Lies and Lineage

Sorry for making everyone wait so long for updates between the chapters in this story. I've been dealing with a lot of shit going on in my life, and it's been distracting me from my writing, due to people trying to get me fired at my job and all that, as well as court being a pain in the ass and all that jazz.

Anyway, here's the next chapter of this story, and I hope you all enjoy it. It's going to take an interesting turn for the whole story after this, so bear with me.

Without further ado, let's get this show on the road.

Fox turned to face the ape, rage burning in his eyes. "You're a dead man!" Fox howled, darting forward quickly to aim a fist in the ape's gut. The ape managed to doge it, but didn't predict fox to force himself to tumble forward to hit him with a strong sweep kick followed by a barrage of blaster bolts to the leg.

Fox growled as the ape retaliated with a strong straight to Fox's chest in midair. Fox was sure that if he wasn't wearing the heavy padded winter survival gear, that punch probably would have broken a few ribs. The situation wasn't adding up. The ape was in a skintight black suit, in the middle of winter, and nearly broke bones. Fox's brain worked double time to figure this paradox out while his instinct took over the fight. He was even more confused to see the ape standing despite the full clip's worth of bolts shot to his leg. The ape grinned as he stood through the shots, his leg no worse for wear as he delivered a powerful straight punch to the enraged vulpine.

Fox grunted as he managed to catch the punch in a cross-block, being pushed back a good couple of feet before skidding to a halt. Fox growled lowly, quickly ejecting the thermal clip of his blaster to cool it down before pushing it back in. He was thankful it was so cold on Fichina, it helped the clip cool off immediately. He fired a few more rounds, this time into the snow beneath the ape, having changed the blaster's setting to impact rather than burn. The shots thudded into the snow, sending up clouds of smoke to block the ape's vision.

Fox quickly circled around the ape while the snow still blinded him, quickly pumping a few more bolts into the spot where the Ape stood, hoping he'd hit. He growled lowly as he pulled a thermal grenade off the inside of his vest, tossing it at the ape after pressing the button to prime it. The grenade exploded, the ape sent flying by the concussive force. Fox snarled as the ape quickly recovered, dashing in and giving the vulpine a strong punch to the side of his ribcage, possibly shattering something as he was sent flying back. He quickly caught his footing, hissing slightly at the pain in his side as he fired a few more blaster bolts at the ape, catching the big guy square in the chest.

The Ape grunted as the bolts hit home with a heavy thud, but where Fox expected to see singed fur and burnt skin, the Ape was totally fine. Fox growled louder, the whole world going red with his rage. He moved, quicker than the ape could keep up with, and landed a few heavy blows against the ape from the back and side, and front, and swept his feet out from under him. The ape quickly caught himself, aiming a kick at Fox's face, the foot landing with a sickening thud. Fox howled in pain as he was sent tumbling back into the snowdrifts. He groaned as his attempt to stand was met with more pain.

The ape decided he was done playing around with his new toy. "Hahahahah, you trying to figure out why I'm not dead. Why I'm not hurt? Heheh, too bad for you that you'll never figure it out!" The ape grinned, kicking Fox hard in the sternum, sending him catapulting a few feet backwards from the impact. The ape smirked as the snow cleared up a bit after Fox's landing, seeing the vulpine lying in the ground defenseless.

"Now, too bad no one will see the death of Wolf O'Donell and Fox McCloud, but it must be done. If you two live, it'll definitely be a major pain in our lord's plans." The ape chuckled, shaking his head as he pulled a blaster off his holster, pointing it at the helpless vulpine. Finger on the trigger, and ready to fire, the ape froze all of a sudden.

"Too bad for you neither a' us is dying today, bastard." Wolf coughed out, his claw extending through the ape's mid-torso.

"Those nanomachines of yours are no good for protection from attacks you're not aware of, now can they?" He panted out, smirking as if he just saved the universe. "Too bad ya thought I was dead. If anyone had trained you well, you would have first put a few shots into me first before anything. It probably would have given you an even higher edge up on Fox, had you made sure I was dead." Wolf grunted as he pulled his claw and forearm out of the ape as he fell to his knees.

Wolf trudged through the snow over to the shell-shocked fox, looking at the Landmaster that had conveniently landed right-side up after dispatching it's cargo into the blizzard. he picked the smaller vulpine up. "Looks like we're almost there, pup. Don't go giving up on my yet. And I told you I'd keep my promise." Wolf smiled, shaking his head as Fox closed his eyes and smiled.

"Yeah… thanks Wolf." Fox muttered as Wolf opened the hatch to the Landmaster. Wolf set everything up in the corner of the cabin for Fox to get some sleep, staying awake to try to fight off the potential concussion and to hopefully try to get any more local transmissions out and connected. It had already been a few days, so the blizzard should be letting off soon, he hoped.

"This'll teach those guys to not send a C.E.O to do an assassin's job." Wolf shrugged, sighing as he looked over to the sleeping Fox. "I'm just glad that I got back up in time to stop that from getting much worse." He thought back to some of the files he had read while he was working for Andross.

The young wolf quietly stepped around an obstacle of wires and boxes on the floor, having snuck in while everyone else was asleep. He was in the deepest laboratory that he had physical access to without having to take a specially authorized maglift. He hoped to find any reports of the day that Andross supposedly killed James McCloud. He owed his best friend that much. He sifted through paper after paper, journal after journal until an entry caught his eye.

GESTALT program.

