Transformers are not mine. Moonbeam is.

The Black Panther stopped next to the teenage girl he was running with. She wore long sleeves and long pants even though it was a hot day. Her eyes were amber and almost glowed a little. Digging into her pocket, she pulled out a small compact makeup kit. On the outside it looked like a compact any other teenage girl would carry, but the inside was different. This was a communication device from Cybertron.

The girl opened it up and peered into the mirror. Scanning her eye, it dissolved into the picture of a large room filled with computers and monitors. Walking around were large robotic creatures looking over the monitors. Suddenly a door slid open and the two heard a voice boom through the room.

"Where is Moonbeam?!" The voice echoed off the walls.

A robot, larger than the others, stepped through the door. A scratchy voice replied to him. "We, are unsure where she is master Megatron." The girl recognized the voice of her mentor, Starscream. "And Ravage is reported missing as well."

"Well, you had better find them!" Megatron snapped. "Soundwave, didn't you put a tracking device on that feline?"

A monotone voice answered. "Yes, I did, but there is no signal on Ravage sir."

"Arg! Where could those two have gone?"

The girl closed the compacted and put it back into her pocket. She then looked over at her 'brother' and spoke. "Ravage, if we go back, Megatron will kill us for losing our robotic bodies." The cat growled in return, but she knew what he said. "You're right. If he doesn't then Rumble and Frenzy will never stop making fun of us." The panther nodded and they continued walking.

They continued walking until they saw large walls. Not as large as the ones back home, but large for their new bodies and this new world. "Remember, if they ever find us, everything will be ruined Ravage."

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