Summary: Sequel to Grand Line Academy. Luffy left without a word, only leaving behind a letter with a specific message only for the crew to read and a video ending his relationship with Nami. After two long years, will everything be the same as it was?

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I'm sorry for disappearing on you on a short notice, but Rayleigh and I talked about something very important. The fact that I nearly lost and almost lost my life in the tournament just shows that I'm not strong and smart enough to enter New World yet. What kind of captain would I be if I can't even protect my crew? My strength doesn't meet the same standards as the New World students. I will just end up beaten again just like in my last fight. Whether it takes one, two, or three years, I'm going to get stronger. I left without saying goodbye, because I know there's no point in saying it when I know I'll see you all again. I hope you'll forgive me for my selfish actions. I will see you all again soon.


One specific message has been sent out for the Straw Hat crew from their captain. With that one message from the Straw Hat captain, the crew disbanded and separated on their on. For two years, each one of them has trained to become stronger and improve their skills. For two years, each of them has set off into separate colleges to get the best education from the best. For two years, none of them has had any contact with each other.

After broadcasting the captain's stunning fight at the tournament as well as the crew's strong bonds, they have been known throughout all of Japan. But for those two years, the Straw Hats have disappeared from the public eye. Magazines and newspapers have been published, wondering about the famous crew's whereabouts.

Now, two long years have passed and everyone is preparing for the big rebirth of the famous Straw Hat crew.


A slim figure stood at the front steps of her old home in which she hasn't used in the last two years. During those two years, she spent all of her time in Northern Japan studying the weather and learning to draw maps. Not once has she contacted her sister, or anyone in that matter.

She reached into her pocket and pulled out the house key. After two years, she slipped it into the key hole and unlocked the door. She pushed the door open and stepped in.

"Who's there?" someone called out from upstairs. She could hear the panic feeling in her steps as she heard her run down the stairs. She smiled when her older sister appeared at the bottom of the stairs. Her long purple-blue hair grew out long, just like hers, and her tattoo was still clearly visible for her to see. She had a shocked expression on her face at the sight of seeing her long lost little sister standing at the front door.


"I'm home."


A certain green haired swordsman took his helmet off and brushed a hand through his slightly long hair. He smoothed out his tuxedo and took out his key from the ignition. He just got off his motorcycle when suddenly, he was greeted with multiple flashes that nearly blinded him.

"Roronoa Zoro! You're back! Would you please answer a few questions?"

"Look here, Roronoa!"

"Where have you been the past two years?"


"Get out of the way," yelled Zoro. He pushed through the crowd of paparazzi. He opened his one good eye and realized just how big that crowd was. He was startled when someone grabbed his arm and started dragging him to the edge of the beach.


"I'm surprised to see you here first."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

Zoro looked on ahead and met with an unexpected surprise. A roped fence blocked the beach from the sidewalk and there were guards everywhere.

"What's going on? Why are there guards everywhere? And since when is there a rope fence blocking the beach?"

One of the guards unhooked the rope to let Ace and Zoro through. The guard quickly hooked the rope back on to make sure none of the photographers got through. Ace and Zoro stopped walking and looked back at the sidewalk where all of them gathered.

"If you can't tell already, its to keep the paparazzi away. Ever since the tournament two years ago, its been chaotic around the city."


"Don't you remember what happened at the hospital before you all separated? The Straw Hats are big news nowadays. You've been on head lines and on most magazines lately."

"Then, how's everything been with you guys?"

"We get more and more customers in the bar everyday. Mom's fine with it as long as they give us our privacy and order something. Its been especially hard on Dad and I. When they found out that Red Haired Shanks and Fire Fist Ace are Luffy's dad and brother, everyone's been dying to know just who Straw Hat Luffy is."

"I had no idea. Are any of the others here yet?"

"No, and like I said before, I'm surprised to see you here first. We're still getting the wedding prepared. Wanna help?"

"I've got nothing else to do."


As Nami walked closer to the end of the beach, she stared in awe at the beautiful decoration for the wedding ceremony. Although some parts were kept white to match the tradition for the wedding, there were hints of aquamarine everywhere to match the beach mood. She knew Shanks couldn't have picked such a beautiful decor like this. Makino really had nice taste.

Shanks and Makino are getting married. From what she's heard from Nojiko, they've had a long engagement that almost lasted two years. It was sweet how the both of them wanted to wait this whole time until their son came back. But what are the odds of everyone - or that specific someone - even showing up today?

"Would you like to sit with me, Onee-chan?"

Nami spun around, astounded by this brand new person standing behind her. She gasped when she recognized his long nose.


"Yo-AH!" Before Usopp could say anything, Nami gave him a huge life threatening hug.

"Usopp! Look at you! You got kinda manly!"

"Y-Yea, you've blossomed yourself." Usopp couldn't manage to speak due to Nami's tight hug. He coughed when Nami released him. "So, have you seen the others yet?"

"No. I just got here."

"Well, what are you waiting for?"

Usopp grabbed her wrist and started pulling her to one of the benches towards the front. Much to her surprise, Zoro, Franky, and Chopper were already here.

