Title: To Your Grave

18 Years Ago-

The rain fell sideways. It was a rigidly cold night even for Portland but tonight Kelly Burkhardt knew could no longer be prolonged as she sat in a coffee shop, idly watching as the cars drove by. It had been many years since she had been in Portland and there was a bitter feeling in her mouth and a pit in her stomach.

"Can I help you?" the waitress asked. The waitress was a plain girl with wide set brown eyes and straight hair. She chomped loudly on a piece of bubble gum and seemed to be the least bit interested in helping her at all. Kelly shifted the sleeping bundle in her arms away from the chomping of the gum, fearful it would wake her. Her Nicky could sleep through the night but this baby seemed to wake at the slightest as if she could sense her mother's predicament. The waitress's eyes at that moment grew wide and she leaned over the table.

"What a cute baby!" she squealed, "what's her name?"

Kelly felt her mouth go dry. She swallowed at the lump now growing in the throat and quietly whispered, "she doesn't have one."

The waitress tilted her head in confusion, "er….did I bring up a sour note? Sorry. My dad's always said I had quite a talent for hitting sour notes. Would you like some coffee?"

Kelly barely managed to nod. The ache in her heart was coming back. The same ache that been in her heart since that night. Images of her Nicky flashed throughout her mind. None of this was what she had planned. More than anything she wished she insisted on a goodnight hug and kiss, instead of letting him shoo her off because he was too old for it.

"I'll be right back with your coffee."

The baby cooed softly and stretched out its arms, as if trying to effectively say she was now awake. After having Nick both she and Reed hoped for a little girl. After miscarriage and miscarriage both she and Reed grew to accept that the possibility of that girl was never going to happen and here she was alone in a coffee shop with a little baby girl and Reed was gone.

"Here's your coffee."

The waitress timidly placed it in font of Kelly as if now afraid of disturbing her. Kelly took small sips from it. It was hot and burnt her tongue but it didn't bother her now. It was as if all of her body senses had grown numb whilst on the run trying to keep herself and the baby alive.

"Momma's so sorry," Kelly mumbled softly to the baby who seemed to be watching her intently, "so sorry."

Kelly slipped a five dollar bill underneath the coffee mug and climbed out of the booth brushing her leather coat and dark jeans off. The waitress seemed to be watching her from out of the corner of her eye, but she didn't look back as she walked out of the shop. Now was the moment. If she didn't do it now she wouldn't ever gain the conference to give the baby to her mother. Franziska Kessler had been a stern woman, always with a firm voice keeping the household in order. Only now did she understand her mother was a foreigner in the world of the Grimm and she was trying her best to keep her family together in an impossible situation.

The Kessler home upon the death of her parents had been given to her elder brother George. George had been the only child not to inherit the Grimm ability. Something that always put him aloof from his younger sisters as he could not share in the world they lived in. It also placed a huge strain on their father and George's relationship as the two began to share less and less time together as Nicholas Kessler's only purpose in life became to teach his daughters to know how to deal with the life they would have. "Prepared!" he'd yell in the thick German accent, "I 'vant you prepared!". It was through his teachings that she made it as far as she did.

She rounded the block feeling her heart grow heavy at the sight of the yellow colonial. The house was in the same state as she remembered it; in desperate need of a paint job and a new roof. A part of her was glad it was left that way. It was a testament to Nicholas Kessler's stubbornness. "I vill get it fixed Franziska. There is no need for a damn carpenter." He'd tell her mother. It was one of the silly little fights they'd have.

"Kelly?" a startled deep voice asked.

George Kessler stood on the front porch of their home. He hadn't changed much in the years since Kelly had last seen him. He was a rather large man with a balding head of light brown hair, he had large set blue-green eyes and a slightly crooked nose from the many times he had it broken during high school. He was dressed in a pair of stained sweatpants and an old flannel t-shirt. His mouth hung open.

"You're….you're dead." He added bluntly.

Kelly heaved in a deep breathe hurriedly shuffling her feet towards her brother who seemed to be frozen on his porch. He only took a step back towards the house when she made her first squeaky step onto the porch.

"Georgie?" Kelly asked quietly searching his face.

It had been many years since she'd call him Georgie. It was in the early years before all the Grimm stuff began that he was Georgie. George shook his head violently reaching backwards for the handle of the door. He tripped over his rather large feet.

"Georgie….," Kelly said in a much former voice, "I need your help."

George stopped fumbling just for a moment, "why would you need my help?" he snapped, "I'm not a Grimm." He added bitterly. It was suddenly as if he was flashing back to the teenage George who wanted nothing more but to be a Grimm. If only he knew Kelly thought to herself.

"This is my daughter," Kelly began and his eyes grazed over the bundle in her arms, "I need to ask you a favor. It's not safe for her to be with me. People….things are after me George. They won't stop until they've killed me and they won't spare her because she's a baby. I'm asking this as your little sister, I'm asking you to look after her."

