"Eh? Dreamland? I've never been there before."

Everyone stopped what they were doing. The Straw Hats currently present turned their heads to their orange-headed friend in disbelief. Usopp, having been the one to ask her, was immediately caught by surprise by her response.

"S-Seriously? You've never been to Dreamland?"

Nami thought about it. "Um, Bellemere-san meant to take us when we were little, but we never had enough money for all three of us to go."

At the mention of her mother, everyone knew not to go any further with the topic of Bellemere. Nami has never shed a tear or acted any differently whenever her foster mother was brought up, but they all knew she was just hiding it inside.

"Now you can come with us!" said Chopper. "I haven't been there in years!"

"When are we going anyway?" asked Franky.

"Luffy said we're going this weekend. Even Sabo's coming along! Its going to be so much fun!"

"Sabo's coming too?" Nami murmured.

Vivi and Robin walked in together. Zoro immediately noticed the gloomy expression on his girlfriend's face.

"What's wrong?"

"Robin-san and I can't go to Dreamland with you guys," said Vivi.

"Did something happen, Vivi-chan?" Sanji questioned.

"Cobra's been having some business issues and he wants the both of us to come and support him," explained Robin. "It shouldn't be something serious. The casino's been very successful the past few years. I'm not worried."

At the same moment, Luffy walked in overhearing what just Robin said.

"Bummer. He should be fine though. I don't see anything going wrong with the Alabasta," said Luffy. He plopped down on the couch next to Chopper, making the youngest Straw Hat leap off his seat due to Luffy's impact.

"How are Shanks and Makino?" asked Sanji.

"Its like they never left. They acted as if they were married way before they even got married, probably because they've been together before I came along."

"Then baby Luffy popped up on their doorstep, and everything went wrong in their lives," Sanji said in a teasing tone.

"That's not true."

"Oh sorry. First it was Sabo and Ace, and then you."

Luffy pursued his lips. "I can't say anything to that because its true."


Finally stepping through the gate, Nami caught a magnificent view of Dreamland, at least from where she stood. The scenery was nothing compared to the pictures or what was on TV. It was gigantic, and truly magnificent.

"What should we go on first?!" said Chopper. Excitement was written all over the kid's face and it looked like he was high on sugar before they even came here.

"Nami? Where would you like to go on first?" Sabo asked considerately.

Nami shrugged. She hasn't been here before, therefore she didn't know what this place had to offer.

"We should go on all of them!" exclaimed Usopp.

"Baka! We only have one day here," said Sanji.

"You lead the way," said Nami.

Luffy smiled. "Let's go."

There were a lot the park offered that Nami already anticipated for. There were the tea cups, a huge princess-like castle, a water park, and a haunted mansion-which Nami wasn't so pumped about. There were families everywhere, but in spite of that, there were a lot of couples too. She felt strange being the only girl with a group of guys.

"I haven't been here in years!" said Sabo. "I wonder what's changed."

"You act awfully excited for a man in his early twenties," said Sanji.

"You'd be jumping around too if Vivi was here," Zoro sneered.

As he was leading the group, from the corner of his eye, Luffy could see Sabo walking closer to Nami. He could hear their conversation clearly. He asked that they leave the group and go off on their own together, but Nami declined his offer. Luffy pursed his lips. He glanced at Franky who was drinking a chocolate shake he bought from before they set foot here. The big muscle head met his eyes. Franky glanced at Nami and accidentally tripped, causing his shake to spill on Nami's clothes.

Nami gasped. She stepped away from Franky as the cold ice seeped through her clothes. "Franky!"

"Gomen, Nami!"

"Grr, what am I going to do now?"

Luffy nodded to Usopp.

Careful not to touch the ice on her skin, Usopp touched her shoulders and pushed her towards the nearest bathroom. "Let's get you changed."

"But I don't have any spare clothes.."

"It's fine. Vivi packed you an extra outfit incase you were to go on the wet rides."

"She di-" Usopp shoved her into the bathroom. He turned around and gave his captain the thumbs up.

Luffy crossed his arms. "Franky, Brook."

Sabo lightly tilted his hat. "Man, I hope Nami's o-"

Franky and Brook slipped an arm through Sabo's and dragged him away from the group.

"Let's go, Onii-chan! You said you haven't been here in years. Let's go on as many rides as we can!" said Franky.

