A/N So I was talking with my friends today about what I thought should happen tonight I just didn't know where they would be in Rosewood (or not in rosewood). Now that I know I had this nagging idea of what I thought should have happened…it is major Pailey be not offended

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Preface: This is immediately after "Nate" hears something and Emily runs out the door.

After 2 years of being chased by ali's demons, Emily had thought she might have finally found some peace in her life. Today, that peace was shattered when her best friends accused her girlfriend of being a murderer. Tonight, that peace was being trampled on as she ran through the darkest parts of the woods. Not far off, she saw the soft glow of the lighthouse and knew it was her only chance. As the light got closer, she grabbed her phone praying to find a signal. "Come on", her phone blinked but could not pick up a signal.

Paige tried to wiggle her hands out of the duct tape but the layers cut into her skin. She knew that Emily had run away so that Nate would follow. Even in incredible danger, Paige was amazed at how brave Emily had been. She tried moving her feet but the sound of the door latch made her slide to the floor. "Emily?" Paige was surprised to hear Caleb's voice come from the door. She couldn't talk through the duct tape so she used what strength she had left to knock over the glass on the table. Caleb ran over to her, gun in hand. He quickly stripped the duct tape off her mouth which was followed by a scream of pain from Paige. "Paige, what in the world is happening? Where is Emily?" Caleb began taking the rest of the tape off as Paige explained, "There's no time, Emily is out there with Nate. Well, his names not actually Nate, but she ran to find help." As Caleb cut the final piece of duct tape, Paige sprung up and started for the back door. "Wait!" Caleb grabbed Paige's arm, " We don't even know where to look." Paige shook his hand off, "Emily will try to find some place high up to get service, and were at a cabin by a light house." She ran out the door leaving Caleb behind.

Emily was half way up the stairs and her bars had yet to appear. Running on pure adrenaline, she pushed herself to the top and looked at her phone again. Slowly, one bar appeared and as she drew closer to the outside the bars began to light up. With one more step, she had complete service and typed in the number she should have had on speed dial: 911. She looked around at her surroundings as the call connected. She was at a dead end. The Light House was small and there was only one way out, or two if you counted jumping off the edge. At this moment, the darkness was her enemy so she tried to keep as much of her surrounding in the light. Her last thought before hearing the familiar responder was of Paige, she hadn't asked to be brought into this web of secrets but now she was a part of it all, taken down in the sinking ship. "911 What is your emergency?" Emily got back on track with her most important goal: staying alive. "Yes I'd like to…" Out of the darkness as silent as a snake, Nate appeared and shoved Emily to the railing of the light house. Her phone dropped and cracked on the steel. "Ma'am are you…" The call was disconnected with the heel of Nate's foot. He then turned to focus his aggression on Emily. Taking her by the hair he shoved her into the light itself. Bouncing back, Emily tried lashing out at whatever was closest. She landed a fist to his ear and another to his abdomen but it wasn't enough. He held her by the back of her neck and forced her to her knees. "You didn't deserve her. I loved her and you treated her like some second rate bitch." He took his free hand and slapped her across the face leaving a mark. She tried with what strength she had left to stand up but he kicked her legs out from under her. Now sprawled face forward on the floor Emily prepared herself for death.

It was a funny feeling for her. She didn't see her childhood flash before her eyes or number a list of regrets. She had always thought that if it was her time the last thing she would see was her home. Instead, she could only focus on one moment. She was in the pool and had just taken off her swim cap and goggles. It was a normal day, she swam her yards and was ready to meet up with her friends. As she turned to get out of the pool, Paige was getting ready to dive off the blocks. They both exchanged shy smiles and the coach's whistle blew. Paige's entry was subtle, not a very big splash but enough movement to keep her in the lead. Emily leaned up against the edge of the pool and just watched as Paige swam away, it was the closest feeling to home she had ever had. That was the moment her mind told her to remember. In the seconds before death, she finally realized what they meant by home is where the heart it. Emily was taken out of her memory by the click of a pocket knife being opened. "This was not how I thought tonight would be going but sometimes you have to be flexible." He leaned in closer and let out a cold laugh that tickled the back of her neck. "I win." He whispered into her ear as he let the cold metal graze against the line of her neck.

Chills ran through her body and she thought she could hear her heart pounding in her ears. She began to close her eyes and escape to that moment, when she saw a flash coming through the stairs. As quick as she thought it was her imagination, Nate was sprawled on the ground behind her with another figure on top of him. During the commotion, the knife slid towards the edge of the room. Nate kicked the figure off of him and began sliding towards the knife. Emily could barely see anything, until the figure reached out a hand to grab Nate's leg. The navy stars popped out to her and she knew it was Paige. Paige used so much of her energy sprinting to the light house, she barely could hold on to Nate. She saw what he was going after and knew it truly meant life or death. She breathed in a deep breath and launched herself on top of Nate and struggled to keep him pinned down. With all her energy spent, Nate easily rolled over and laid a solid fist into Paige's nose. Blood immediately started running down her face but she continued to reach out to him. Before grabbing the knife, Nate laid another blow to the side of her head. At this point, Paige was slouched on one wall with blood dripping down her face and Emily was still face down barely able to move. Nate successfully grabbed the knife and stood up to look at his two victims. "Do you see what happens when you are patient Emily? The fun comes to you." He knelt down to Emily's level and pulled her face to his drawing her into a soft kiss. Paige quickly turned her face away. He let go of her and she was able to pull herself in a sitting position.