"You've grown really nice, Nee-chan!" said Franky. Nami was completely astonished by Franky's new look. His funky hair do was gone, shaven and turned into a buzz cut. He grew taller and more muscular, probably more muscular than an average person. Zoro, on the other hand, had grown a little taller and his hair was slightly longer and slicked back. A long vertical scar hovered over his left eye, keeping that eye closed shut. He too grew more muscular and more lean.

While her own hair grew out to where it reached her hips, she was wearing a dress that exposed her new curves. With her high heels, she wasn't as short as she used to be.

"How are you?" asked Zoro. Nami smiled. They all knew about her and Luffy's break up. They also knew that out of all of them, Nami was hurting the most.

"Better than ever. By the way, what happened to your eye?"

"I've been wondering about that too. it makes you look badass though," said Franky.

"It's nothing," was all Zoro said.

"Wow, Chopper. You've really grown," said Nami. Other than Chopper's signature pink hat still in place, their youngest and littlest friend isn't so little anymore. The now seventeen year old teen is now up to Nami's height and is slightly shorter than Usopp now. Before, he barely reached her chest.

"Two years can do a lot to a guy."

"Got that right," agreed Franky.

"Now, all that's left are Sanji, Vivi, Robin, Brook, and Luffy," said Usopp. At the sound of his name, Nami's smile disappeared. Not once has she thought about him during the two years. At first, she would cry every time she thought about him, but she had to respect Luffy's decision. Where ever he was during their time apart, he must've met some beautiful women. Unlike her, he probably got a new lover.

"Yohohoho! My my, all of you have grown!"


Nami turned around. She was about to compliment him on his new change, but no words uttered out when she didn't find anything to compliment him on. Brook looked exactly the same as he did two years ago. Boney and tall.

"Where's everyone else?" asked Brook.

"Not here yet," Zoro stated the obvious.

"I can't wait to see how everyone's grown, especially Luffy-san."

"Me too!"

"Is.. Luffy really going to show up?" asked Nami.

"This is his own parents' wedding," said Franky. "Why wouldn't he?"


Nami turned around and saw Nojiko waving for her to follow her. She obeyed and caught up to her.

"Where are we going?"

Nojiko didn't answer and just led the way. Nami looked ahead and saw that they were heading for a little tent just off to the side of the beach.

"Someone wants to talk with you," said Nojiko. She pulled back the curtain and stepped aside. Nami looked at her sister, then stepped in. She gasped at the sight of Makino in her wedding dress.

"Nami, its so good to see you again."

Makino smiled and hugged her. Nami pulled back and eyed her dress.

"Makino, you look beautiful."

"Thank you." Makino placed a hand on her shoulder. "How are you?"

Nami nodded. "I'm fine."

"What will you do when he shows up?"

Nami looked down. She never really thought about how she'll react once she sees him again. Happy? Angry? She was glad to see some of the crew back already, but different emotions were running through her every time she thought about Luffy. They were no longer together. She can't run up to him and kiss him. She can't touch him like she normally would. She probably means nothing to him now. Whether Luffy does show up tonight or not, she's not prepared.


Nami walked back to the crew with her head down. The conversation with Makino was a nice one, if only she didn't bring up her son. She reached the rest of the crew, surprised to see two new faces to the group.

"Sanji-kun! Vivi!"

Her feet stopped when she saw them holding hands. They were still together. During those two years apart without seeing each other, they were still together.

Vivi ran up to her and hugged her tightly. "Its been so long, Nami-san."

"E-Ee, it has." Nami smiled and hugged her back.


"Hm?" Nami looked up and saw Sanji shaking. He was tightly holding on to the edge of his seat, as if stopping himself from moving forward. "What is it, Sanji-kun?"

Vivi gasped when she saw blood running down his nose. She slapped him across the face, sending him flying above Zoro and Franky. Zoro snickered at her reaction. Typical girlfriend reaction that you don't normally get from Vivi.

"Whats wrong with him?" asked Nami.

"I don't know," replied Vivi. "He hasn't told us where he's been for the past two years. Whenever I do ask him, he just starts screaming and looking around him as if something was coming after him."

"With all of us here, that only leaves two people," said Franky.

"Robin-san, and..."

"Luffy," Nami finished for her.

Usopp noticed some of the guests moving in and taking their seats. "We should probably find our seats. It looks like the wedding is about to start."

As most of the Straw Hats were taking their seats, two of them were looking around the crowd. Zoro searched through the rows for a certain someone, but there was no sign of her anywhere. Nami searched for one specific face, but his recognizable straw hat was no where among the hundreds of faces. She then felt a tug on the side of her dress. She looked down and saw Zoro shaking his head. They aren't coming. She sighed and sat down. Robin's not here, nor is their captain.

Over half a mile away, standing on the pier, two pairs of eyes watched from afar as the wedding began. One of them leaned on the railing and smiled at the sight of the bride at the start of the long aisle.

"Are you sure you don't want to go down there? Its your own crew after all, and I want to meet them."

