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Hanna was supposed to meet up with Sophie around 11 PM in Sophie's home. However, it was already a bit late after 11 PM when Hanna arrived at Sophie's house. Sophie mentioned something about sneaking Hanna in, so that must have meant that Hanna had to go in Sophie's house unnoticed. So, the window to the living room was broken from the hinges and that was how Hanna came into Sophie's house. Hanna blindly, yet agilely, guided her way towards the English teenager's room, already memorizing the length of the living room.

"Oh, my God!" Sophie gasped when she turned around to find Hanna at her door, "What are you doing here?" Sophie was suppose to open her window for Hanna to come in…

"I came through the window," said Hanna.

"You broke my window?" Sophie asked, incredulously. When Hanna nodded, Sophie gasped, "Hanna, you are so mental! My dad would have a heart attack when he sees it and who's done it."

"Will you have to tell him?" Hanna asked as her pale, blonde eyebrows knitted, troubled.

Sophie laughed, "Of course I'm not going to tell him!" She smirked at Hanna, "Rather, I think it's brilliant."

Hanna smiled with relief.

"Now about that fugly robe you've been wearing…" Sophie places a finger on her chin. Glancing at the time, she blindly grabbed some jeans that were too short for Hanna and a random t-shirt. They were running a bit late to meet the boys. And without looking, Sophie took the pink tutu and gave it to Hanna, rushing out the window.

The Spanish boys' names were Feliciano and Jose. The girls met up with the boys around a playground area that was close to Sophie's house. Both of the boys brought their motorcycle.

Hanna rode with Feliciano while Sophie called dibs with Jose who – by the way – was the hottest man ever to walk in Junior year, according to Sophie.

"Are you scared?" Feliciano asked Hanna as they rode down the empty streets. They all weren't wearing helmets, making a much more daring experience which made Sophie excited. Sophie squealed in excitement at how fast they were riding.

"Of what?" Hanna asked and smiled as the wind passes through her hair and on her face. She closes her eyes and breathed in the air, enjoying every second of the freedom. Feliciano smiles, quickly taking a liking to the oddly dressed German girl.

The boys brought Hanna and Sophie to a Spanish bar and grill, saying it was Feliciano's uncle that owned the grill. The uncle greeted the girls happily and told the teenagers they were hosting a small bonfire in the back where there was bound to be traditional Spanish music and dancing.

Sitting around the small fire, Hanna witnesses the Spanish culture and watches in awe at how fun everyone was having. Music. A combination of sounds with a view of beauty of form and expression of emotion.

Feliciano glances at Hanna and smiles at how the girl was enjoying herself. The Spanish boy reached his hand to tap the German girl's shoulder to bring her somewhere that was quiet. But just as he touched her shoulder, Hanna grabbed his wrist with a hard grip and stared at his hand. Feliciano blinked and slowly pulled his arm back, leaving Hanna to continue watching the dancing and guitar playing of his uncle. In the corner of Hanna's eyes, Hanna saw Sophie leaning towards the other Spanish boy, Jose. Hanna turned her head to look at what exactly Sophie was doing – she was… kissing, was it?

Hanna looks at Feliciano, to which the boy quickly notices the direction Hanna was looking at beforehand. He awkwardly smiles and points to a quieter environment since he assumes Hanna were a more reserved girl than her friend Sophie. The German girl quickly glances at Sophie – who was kissing excessively, like she was eating his face, Hanna innocently noted. Sophie catches Hanna's glance and rolls her eyes at the German friend.

Sophie mouths, "go with him!"

Hanna stared at Feliciano.

When they moved a few feet away from the dancing group of Spanish music, Hanna and Feliciano sat awkwardly next to each other on a bench. Feliciano discreetly cast a quick glance in Hanna's direction. He was never a ladies' man like his mate, Jose. But he really did want to kiss this quiet German girl. She was his type – blonde, pale... And he really, really wanted to kiss the girl. Feliciano deeply exhaled. So, with this newfound courage, Feliciano scooted closer to the quiet girl.

"Kissing." Hanna states, out of the blue, while casting a quick glance to Feliciano. The Spanish teenager blinks. "Is that what we are building up to?"

"Would you like to?" asks the Spanish boy, lowly – casting his eyes over Hanna's lips.

"Kissing requires a total of 34 facial muscles, and 112 postural muscles. The most important muscle involved is the orbicularis oris muscle," Hanna looks at Feliciano, the action caused their face to come closer, "because it is used to pucker the lips."

Feliciano does not reply, rather he very much wanted to kiss the girl.

He leaned closer to Hanna and placed his hand on her cheek. And just when he barely grazed her white skin, Hanna throws Feliciano to the ground and holds his head in a tight grip that was found in professional wrestling.

"Hanna! You mentalist!" Sophie yelled, while holding hands with Jose as they got off the ground to look at Hanna and Feliciano.

"Please tell your friend I just wanted a kiss!" Feliciano's voice breaks as Hanna adds more pressure onto her elbow that was stabbing his neck, never straying her eyes away from the strange offender that was in her space just earlier. Personal space is very important, Papa taught her. Hanna had no idea who this person was, and he decided to touch her without her permission.

"Hanna!" Sophie shouts. She thought Hanna was weird but to pull off this stunt when she was not looking, un-fucking-believable!

"Should I let him go?" Hanna asks Sophie, still alert and holding him down.

"As opposed to what? Yes, you should let him go!" Sophie remarked loudly, irritated.

Hanna leans in closer to Feliciano, quickly analyzing that he was not a threat if she drew near. "I am going to go now."

Feliciano frighteningly replies, "Okay."

"It was nice." Hanna sincerely states. Then, she smiles down at Feliciano.