After a long day at school, Luffy decided to stay after and help Ace with any work needed. Having been with his crew for a while now, he missed the times he would spend with Ace when he still lived at home.

"So, how's it like working in the bar alone?"

"Greedy people were greedy, generous people gave me a couple extra tips, some pervert wouldn't stop asking me about where Mom was and what she was up to, the usual," said Ace. "Nojiko comes in and helps me sometimes. You make it sound like I'm a lonely person with no life."

"Pervert? You mean that old guy from down the street? Ha! He used to always give me candy when I was little. I can see why now."

"Wha.. candy?! An old guy never gave me any candy when I was little!"

"Because out of all of us, I was always the cutest and the favorite one... people hated you."


"Yeah, don't you remember? We used to pull so many pranks in the neighborhood and get away with most of them. If we were caught, I was always the one that got away with it."

"Oh, how could I forget? Mom and Dad loved you."

Luffy smiled innocently and shrugged his shoulders. "Can you blame me for being cute?"

Ace ruffled his hair. "Don't get cocky."

Luffy placed his straw hat over on his head to hide his now untamed hair. "Have you heard from Tou-chan and Kaa-chan yet?"

"They said they'll be back 'very soon.'"

"'Very soon?' Whats that supposed to mean?"

Ace shrugged. "Its Dad. What'd you expect?"

The two brothers entered through the front door of their home. Due to Ace's job, the bar was only allowed open on specific hours.

Luffy smiled. "Even though Kaa-chan's gone, it still smells like her cooking here."

"Mom taught me a few recipes while you were gone."

"You? Cooking? I never even thought that was possible. You once burned instant ramen in the microwave once. Twice actually, in less that a week."

"That was Marco's fault."

"Marco was never there."


Nami stared at the time on her TV. While everyone was busy sleeping in their own rooms, she hardly felt tired, probably due to all the things that have been running through her mind the whole day.

She sighed heavily.

She knew that if she didn't sleep now, she'll regret it in the morning, even if it is a saturday. She reached for the remote on her nightstand. If she wasn't going to sleep, then watching a couple shows might make her drowsy. Before turning the TV on, she adjusted herself to be in a more comfortable sitting position.

Suddenly, she heard a harsh pound coming from outside her balcony. Nami shook it off as it being nothing. Straightaway, she heard rapid tapping sounds from the same area. Due to curiosity, Nami quietly removed her blanket and tiptoed to her balcony. She slightly peeked through her curtains. It was hard to see because it was pitch black, but she knew something was off with what she was seeing.

Nothing seemed wrong about the garden or the gazebo. She didn't see any movement from the driveway, until her eyes reached the gate. Anyone could've missed it, but the closer she looked, she could see the gate slightly open.

Nami couldn't hide it any longer. She dashed to the closest bedroom at high speed.

"Luffy! Wake up!" Nami whispered loudly. The sleepy captain rubbed his eyes after being suddenly awoken.

"Can't it wait until morning? I was having a beautiful dream." Luffy raised the cover to his chin and turned away. Nami pulled his blanket off of him.

"This is serious! I think someone's here."

Luffy groaned, then sat up lazily. "Maybe it was just a dream? No one can get through the gate without a code," Luffy murmured while half asleep.

"There are some people out there that can easily break a code."

Nami noticed his sudden mood change when he looked up at her. He looked serious, yet concerned. He dashed out of the room. Nami was right behind him. Just being alone right now scared her.


Sanji yawned. "What exactly are we doing in the middle of the night?"

"Someone apparently broke in while breaking the code," said Franky.

"R-Really?! That's scary!" said Chopper. Everyone has woken up due to Luffy's emergency. Now, they were waiting upstairs while waiting for Luffy or Zoro who were both scouting the area.

"Why don't you go and help them?" Brook asked Sanji. The cook sat back lazily and leaned his head on his girlfriend's shoulder.

"Two's enough."


The first thing Luffy did once he set foot outside was close the main gate. It was only slightly open, big enough for a person to come through. When he checked the little password box, it looked perfectly normal. It didn't look like it was damaged. If someone were to break in, then they would've broken it, or leave the password alone and just climb over the gate. In other words, someone who knows their password is inside.

Meanwhile, Zoro let himself in through the front entrance while turning off his flashlight. He sighed heavily and went to the kitchen for a glass of water.

"So? Any sign of any burglars?" asked Robin, who was waiting patiently for them in the kitchen.

"Nothing out of the ordinary."

"Maybe they could already be inside."

"The only entrances are the front door and-"

Zoro was cut off by the sound of a door being slid open. He ran to the living room. It wasn't the front door. That leaves one last choice. Zoro ran around the stairs and saw the culprit entering through the door. He had his hood over his head, unable for Zoro to see. Whether he could see his face or not, the green haired swordsman tackled him to the ground.

"Bastard, just coming in here uninvited! Who the hell do you think you are?!" Zoro removed the hood to reveal the face of the culprit. Honestly, he didn't expect to see Ace underneath that hood.




After figuring that out, Luffy searched the perimeter for any signs of movement. Nothing has shown up so far.