"I'll probably just ruin the atmosphere down there. I want my parents to have a nice wedding with no interruptions."

"You ever thought that the wedding might be ten times better with their missing son a part of it?"

"Maybe, but I have a feeling they already know I'm here."


The wedding went by as beautiful as Nami expected. Makino looked beautiful in her wedding dress. Shanks looked as dashing as ever. Benn, Shanks' best man and old vice captain of his crew, had a few - or a lot - of gray hair that really defined his age, but he looked just as dashing as his captain. Nojiko, Makino's maid of honor, stood by her side through the whole time.

From what Nami's heard, ever since Ace and Nojiko graduated from college, her sister has been spending a lot of time at their house. Nojiko raised a lot of money due to living alone and managed to save enough for when her baby sister will be coming back.

The Straw Hats sat around one huge table - especially reserved for them - at the reception just after the wedding. It was taken place in a large beautiful tent located just down the beach. Everyone was up eating, dancing, and socializing, while two people sat at the table watching everyone enjoy themselves.

"Are you really not going to go dance?" asked Nami.

"I don't dance," replied Zoro.

"If Robin was here, would you?"

"...That's different."

"Where is Robin?"

"Last time I heard, she was out of the country. Only she and Luffy ever left the country."

"I see."

Zoro sighed and ran a hand through his hair.

"I'm going for the food. Want anything?" Nami shook her head. Zoro sighed again. "Don't be so depressed. Luffy doesn't have to show up today. We all know you guys broke it off, but you can still get back together."

"Its harder than you think," Nami muttered to herself. She turned around and already saw Zoro leaving for the food table. Nami sighed and slumped back in her seat. She had to admit, she never thought she'd be depressed over Luffy before she got here.

Zoro scanned through the table at all the different varieties of food. He wasn't hungry before, but just by looking at the food, he was getting famished. The first thing that caught his attention was the last glass of wine. He reached for it, when a hand appeared, reaching for the exact same glass.

"Sorry," said Zoro. "I saw it first."

"Funny. I was just about to bring that to my boyfriend." Zoro paused. He recognized that feminine voice. He looked up. He was greeted by a long raven haired woman wearing a long purple and pink dress. Orange sunglasses covered her eyes, blocking his view of her blue eyes.


"I'm glad I get to see you again, Zoro."


Nami looked up when she heard the clinking sound of glass. She saw Ace standing up on the stage, behind the microphone with a glass of wine in his hand. "If you could please take your seats. I'm about to start my speech."

With the bride and groom sitting at their own table at the center, the guests sat down at their tables and waited. Nami was caught off guard when Zoro sat down next to her, and another person sat down on his lap. From the corner of her eye, she saw a hint of long wavy black hair. She narrowed her eyes and gasped. "Robin!"

All the Straw Hats coming back were surprised at the sight of another nakama appearing after their long time apart.

"Robin-san!" Vivi ran around the table to give her old friend a big hug.

"Robin! Where have you been?" asked Chopper.

"My flight was a bit delayed. I'm sorry I couldn't make it to the wedding," explained Robin.

"As long as you're here is all I care about," said Zoro while rubbing her side. Nami's smile slowly disappeared. Zoro has been smiling ever since he came back to the table with Robin. It looks like they didn't break off their relationship either. With her back to the stage, she didn't care to turn around as Ace began his speech.

"Okay okay, uh... where do I begin?" said Ace. "Well, let me start by saying that Shanks.. was like a father to me.. a terrible one, but we all know how he is."

Ace's little joke earned a few chuckles from the audience.

"I'm just kidding. Mom, Dad, I'm really happy for you both and I couldn't ask for better parents. May you have a long and happy marriage. ALSO! If you have another child, be sure to name him after me. Daughter, son, my name works for both."

Makino laughed. Ace grinned as he got off the stage. Benn, Nojiko, Yasopp, and a few more of their closest friends got up on stage and said a few words to the new happily wedded couple. As Nami heard another set of footsteps climbing up to the stage, she heard gasps coming from the guests. She looked up and saw her crew looking pale, shocked, surprised, and anything else in that category.

"Oi, what is i-"

"Tou-chan, Kaa-chan..."

Nami's eyes widened.

"As the son of two amazing people, I couldn't be more proud to call myself your son. I'm really sorry for leaving you for the past two years. I'm back and I'm not going anywhere."

Nami turned her head slightly and saw tears in Makino's eyes. So, what Nami's hearing wasn't just in her head.

"I couldn't ask for better parents. I mean, you did a pretty good job with me, not so much with Ace."


"Shishishi! I just want to say thank you. Also, I wanted to make another announcement. Two years..." Nami spun around so she can finally see his face, but his straw hat blocked the view of his face. "For two years, we were separated and each of us struggled hard into becoming the very people we are today. But because of that, you all had to go along with my selfish decision for the past two years and for that thank you. But we're finally together again, and we're ready!"

Nami gasped when he finally lifted his head, revealing his face. Chopper and Brook were in tears. Usopp and Franky were up and screaming. Zoro and Sanji fist pumped at the captain's words.


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