"How shall we end this story? A murder suicide, where the scorned Paige, jealous of Emily's unrequited love for Maya tragically kills her girl friend? Or what if I tell the police I found Paige standing over Emily's body and we got in a fight, sadly Paige tripped and fell of the edge of a pretty little light house." As Nate was rambling on, Emily and Paige's eyes met for the first time. The look said it all, it was an understanding that if one of them didn't make it, the other would have to be strong. Paige knew that Caleb wasn't far behind her and that he had a gun. She also knew that the only way Emily would truly be safe was if Nate didn't have the knife. She put two and two together and decided it was her turn to protect the one she loves. Nate noticed their eyes meeting and grabbed Emily by the chin. "Do you have something to say to me? Are you sorry? Don't you want to beg for your life?" Before Emily could answer, Paige did. "What does she have to be sorry for?" She tried her hardest to sound as snarky, and spencer like as possible. "Do you really think you are all big and bad because you've been planning this for a few months? Good job, buddy you not only failed to kill me in front of Emily but right now you are basically out of options." Nate dropped his hold on Emily and turned to face Paige. Meanwhile, Emily's eyes filled with fear and she tried to use her eyes to tell Paige to back off. "What do you mean I'm out of options I have you both right her, beaten, and I'm the one with the knife?" He raised the knife a little higher for emphasis. Paige didn't know if she could stall him any longer for Caleb to get there and their time was running out. She met Emily's eyes one last time and mouthed " I love you". Without thinking she jumped up and grabbed for Nate's hand which was still in the air. They both had a hand on the handle and used the walls as support to detach the other person's hand.

Nate started to point the knife towards Paige and she knew what her only option was. She used all the strength she had and she guided Nate's hands and her own into her abdomen. The knife cut straight through and she fought for control. Nate was stunned at her action and for a brief moment relinquished control. Paige took advantage of the moment and used the momentum of the thrust to fall down out of the way. Emily screamed as she saw Paige fall to the ground. As Paige curled up in the corner, she could hear the sound of footsteps coming. Nate no longer had a weapon and started to refocus on gaining back control. He started to move after Paige but Caleb had already reached the top of the stairs. "Shoot!" Those were the only words Emily had said in the whole ordeal. Nate, caught off guard, turned towards Caleb and a shot rang out. Nate collapsed to the floor and began bleeding out.

Emily crawled over to Paige and rolled her over into her lap. "Call in ambulance, hurry!" Her screams were only muffled by the tears streaming down her face. She wiped the hair out of Paige's face and slowly slid out the knife. She threw it in the corner and began lifting up Paige's shirt to see the damage. Blood had already soaked through the three layers Paige was wearing and the cut looked deeper than a few inches. Emily quickly removed her jacket and applied pressure to the wound. All the while, she gently rocked Paige back in forth in her arms. "Why would you do that?" She continued rocking Paige and tears started to drip into the dry blood on her face. Paige's breathing had slowed but she was still conscious. "That's what you do for the people…" she took in a deep breath "…the people you love." Emily's crying only worsened as she could feel the blood soaking through her jacket. She strained her ears to hear anything but the only noise in the distance was the rustling of leaves and the crashing of waves.

Paige felt Emily tense and she knew they might not make it time. "Emily, tell me a story, you know about us." Emily let out an anguished laugh and tried to think back on their fondest memories. "Remember that one night at Karaoke?" Paige barely nodded. "That was the first time I realized how great we could be together. You were able to get me out of my shell of public humiliation and I was able to make you comfortable with the idea of us. It was one of the happiest days of my life." Emily looked down and Paige smiled, blood covering her teeth. "Paige this is all my fault. You shouldn't have been here. This was my hell to deal with not yours." Paige put a hand over hers and transferred the little life she had left into that touch. "I will never regret loving you" she whispered. She began choking on blood and some of it began to leak out of her mouth. "Paige you can't leave me, I don't know what to do without you. You're my home, you've always been my home." The last part she whispered. "I love you" With that, Emily could hear the sound of sirens. Caleb was at the stairs again and walking towards them. He stopped short realizing that it wasn't good and this could be the end. "Paige keep fighting, I'm going to go meet the paramedics."

Emily continued to apply pressure and hold Paige's hand, but Paige grabbed both her hands away from the jacket and just held on. "Emily will you sing for me?" Paige's heart beat was slowing down and her breathing became shallow. "If I'm going to heaven I'll need to know how the angels sound." She barley had enough energy to finish her statement. "If it's the last thing I hear maybe I'll have a chance." Emily began crying harder than before and let out a somber laugh. " You were always the smooth talker weren't you?" She kissed the top of Paige's forehead and whispered one last time, "I love you so much." Paige shut her eyes and responded the same way, "I love you too." Her body was getting colder and there was no more blood able to come out. Emily positioned herself so that Paige could lay back in her arms while she leaned against the light. From this point they both could see clearly out the window where a full moon was plastered in the sky. Emily held her hands and began singing, "Never knew I could feel like this. Like I've never seen the sky before, want to vanish inside your kiss. Every day I'm loving you more and more. Listen to my heart can you hear it sing telling me to give you everything. Seasons may change winter to spring but I love you until the end of time." She was choking on her words and felt like she couldn't even finish. Paige opened her eyes a last time and met Emily's. She squeezed her hand and tried singing, "Come what may." The effort made her cough up more blood and Emily held on tighter. Emily continued, "Come what may." Paige closed her eyes and finished what she could, "I will love you…" She slowly faded out and Emily picked it up for her, "Until the end of time."

a/n this is going to be three parts and that's about it you might be able to convince me for more. Please leave your comments on where I should take this but I just couldn't get this plot out of my head. I know it's a little long and a little sappy but I ship Pailey so it will be happy…eventually.