You know that feeling when you can't tell if you like someone or not? Maybe it's more like you know you like them, but you know that you can't.

Something's holding you back, and you know you can't like them. Some may say it's wrong, unnatural, or "against the rules". You don't know what to do because there's a war going on inside you. A war with yourself.

So you start to convince yourself that you never liked him and never will.

You tell yourself that his hair isn't perfect, or his eyes aren't sparkly, or his smile isn't cute. You tell yourself it's not him.

Everything he does you hate. You just hate it, you don't find it adorable.

You yell at him to prevent the love that doesn't exist to slip.

You act like how your friends act towards him.

Like nothing's going on inside you.

Like you don't think about him all the time.

You decide that everything's just peachy and normal.

There's nothing to worry about.

And you ignore the fact that you're not actually convincing yourself. You're convincing yourself that you're convincing yourself.

You still can't help but stare at him from time to time and admire his every detail.

No, you hate it.

He confuses you and makes you want to pull all your hair out.

Especially when he's sweet and kind towards you one day, then the next he's a jerk.

But you know there's something special about him.

That it is him.

And then you go back to the decision of either following the rules or following your heart.

The only thing stopping you from choosing one is whether he likes you too.

But you don't know how to bring it up and hope he does because you're too afraid to say anything.

You think about it and realize you can't just wait for something to happen.

Maybe you have to make it happen.

You grow confident because you know it's right.

Maybe your friends are wrong.

And you follow your heart.

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