Sometimes, Kensuke Mochida didn't know whether to consider himself lucky, or unlucky.

Or perhaps it had nothing to do with luck and he was simply paying for his younger self's crimes.

Well, they weren't really crimes, per se.

But he did have to admit – he used to be an utter asshole.

And now, his heavenly judgment had come to him in the form of Hayato Gokudera.

He had been somewhat a part of the Vongola for years now, helping protect Namimori and doing whatever he could while being as close to home as possible.

But he had decided, last month, that he was finally ready to leave the nest, and join his Don in Italy.

It had been during one of Tsunayoshi's visits to the Vongola base in Namimori, and as soon as the words had left Kensuke's mouth, a wide, shit-eating grin had spread across the younger male's face.

And no matter what Kensuke did or said, Tsuna would not tell him just why he looked like the cat who had finally gotten the canary.

And it wasn't until Kensuke had arrived at Vongola HQ, two weeks later, that he had finally found out his young Boss's plans for him.

Understandably, Kensuke was starting out with the latest batch of rookies that had entered the Vongola.

He could see the reasoning behind it, of course, seeing as he hadn't really known anything about his own Famiglia until then and would have to learn all the little rules and regulations about serving at the HQ.

Although the other rookies' not so subtle glances in his direction were starting to get annoying.

They had all taken the entrance tests and initiation together, so it was strange to see a new face.

But that didn't change the fact that Kensuke hated being stared at like a specimen in a zoo.

Which was why, when the Decimo and his right hand man finally deigned to grace them with their presence, Kensuke was quite happy to see them.

That happiness soon drained away as the mentors started filing into the room.

These men and women would be teaching the newcomers their duties.

And as the other newcomers were, one by one, chosen and introduced to their mentors, Kensuke felt a growing sense of uneasiness within himself.

Unless he was mistaken, there seemed to be one less mentor in comparison to the number of rookies.

In the end, after all the other newcomers had been introduced to their mentors, Kensuke's suspicions were confirmed when he found himself standing all by himself.

And the Decimo and his storm were the only other ones in the room that had yet to be paired off.

Staring up at his Don in growing apprehension, Kensuke noted that the shit-eating grin was back.

"Kensuke Mochida," began Tsuna, and all the curious eyes (of the newcomers and the mentors) turned to him, wondering what was happening. "You have shown us a great deal of potential in your years of service at our Namimori base, under the command of my Cloud."

Suddenly, there were gasps of disbelief from the other newcomers.

All this time, they had thought that Kensuke would be another rookie like them. They hadn't known he had served under the infamous Cloud Guardian.

Decimo sliced his hands through the air, as if cutting through the noise, and silence immediately fell upon the room again.

Out of the corner of his eye, Kensuke couldn't help but notice Hayato's expression. It was strange. It almost looked as if he were...sulking?

"I am honoured that you have finally decided to join the rest of my Family in Italy. And, as a show of good faith" - here, his smile widened, and for a second, Kensuke had the insane urge to punch him - "I wish my beloved Storm to be your mentor."

A shocked silence followed this statement.

Kensuke was once again feeling the urge to punch his boss.

Did he REALLY have to choose HAYATO as his mentor?

He knew that Kensuke and Hayato did not get along.

At all.

Although, to be completely honest, Kensuke wasn't all that surprised.

He had known for years now that his Don was a fucking sadist. Sometimes, he found himself wondering just why he cared about him so much.

Rather than surprise, he was more feeling...exhausted resignation.

And as the other newbies whispered amongst each other, talking about how envious they were that Kensuke's mentor would be none other than the Smoking Bomb Hayato, Kensuke bowed his head.

"Thank you very much, Decimo," he said in what he hoped was a respectful voice. "I would be honoured to have the great and powerful squid head as my mentor."

He had said the words squid head in Japanese, so all the other rookies in the room were looking around at each other in confusion.

But as Kensuke looked back up with a smirk on his face, he could see that Hayato looked about ready for murder.

Tsuna, on the other hand, was trying hard to hold back his laughter as he turned to his best friend.

"Well then, my dear Squid Head, I expect you to take good care of our newest family member."

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