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Are We Going To Kiss Now?

The first thoughts of Hanna were something along the lines of sore loser and mentally insane. Both of which was right, proven when Sophie first spoke to Hanna, during ridiculous Math class.

Sophie needed the answers to the Mathematic problems that were quite due at the end of the class period. Her friends did not have this gods-forsaken class. The option to cheat was shot down when the stupid-polka-dot-tie-wearing teacher would not allow Sophie to move near Richard Rivers who was a wiz for numbers. It only leads Sophie to three options of whom she could copy off of: Ugly, crooked-nose Johnny Vroom; creepy-ass Jasper Lily; or the new, foreign girl Hanna.

"Hey." Sophie said to pale girl. The said girl quickly, accurately turns her head and looks at Sophie for a few seconds, surprised. The blonde girl just stares. Sophie stared back, a bit weirded out, "Hello?"

Hanna does not reply, rather she quietly looks at Sophie as if she has no idea what she was suppose to be doing at that very moment.

Sophie slightly raises one of her eyebrows. She should be annoyed with the odd girl but something in the foreign girl's bright blue eyes didn't bug Sophie as much as it should.

"Don't you speak English?" It wasn't a rude question. Well, Sophie likes to think it wasn't. "It's not your fault if you can't. M.I.A. didn't speak English 'till she was eight, because she was, like, a refugee or something from Sri Lanka. Now she's a pop star, in America too." Sophie looks and shrugs at the quiet girl. "But don't worry if you can't speak English yet."

The foreign student blinked as if she was taking all of this information and processing it over a few times.

Suddenly, the teacher called all the class work to be turned in.

And on that day, Sophie only got two answers right, without the help of that freaky foreign girl.

Sophie groaned loudly when she got home.

"Got the cramps?" asked Sophie's British mother, Rachel, who was drawing circles on a map of Eastern Europe for their bi-annual family holiday road trip. "I know some excellent remedies to ease the blood flo – "

"Mum!" Sophie yelled. "Gross! Miles is right there."

Her dad asked, "Sophie, how was school? Lovely?" He was fumbling around with a broken controller for the television.

"I remember my high school years! Well, a bit of it. Since I was never at one place." It was her mother, reminiscing out loud like the usual.

Sophie rolled her eyes, annoyed by her parents. "It was just splendid, dad."

"You don't sound chirpy," Sophie's dad noted while tinkering the controller, " – this damn device…"

"It's school, dad, and could you stop messing with that thing? You're never going to fix it." Sophie's annoyance drips through her sentence.

"It will, dear. Just need to read the blasted manual… Where is the manual? Rachel?"

"You mean the yellow book? I threw it in the recycling, just now. Shouldn't waste the trees, Aunt Sucksby would say."

"Miss Sucksby's a bit not right in the head, Rachel…" The man sighed, "Sophie, can you be a dear and fetch it for me?"

Sophie groaned with annoyance and shoved open the door. The recycling bin was in the front of their small lawn. Sophie walked towards the bin and opened the lid. It only took her a few seconds to find the yellow manual. When Sophie closed the lid, she was scared out of her wits when she saw the freaky foreign student standing right in front of her.

"Shit!" Sophie shouted and nearly jumped out of her skin. "What the actual fuck?" Sophie stares at the newcomer incredulously, "Are you, like, one of those weird lesbo stalkers that's been on London news? I mean it's not like I have anything going at odds with lesbians. Although you don't look lesbo, besides that tacky, worn sandal and gross robe. Are you a lesbo? Wait, you don't speak English."

Blinking, the blonde girl looks at Sophie, then slowly opens her mouth to speak.

"Who's she?" Miles asked, suddenly, staring at the blonde stranger while asking his sister.

"She can't speak English. She's a lesbo stalker. She's from America like M.I.A." Sophie answered Miles' question as he looks at the stranger.

"I'm from Germany," the blonde girl spoke; her pronunciation was precise, and one could definitely tell she was not from around the United Kingdom.

"Oh," Sophie looked at the foreign girl, taken back by her answer.

