Mermaid's Love

Lex Luthor had a habit of blasting all any obstacles in his way to pieces. He had money, fame and power. He could get anything but his one desire eluded him. He snarled and swiveled in his chair to look out over Metropolis. He may not have his mark on everything but the inhabitants had no doubt as to who really ruled the city. Even knowing that he had ownership of the city was not enough to draw his thoughts from the woman in the bay… Sha'lain'a.

When she appeared to him, Lex had been enjoying the new bay side property he'd acquired. The buildings in the lots were desolate and awaiting demolition to make way for Lex's new Condominium for the rich and famous. He'd charge out the ass and those pretentious bastards wouldn't hesitate to pay.

As he left his new property he saw her rise from the bay, a long sky blue dress clinging to her body, still wet from the water of the bay. He was shocked. At first he wondered what a woman was doing in the bay. He made his way over to ask her but stopped when he took in her appearance for the first time.

She had long, corn coloured hair and eyes that sparkled liked a clear crisp pool of water. Her skin was a similar colour to toffee and she was oddly enough, bare foot. Her eye sparkled as she looked around, lips bending into a pout as the gills on the side of her neck flared. 'Gills? Atlantean…' Lex took a step towards her. "Who are you?"

"I'm Sha'Lain'a of Shayeris. Can you tell me where I am?" Her voice was sweeter than anything he'd ever heard in his life and her face was so honest.

"You're in Metropolis." He frowned. Didn't she know she was swimming in the Meteropolis Bay? Who exactly was this woman? "Why are you swimming in the bay?"

"I was looking for my son but he is not in this city." She smiled and Lex could feel the corner of his lips tug in response. "I will have to continue my search."

She turned and walked back into the water as Lex followed behind her. "Wait!" He ducked under when she ducked down and gasped as she sped off underwater, taking in a lung full of air. Lex resurfaced, chocking on the bay water. "Sha'lain'a!"

Lex had spent the next three months searching for Sha'lain'a to no success. He sat in his chair and snarled. All the money and resources in the world and he couldn't find one woman? He sucked at his teeth and tapped at his desk. Superman flew over his building day and night, keeping closer watch on him but he had no plans for him only Sha'Lain'a. If only he could find her.

"Mr. Luthor." Lex looked up from his brooding and nodded at Mercy. "You have a visitor sir."

"I thought I said no visitors." He growled, even making his own help didn't help stop the intruders.

"I thought you wanted to see me." He could hear the amusement in that familiar voice and his next words died in his mouth.

"Sha'Lain'a?" He stuttered out. His mermaid had come to him.

"I fear I am at a disadvantage." She smiled and moved over to his desk, taking a seat on the end. "You know my name but I do not know yours."

"Lex." He cleared his throat and stood up. "Lex Luthor."