George's eyes widened slightly, "look after her?" he mumbled.

Kelly nodded taking the next two steps up and firmly placing the bundle in his arms. George's meaty hands slowly wrapped around the baby, but his eyes stayed transfixed on his younger sister.

Kelly leaned forward placing a lingering kiss to the baby's bald head, "I love you so much," she whispered, "goodbye."

George wanted to say something more to his sister but when he opened his mouth nothing came out as if in this moment he'd lost his ability to speak. He watched as she rounded the corner and disappeared out of sight. The baby cried loudly.

"Shh it's all right little one. It's all right."

A woman with ash-blonde hair peaked her head out of the door.

"George….?" She asked in confusion, "why do you have a baby?"

George turned to face his wife of four years, "it's our niece." He answered as if it should have been obvious. Kirsten swallowed dryly at the lump in her throat before taking her first glance at the baby.

"What is her name?" she asked.

George shrugged, "my sister didn't say. We have to look after her."

Kirsten frowned slightly, "for how long?"

"However long it takes for my sister to return."

There was something in his voice that made Kirsten know there was no way to say no to her husband now. His mind was set on looking after this little girl. Kirsten slowly took the baby's hand.

"What is her name?" she questioned.

"I don't know my sister didn't say."

"She must have a name," Kirsten decided, "Anastasia," she proclaimed after a moment of thought, "she will be called Anastasia Marie Kessler."

8 Years Later- Home of the Kesslers

The sounds of a little girl shrieking woke both Kirsten and George Kessler from a deep sleep. Both dashed out of bed without saying a word to each other and hurriedly made their way up the wooden stair cases. Their daughter's room was the first one to the right. George was the first one to make his way to it. He throw the door open and it slammed with a large thud into the wall.

In the small bed in the center of the room little Ana twisted and turned violently. For George it was déjà vu. It didn't seem that long ago that Kelly and Marie were screaming into the night by a horrid nightmare. Kirsten dashed to the bed sitting on the edge and desperately tried to restrain the little girl from thrashing herself onto the large metal headboard.

"Help me!" she cried out to George.

George raced towards the bed wedging himself in-between the headboard and Ana's body. Kirsten placed her hands on the side of her daughter's face.

"Ana its Aunt Kirstie," she soothed softly, "it's okay. You're okay." Kirsten shifted Ana's body on top of herself and gently began to rock Ana.

The girl seemed to relax. All of her body went limp as she slowly went off to sleep. Kirsten sighed loudly looking up at George.

"Well that was odd." She mouthed to him.

She didn't even know the half of it, George thought to himself. One of the lucky things that came along with not being a Grimm did not have to explain it to Kirsten. She seemed to just accept his family's oddness and he felt better that he didn't have to burden her with the idea of monsters living so close, but it seemed that Ana had inherited the Grimm's abilities.

"Kirsten there's something I have to tell you." George said with a blank expression on his face.

How would he began? What would he say? His mother may have not been a Grimm but her parents were. She didn't need it to be explained to her she already knew. Kirsten on the other hand was as normal as could be. Kirsten shushed him as she slipped out from underneath Ana and tiptoed out of the room careful not to wake her. No matter how many time he'd tried to tip toe his footsteps always came out as large thumps. His sisters always teased him about being big foot, something his mother scoffed out. She was offended by it.

"What is it?" Kirsten asked once they were out in the dimly light hallway.

Her hair was tucked neatly into a bun, and her brown eyes were transfixed onto his face.

"Well uhm….this kind of runs in the family," he began.

Kirsten's brows furrowed together, "what runs in your family?"

"Nightmares." George said sheepishly.

It seemed a bit ridiculous, okay it seemed a lot ridiculous. Kirsten raised an eyebrow. She didn't believe it for a second.

"Look I know it sounds weird," George added, "but believe me it all does."

Kirsten blinked a few times and then rubbed at her tired eyes, "you seem a little tongue twisted right now….how about in the morning over a nice warm breakfast you can tell me all about the family nightmares."

It was one of the many quirks that had made him fall in love with her. She didn't had a need to know the answer right away. She was always going off about the "right time" and figuring out when was best to discuss things. George nodded and Kirsten stood on her tiptoes and placed a soft kiss to his cheek.

"I love you." She murmured into his ear.

It was warm on his face and he felt goosebumps on his arms and he knew there was a ridiculously large smile on his face, but he didn't care.

A/N: I'm not sure exactly where this came from. It was an idea that just stuck with me for a very long time until I wrote it. The reason why I picked George was because Nick mentions an Uncle George at one point and Kelly said he was not a Grimm. And yes why would Kelly not leave little Anastasia with Marie and Nick? Well by the time of Ana's birth it would have been nine months after she was dead. And it's not like Kelly could just leave her with normal people, George is her brother and knows about it. Anyway please leave me a review if you'd like me to continue.