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Ino walked down the streets of Konoha with a smile plastered across her face. It had been a day since Naruto had agreed to be her boyfriend and she couldn't have been happier about it. No one knew about her relationship with the new toad sage, at least she thought no one did. She really hadn't seen any of her friends besides Naruto since the attack. She'd been helping her parents with rebuilding their home or sleeping. She contemplated what everyone was up to and decided she would go see her friend Sakura. She hadn't seen her since she hugged Naruto when he arrived. The thought made he cringe slightly, Naruto had always loved Sakura and she still thought Naruto might still have some feelings for the pink haired apprentice of the Hokage. No, no, no, she couldn't keep doing this to herself, Naruto agreed to be her boyfriend and had kissed her multiple times, he was two nice a guy to do that to her and then just dump her for Sakura. Ino continued walking until she saw the pink haired kunoichi.

"Hey Sakura, whats up?" Called Ino, excited to finally see her friend again.

"Hey Ino! How've you been?" Called Sakura, knowing that her and Naruto were now together. Sakura was a little saddened by this. By no means did she have feelings for her teammate, but she did love him as a friend. He had become her closest friend since Sasuke left and loved spending time with the jinchuriki.

"I've been great!" Shouted Ino with a large smile across her face. Sakura had a pretty good idea why.

"That's good, any particular reason?" Questioned Sakura who wore a small grin. Ino immediately became curious. Why was she smiling? Then it hit her, 'Crap... she knows!'. A blush appeared on Ino's face as her gaze shifted to the ground.

"Umm, no, no reason." Said Ino quietly, obviously trying to hide something.

"This happiness wouldn't have anything to do with Naruto would it?" Said Sakura as her grin grew at Ino's uncomfortability.

"HOW DO YOU KNOW FOREHEAD!" Screamed Ino, unable to contain herself. She immediately covered her mouth. She just told Sakura Naruto and her were together. Sakura broke out in laughter at Ino's action.

"HAHAHA, you and Naruto? Never thought you would end up with him. Then again, you probably just went for him now that he's the village hero." Said Sakura, trying to get a reaction of her blonde friend. Neither noticed the toad sage sitting atop a tree listening to the conversation.

"NO I DIDN'T!" Screamed Ino, extremely ticked off by the medic's comment, she started liking Naruto before he became the village hero.

"Oh really? Then when did you start liking him?" Asked Sakura with the grin still plastered on her face, she was winning this heated debate.

"I STARTED LIKING HIM WHEN HE SAVED MY LIFE DESPITE HOW MEAN I WAS TO HIM FOREHEAD!" Shouted Ino, causing Sakura to shut up. She remembered Ino carrying Naruto back to the village and how much she changed after that event.

"Clam down Ino-pig, I knew you liked ever since you wore his jacket everywhere. Gosh no need to get so defensive over your man." Said as she winked at Ino causing her to blush.

"Listen Ino, I'm really happy for you, he's a great guy." Said Sakura with a genuine smile. Ino looked up and smiled, happy that her friend was accepting.

"Thank you Sakura, it really means a lot."

"Now you've gotta give me the details about how this happened!" Said Sakura, still smiling. Ino laughed and agreed as they began talking about how they became a couple. Naruto sat atop a branch smiling at the scene of his girlfriend and one time crush getting along well. His face grew stern though, slightly saddened about who he would have to talk to. Hinata had confessed to him during his fight with Pain, and possibly saved her life. The thing was, she simply didn't return the feelings she had for him. Ever since Naruto's training he had thought of his newly acquired girlfriend but had never noticed Hinata. He thought of her as a good friend but didn't like her the same way she liked him. He felt terrible about what he was going to have to tell the girl but it was something he had to do. Naruto returned his vision to Ino and sakura causing him to smile again and then disappeared in a swirl of leaves.