"Hmm, it's fun going on an investigation in the dark, but I probably should've brought a flashlight with me," Luffy murmured to himself. It wasn't as dark thanks to the moon, but with one small mistake, he could easily hurt himself. Luffy jogged back towards the entrance while making sure to watch where his feet landed. If he stepped on any of Robin's flowers, he'll never hear the end of it, and he'll get a beating from Zoro for making Robin mad. He can't have that.

As he neared the house, he noticed a shadow moving on the wall. He followed the shadow to a figure walking around the corner towards their backyard. This angered the Straw Hat captain. He sprinted into a run to catch up with his culprit.

Before he could reach the corner of the house, he prepared himself to tackle the person to the ground. He didn't expect to just run into him. Both Luffy and the hooded figure were knocked down due to Luffy's harsh impact. Luffy was first to get up while rubbing his head.


Just then, Luffy noticed his visitor starting to help himself up. Before he could, the captain jumped on him and pinned his hands on the ground.

"Who are you?! What do you want?!" Luffy snarled.

"Don't get mad-"

"Mad?! I'm way past mad!"

The hooded person laughed, causing Luffy to scowl. He reached for his hood to reveal his face. At the sight of his revealed face, Luffy stumbled back to where his rear fell on the ground.


The visitor sat back up and wiped away some dirt from his cheek using his thumb. "So much for a surprise. I guess I've been found out. Told you, there's no reason to be mad."

"W..What are you doing here?"

"Thought I'd come back and visit." He smiled when the shock expression never left Luffy's face. "I'm back, little brother."


The Straw Hats were gathered in the living room after Luffy found their little visitor. It was completely unexpected. Almost everyone felt like they haven't fully awaken yet. No one expected Luffy's other older brother to come and visit.

"Wahh, this place is amazing. Gotta give you props, Luffy. Never thought you'd actually pull off something like this," Sabo complimented.

"So, why didn't you call first?" asked Zoro. Out of all of the Straw Hats, Zoro was the only one to have actually met Sabo from when they were younger. It was only Luffy and him in the crew back then.

"If you couldn't tell already, I was coming to surprise you."

"Then what are you doing here?" Zoro asked Ace.

"I told him to meet me at the bar first, but he wanted to see Luffy as soon as possible. So rude. Doesn't even want to see me first. Some older brother he is."

"That probably explains the gate being opened," said Robin. "You never cared to make sure it was closed?"

"Actually, I came here and saw the gate already open, so I just stepped in." Everyone turned to Sabo who was donning the must mischievous smile he could pull.

"Come on, picking locks was the first thing I learned back in the days. I can get into anything."

Luffy laughed. "That's how we found out what we got for Christmas every year. Still, I can't believe you're back! It's been years! We should go out now! I'll show you around!"

Sabo chuckled. "Relax, Luffy. It's still night. I'll be here till morning. Actually, I'll be here for a while."

"Huh? Really?"

"I never heard about this," said Ace. "From what I've heard, you never stay in one place for long, and after you left, you never visited once. Why now?"

"Truth be told, I needed a break. Traveling and jumping from one country to another is a lot of work. Other than that, I missed you guys! I wanted to meet this famous Straw Hat crew!"

"You heard of us?" asked Chopper.

"Oh yeah, as soon as I landed here. I must say, you've chosen some interesting people to join your crew, Luffy."

At the kitchen's doorway stood Nami, Vivi, and Sanji. All three haven't said a word yet, but just like the rest of the crew, they were shocked to hear that another brother of Luffy's came out from out of the blue.

"I'm really surprised. I never would've imagined that Luffy had another brother," said Nami.

"Makino-san would tell us some stories of all three of them. Luffy-san and Ace-san never brought him up, so we never did," said Vivi.

"He doesn't have anymore brothers, does he?"

"Nope. Just Ace and Sabo," said Sanji.

"Hm, I wonder why he..." Nami's voice trailed away when she realized the room got quiet. She turned to the crew and noticed them staring at Sabo. She glanced at him. She was taken back when she realized he was staring at her in awe.


"What's your name?" asked Sabo.


"Nami, huh? That's a really pretty name. Would you like to go out tomorrow, uh, I mean would you all like to go out tomorrow? I haven't been home in a while."

"We could give you a tour!" Usoppp suggested.

"And eat a ton!" Chopper added. Nami blinked twice until she could process what just happened. She turned to Vivi who showed the same confused expression.

While everyone started conversing with one another, Luffy couldn't help but repeat what his oldest brother just said. What he just said, was he asking her out? He turned to Sabo and noticed a hint of pink on his cheeks while talking to Usopp and Franky. He would catch him taking quick glances at Nami and yet the others wouldn't notice.

"Yo, Luffy. You saw that too, didn't you?" Zoro murmured.

Ace chuckled. "Never heard Sabo say something like that before."

"You guys saw it too? So, it wasn't just me."

Zoro chuckled. "Is this a new love triangle? Two brothers over one girl?"

"I sense drama," Ace said enthusiastically.

"But I have something he doesn't. I'm taking Nami back for sure."

Some of you actually started to question whether Sabo is going to show up or not. Did I make it too obvious? I was trying not to lol