LSY 710 4-22

This program was a genetic breakthrough. Dr. Andross had come up with a plan that involves rearranging the genetic code of the subject to make them stronger, more resilient, and whatever else could possibly be done, and what's more is that he found a way to do it without causing potential deformities in the subject, or even potentially in the subjects offspring. We have our newest test volunteer ready for the testing and eager to do so, by the looks of things. He's some pilot named James McCloud. Says he needs the money that we were offering for test subjects, and it seems he has some knowledge of the subject matter as well, which was surprising enough. Here's hoping the test goes as well as planned. Testing starts tomorrow, so I'll be keeping track of the results in this document.

LSY 710 4-23

Today's test went phenomenally. McCloud's body reacted to the first set of genetic testing quite spectacularly. Today we altered his strength, for our first test we just went times and a half of what he normally could do. Before the altering, with a force test on a punch, he clocked in at about 20 G's and after the strength alter, it went to 40 G's. Most would chalk that up to sheer luck or basic mechanical flukes, but considering all the constants were secured and triple checked beforehand, it's highly improbable. We're actually doing it. We're reshaping the universe one step at a time.

Wolf skimmed through the rest of the journal entries, they all consisted of entries about James and the genetic alteration program; Detailing how at the end of it all, he was times and a half stronger than the strongest man, and two times faster than the fastest man in the universe. He was detailed to have a stronger sense of smell, faster reflexes, enhanced durability, better sight, and all around better than should be possible; all due to Andross' GESTALT program. He noticed something weird though, about the last post on the journal.

LSY 710 12-31

What have we done… We've created the perfect specimen of all the species in the universe. And he turned on us. He caught wind of what Dr. Andross was planning to do with this GESTALT program, and he tore his way through the laboratory, destroying all the equipment he found on his way out. We were powerless to stop him. He dodged our blaster bolts as if they were nothing. He simply laughed at the Shock Rods we tried to beat him back with. He was for all purposes invincible. And now he contains vital information on the GESTALT program that we were unable to keep from getting out. We're done for. The Cornerian government will send in a strike force and take all of us in. I can't deal with that pressure, I was only in this for the money and the prestige. I have a wife and kids, I can't be in jail. I'm out. For good.


Wolf put that information on a portable drive, sure it would come in handy later, and quickly scurried out of the lab and leaving everything the way it was before he arrived.

Wolf dreaded to think of what would happen if even a fraction of that GESTALT program alterations made it into Fox, and also secretly thanked his own luck that he never got a chance to find out by one on one combat outside their ships. He sighed, rubbing his bruised temples gingerly. "This is all one helluva mess that you've created for yourself Andross. How did you even kill James anyway, if he was supposedly invincible?"

Wolf sighed as he invariably made more questions for himself. He had to get to the bottom of everything and yet here he was, stuck in a tank in a blizzard because the latest tip off he received from Leon turned out to be next to nothing. At least the chameleon was helping him in his long running mission to find out what happened to Fox and his father. He sighed as he watched over Fox, the Landmaster seeming more cold than ever. He jumped when he heard the comm-band spark up in static.

"Fox! Are….there? Come in Fox. This…Peppy and….Fox. Come in Fox!" The voice of the hare buzzed through the static, cutting out every so often. He jumped up to the communications board and pressed the transmit button.

"This is Wolf O'Donnell and Fox McCloud, You're Peppy right?" he asked, hope surging in his chest.

"Wolf? What have you done with Fox?!" Peppy shouted. "Where is he?"

"Don't worry, he's here in the Landmaster. We got into a fight with a strange ape in a nanosuit and Fox got knocked unconscious. He's resting over here." Wolf explained before giving the group their coordinates. "We just need a rescue here. I'm not going to hurt Fox or you guys, ask the bird." The sound of argument came over the comm channel.

"We'll be at your location as soon as possible, Peppy out." Peppy stated quickly, not wanting to believe Wolf.

"Fox. We'll be saved. We can get to the bottom of all this." Wolf smiled slightly as he sat back in the pilot's seat of the Landmaster. This was all coming to a head and he was finally going to be able to get off of this damned ice ball. He sighed as he watched Fox shift on the floor of the Landmaster. "We'll get you some medical help too, pup." he chuckled. Now he just had to wait, and hopefully not get shot.

"Fox! Wolf!" He heard from outside the Landmaster an hour later.

"We're saved, Fox!" Wolf exclaimed, smiling as he picked Fox up off the ground and opened the hatch to the Landmaster. He managed to maneuver around to get Fox and himself out of the tank. He smiled to himself as he saw the group crowd around Fox and try to get a transport ship from the Aquila.

"How did you guys survive the blizzard?" Wolf asked, taking in their heavy coats and the guns at their sides. "And where'd you get the high-tech guns?"

"We landed the Aquila at the nearby research base." Peppy responded, noticing the way Wolf kept a strong hold on Fox despite Falco offering to take him.

"Well, we need to go there and now. Can we get a transport now that the blizzard is over?" Wolf asked.

"That's what we're working on." Peppy sighed as he opened a comm channel to the Aquila. "Rob. Come in Rob." The comm was met with static and no response.

"Oh, I'm sorry, were you needing this robot?" A deep voice answered the comm-link. "Sorry, but we had to deactivate him. He was proving a little too troublesome. So I apologize, but Rob's not available at the time, please leave a message after the beep."

"Well hell. Looks like team Star Fox is in trouble again." Wolf sighed.

Sorry for taking so long. Dealing with a lot of crap going on in my life and writers block making a painful comeback. But yeah, there's the newest chapter. And it will make more sense later on. But the way I see it, there's no way James was such a fantastically good pilot without SOME explanation. So genetic engineering was the next probable answer. so sue me. this is my story, I'll write it how I want it.