery wings. I will do it. NO matter what, I've been abused enough.

~And that day came~
Today is the night, when I have everything prepared to run away. But i'm at the bones, with not much energy left. I exchanged my food to the guy in the corner, and he gave me a map and a shovel. I have been digging since last month, and now, according to the map. I just have to do a tiny bit of efford. Nothing that I can't handle. Even though... I would like to be stronger.