I'm not sure how many are familiar with To Love-Ru, but I ran with this idea because I find it and Ranma 1/2 highly compatible, fan-fiction-wise. (Don't expect much of anything ecchi from me, though.) There were a few parallels, in particular, that had caught my attention.

Also, this is going to be one of those rare stories that don't feature Ranma-chan (yes, I do have those), so if that's what you were expecting from me... Sorry, not this time. Of course, considering such characters as Lala and Ren/Run, some highlighting of Ranma-chan is going to be inevitable at some point.

I'd like to point out that the To Love-Ru side of things is based on the manga, as it and the anime are different in both minor and major ways. If you're not familiar with the series in general, don't worry: I'm going to be following the storyline of the manga fairly closely for the most part, so there shouldn't be much of anything for anyone to fill in as if they should know it already.

Also, if you see an underlined word, that means I gave a definition for it at the bottom of the chapter that it appears in.


A young woman with long, pink hair, who wore an outfit that was too strange for any normal setting on Earth, took a step back onto the ledge of the building that she had been chased to. Being that it was night, it would have afforded her a nice view of the city lights; that is, if her current situation hadn't been so serious.

Before her stood two men dressed in black suits, dress shoes, blue ties and shades. The first of the two had close-cropped black hair, and was both taller and stronger-looking — not to mention more serious-looking — than his companion. Said companion had his blond hair slicked back, a goatee, and a scar that ran vertically across his left eye. He also wore an easy grin.

The bigger one of the two was the first to speak, now that they were no longer in pursuit. "We've finally found you. Who would have thought you'd run this far..."

"But, enough of this game of tag," the other man said. "Why don't you come along with us like you should?"

The young woman glanced down the side of the skyscraper, toward the street far below her, as the high altitude gusts tossed her hair and fluttered her skirt to and fro. She could fly, so she didn't feel like she had been trapped, but now that she had been found she hadn't been able to outrun her pursuers. Even if she continued to run, it would likely continue to be as unproductive as it had been since the moment that they had spotted her.

She needed to lose them. Fortunately, unlike the other times that she had been caught, she was sure that she had come up with a way to get away from them. Before, she had only focused on escaping their notice so they couldn't follow her, rather than taking measures upon being caught. Even fighting back — once found — had been a temporary solution, and had ultimately failed.

This time, however, she planned on making them think that they had her, then make her escape when their backs were turned. The longer that they failed to notice her absence, the more time that she would have to find a place to hide. More importantly, if her escape route was random, how could they hope to find her if she didn't even know where she would be going herself?

Her plan couldn't have been more perfect.