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"Mom! I don't want to go to Dantown or whatever the heck it's called. I don't want to visit Uncle Jack and his family. Why are you sending me away by myself for two whole weeks?" Piper cried out as her mother shoved outfits in a small suitcase. "I haven't even seen them since I was, like two years old! Now you're sending me halfway across the continent to a family I haven't seen in thirteen years. Not to mention by MYSELF!"

"Piper! Stop your complaining. Your fifteen years old, stop acting like your five. You won't really be by yourself. Remember you will be with your Uncle and Auntie Johnson and your cousins Jeremy and Suzy." Her mother was tired of hearing Piper's complaining.

"But it's not fair mom! Why do you, dad and the boys get to go to up north while I got to the Tri State area? I'm the only one who likes the cold in the family anyways!"

"Piper! Stop!"

"Fine, I'll stay there for a couple of days." Piper groaned.

Her mother zipped up the bag. "You're supposed to be there for two weeks."

Rolling her eyes Piped tried making a deal. "Okay, okay. I'll stay for four days for sure, but if I'm not having fun, I'm coming back. If, by some miracle, I do end up having some fun, I'll stay."

Sighing, her mother agreed. "Fine. Promise me four days and if you're not having fun, you can come back and stay with your grandparents for the rest of the time."

Piper was shocked. As much as she loved her grandparents, she didn't want to be the fifteen year old who had to stay with them while her family was on vacation. "Mom!"

"Well, you better try your best at having fun at the Johnsons so it doesn't come down to that."
"Okay, I get your point. I'll stay there the whole time and maybe try to make some new friends while I'm there." Piper finally gave in. "It can't be that bad. Can it?"

"There you go!" Her mother said, "You'll have a great time. Now we better get going."

Dragging her luggage, Piper went out to the family van and hopped in. Her mother followed shortly and jumped in. "Do you have everything?" she questioned.

"I think so." Piper dug through her purse. "It should all be here."

"Did you take out some money? Your debit card only works here in Saskatchewan."

Opening her wallet Piper nodded. "Yep, cash check, learners check, passport check. I have all that stuff." She put her wallet back and dug around the purse some more. "Camera check, lotion check, phone check, lip chap check. Yep, I have everything in here I need. You packed everything you think I need, right?"

Her mother smiled, "You were with me, don't you think I got everything?"

"I think so, but I also thought I packed enough."

Laughing this time her mother nodded. "Yes, you have everything you need. Now let's go."

The fifteen year old backed out of the driveway and drove down the road. In minutes they were at the small town's airport and dragging the luggage out of the van. Silently they took it to the plane and Piper turned around.

"Well, guess I'm going. See ya in a couple weeks mom." She gave her mother a hug and didn't want to let go. Her mom was her best friend.

"You're going to be just fine. Take care of yourself and don't forget your manners. You'll have a great time and make many new friends." Her mother was definitely trying not to cry. "I remember you and your older cousin had great times when you were young."

Piper laughed through her tears, "Moooooommm!"

Her mother pulled away but held her at arm's length. "Bye baby girl love you."

"Okay mom, love you, see ya soon." Piper wiped away her tears.

The couple hugged quickly once more before the girl got up on the plane. In no time the plane was off the ground and headed to Danville. On the flight, Piper took a three hour nap and looked out the window for another hour. Finally the plane landed and she was officially in the Tri-State Area. Quickly, she grabbed her bags and got off the plane. There were lots of people in the airport and she had no idea if what the Johnsons looked like.

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