"I lived in Leipzig, German city. Population 0.7 million peoples. We live at number seven, Weissingerplatz. I like literature and sport, in particular tennis and athletics. I also have a dog called Trudi."

Sophie and Miles stared at the blonde stranger…

"We had a dog called Vincent. He went mad and died," Miles told the girl.

"She's beautiful. I wish I had a body like hers. Well, her boobs are a bit too ginormous. Pretty sure she got boob implants." Sophie emphasizes her point by motioning her hands over her own breast. Hanna looks at her movements and tries to understand the teenage girl. "Super models love plastic surgery and boob jobs. They have tons of husbands, too."

"Sophie, stop that nonsense," it was Sophie's dad who is never in agreement with his growing teenage daughter. Sophie's parents are at odds with their daughter's generation. They're now trying to adapt into the newer, mainstream generation while still holding on to their ideals and social liberation… Pretty much old farts, Sophie would say.

"My mum's against plastic surgery." Sophie animatedly explains to Hanna. Her face crinkles, "Like, it doesn't bring a natural aura or something." Sophie looks at Hanna disbelievingly, "Mum doesn't even wear makeup."

"I don't. I think it's dishonest." The mother nods in agreement. Hanna turns to look at the mother. "This is my face. Take it or leave it! If you study History of Art, Anthropology…"

"Here we go…" Sophie mumbles and sips her cup of soft drink.

"She got a first in Cambridge," quipped Sebastian as he tore a piece of chicken. They were having 'lunchinner' – Sophie's mother would call it – which was a meal between lunch and dinner to which Hanna has never heard of before. Not even in her encyclopedia.

"… You learn that that red lipstick mimics arousal and suggests the geography of the labia minora." Rachel continues, pointing at her light, pale lips.

"Vomitorium." Sophie sticks out her tongue in disgust.

"Stop that, Sophie." Sebastian nagged at the teenage girl.

"Where as I have a lot of natural red pigments in my lips, and so I really don't need it," the mother finishes with an air of self-defined dignity and great liberation. Hanna slightly nods, taking in this newfound information.

"What? This is embarrassing!" Sophie argued.

"Just grow up! Alright?"

"Grow up?" Sophie asked with defiance towards her father.


"Oh, because yesterday mum was saying how I shouldn't act beyond my years." Sophie says while glaring at her dad.

"No, it leaves her with mixed messages, darling. Because we're trying to communicate to her how to enjoy childhood." Rachel explains while picking at her food and giving some to Miles.

"I just want her to stop saying 'vomitorium,' alright?" Sebastian annoyingly states as he picks at his chews.

Miles pretended to vomit, just to spite his father.

"Hey! That's not funny," says Sophie's dad. Rachel shakes her head in annoyance and continues to feed her son.

Hanna with a ghost of a smile amusingly watches the display between the family members. She was truly enjoying their presence.

"So, Hanna," Sebastian started, talking to the silent German girl. "It is Hanna, right?"

Hanna nods and grabs a piece of chicken placed around the table, enjoying the taste of the seasoning and texture. Different from deer meat.

"Oh. I'm Sebastian Lyall, Sophie's dad. This is Rachel, the mum." The man introduced. "You live around here, don't you?" Sophie glances at Hanna, interested in the quiet girl.

"We live at number seven," Hanna answered.

"That's just around the corners," Sebastian stated. Noticing that Hanna used a plural pronoun, he asked, "You live with your father and mother?"

"My mother is dead."

"Nice one, dad!" said Sophie as she gave her dad a glare.

Sebastian ignored his daughter's remark, "I'm sorry to hear that. I lost my mum when I was very young, so…"

"It is all right, it happened a long time ago."

Seeing as how Hanna brushed the subject easily and seems okay with it, Sophie's mom politely asked, "Hanna, what did your mum die of?"

"Three bullets," Hanna stated casually while looking at the mother as if it was the most normal answer. Sebastian choked on his drink and some of the soft drink came through his nostrils.

"That's appalling!" Sophie's mom said, shocked. Miles nods in agreement. Sophie was weirdly impressed.

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