Hinata was sitting near a lake a little outside the walls of Konoha. She couldn't stand to be near the destroyed village, it saddened her too much. However, she was happy with herself for the first time in a while. She had finally confessed to Naruto, something that she had tried to do for years. She didn't care if Naruto didn't return her feelings, she had at least told him how she felt.

"Hey Hinata." Said a voice behind her. She knew that voice, it sent shivers down back, it was Naruto.

"H..Hi N..Naruto" Stuttered Hinata, nervous about being in his presence.

"Hey Hinata, I just wanted to talk to you about what you told me during the fight with Pain." Said Naruto in a serious tone. It sounded sad, which lowered Hinata's spirit.

"O..Ok" Said Hinata, knowing what was about to come.

"First off, than you for saving my life! You really have become a great kunoichi despite how stupid it was to risk your life for mine!" Said Naruto in a joking tone, causing Hinata to laugh.

"I..It was no problem.." Said Hinata smiling.

"Listen though, about what you told me..." Said Naruto in a sad tone, causing Hinata's eyes to begin staring at the ground.

"Hinata, you are one of the most beautiful and kind girls in the village. You are going to become a great clan head for the Hyuga clan and you are a great shinobi and any man would be extremely lucky to be with you." Said Naruto, causing Hinata to smile at his kind words but she knew what was coming next. She looked up to see Naruto struggling to find the rite words to say.

"It's ok Naruto, I know what you're trying to say.." Said Hinata in a sad tone. Naruto's face dropped. He felt terrible about crushing the Hyuga's heart.

"Hinata, I'm really sorry... I just... have feelings for someone else. You really are a great person and I wasn't lying when I said anyone would be lucky to be with you. It's just I had feelings for Ino before I left to train and now we're together." Hinata nodded her head sadly, but she understood what he was saying. She had just waited too long.

"Hinata I consider you to be a really good friend and would still like to. Your one of my precious people and thats why I lost control when I saw you get hurt. I know this is really hard for you and it hurts terribly but if you still want to I would love to be friends." Said naruto with a desperate smile on his face. Hinata looked up at him in the eyes and saw desperation in them. He may not love her but he defiantly cared a great deal about her. A smile appeared on her face as she nodded her head approvingly.

"I..I would like that a lot." Said Hinata with a smile. She still felt sad but not as much as she anticipated. At least she found out that Naruto did care about her and she could spend more time with him now. She knew she would have to move on

"Great!" Said Naruto, happy about how the conversation went. It seemed he hadn't completely destroyed Hinata.

"Listen, I've gotta go Hinata, but how about we hangout soon?" Said Naruto.

"Sure, bye Naruto." Said Hinata with a small smile. As Naruto vanished she stared back out at the lake. She sat with a small smile, happy to finally have gotten her feelings for Naruto off her back. When she looked in naruto's eyes during the discussion she could tell he was telling the truth about his compliments. Sure she felt bad about not being able to be with him, but maybe there was still hope that she could find someone for her.


After Ino's discussion with Sakura, news of Ino and Naruto's relationship spread like wildfire throughout the village. All of their friend came up to them asking if it was true and how the relationship happened. By the end of the day, both naruto and Ino were exhausted front telling the story to everyone. All their friends seemed happy for them. Shikamaru was in a state of shock about how this could ever happened. Despite him being a genius, not even he could see this coming. Kiba, Chouji and Neji congratulated him. Tenten and even Hinata were happy for Ino. Ino was surprised by Ino's congratulations since she knew she liked Naruto but she thanked her and told her how it happened.

Naruto walked through the streets that were littered with construction of new buildings. He smiled about how much his life had changed since a child. He was accepted by almost everyone and he had found someone who he loved to spend time with. He continued his walk until he wound up in front of his small apartment that Yamato had built for him and walked in. He had a small sleeping bag and crept into it. He looked up at the ceiling thinking of Ino. He had seen her today and they planned to have another date tomorrow night. Naruto figured he would just have her over to his apartment since there was really nowhere else to go. He slowly drifted off to sleep with a small smile on his face.