"But I wanted to go with Na-"

"Oh look!" Brook pointed. "It's the haunted mansion! Let's go!"


Nami stepped out of the bathroom wearing a white sun dress. Compared to her last outfit, a shirt and shorts, this was a bit unexpected. She glanced up and noticed the group's disappearance. Luffy, Sabo, Zoro, everyone was gone. This was making Nami feel anxious. Having no knowledge of what's where, she stayed in a place where its more open, hoping that at least someone will find her.

"Nami!" Usopp appeared from the crowd. Nami sighed in relief to see at least one person from the group.

"Where are the others?" asked Nami.

"I don't know. They just disappeared all of a sudden. I tried looking for them, but I guess we got separated."

"Should we wait for them?"

Usopp shrugged. "Why wait here for maybe hours when we could go on the rides!"

Nami sighed. "If you say so."

"Man, its been a long time since I came here! We should play a lot today! Which ride should we go on first? How about the roller coaster that makes people scream?" Usopp could see the fear in Nami's eyes. He smiled comfortingly. "How about the ones that aren't scary then?"

"You sure?" asked Nami. "I mean.."

"Hm? You think I won't like it? As long as I'm with you, I'm happy wherever I go!" Usopp took her hand and dragged her through the crowd. In the end, they went on the ride with the most loops and turns. Nami was on the bench panting. A ride like that shouldn't be in an amusement park for kids.

"Usopp, maybe we should find the others now.." When Nami looked up, her long-nosed friend was no where in sight. "Usopp?"

"What are you doing?"

Nami peered up. She was still dizzy from the ride, but she could see a hint of green hair on the person's head. "Zoro? Where's Usopp?"

"Don't know. Haven't seen him. Should we go?" Nami sighed. She followed closely behind him so she wouldn't fall behind. "What do you want to do? Go on another ride? I'm fine with anything, just go to the one you'll like most."

"Really? Even if it was the kiddiest one?"

"Well, I doubt you'd want to go on that one anyway." Zoro smirked. "Then again, you are you."

Nami scoffed. "Fine! I'll find the scariest ride and we're going on it together!"

Zoro chuckled. Nami searched around for any scary rides like the last one she went on. Because she wasn't really familiar with the place, it was hard to look around, let alone know where she was going.

When Zoro glanced back, he saw her disappearing into the crowd. He sighed and grabbed her hand. "Don't wander around. You'll get lost."

Nami pursed her lips. "I'm not a kid."

"Maybe we should get something to eat first."

"You're hungry?"

"No. Its for when we ride the "scariest ride" we'll see who throws up first." Nami exhaled deeply. Bets were all Zoro thought up. Even without a job, he still manages to make money through bets. It surprises Nami that Robin can handle him.

They walked into a little food court. The tables were filled with kids and their parents having lunch as well as couples sharing their lunch with one another. How depressing, but Nami couldn't help but wonder if Zoro felt lonely without Robin.

"Grab us a table. I'll order," said Zoro.

Nami nodded. When she went to go look for a table, she found another familiar face sitting at one of the tables alone. "Chopper!"

"Ah! Nami!" Chopper beamed when he saw her. He waved for her to come over.

"I'm so glad to see you! I was just with Zoro and-"

"Zoro? Where?"

"Over..." Nami's voice trailed off. When she turned around, her swordsman friend was no where to be seen. She sighed heavily. "Never mind."

"Do you want to eat with me? You look hungry."

Without question, Nami sat down and took his spare chopsticks. "First Usopp, then Zoro. Those boys are driving me all over the place! Have you seen the others? Usopp and Zoro disappeared on me."

"Can't say I have. The others are crazy. They'd go on the scariest rides and come out like nothing's happened."

"I'm glad you see it my way too." Nami was eating so much, Chopper saw a grain of rice stuck on the corner of her lip.

"You have something here." Chopper reached up and wiped it away with a finger. Nami blushed from embarrassment. She took a napkin and covered her mouth.

"Sorry. I'm eating all your food."

Chopper smiled. "I don't mind. When we're done, you want to try out the games? Maybe the souvenir shop? You know, something that doesn't have to do with adrenaline rush?"

Nami laughed. "Let's do it."


Sabo and Franky stared at the nearly dead Brook lying on the bench. On a simple ride like the teacups, Brook felt overwhelmed, probably because Sabo and Franky were spinning the cup like crazy.

"You okay, Brook? It wasn't that bad," said Sabo.

"With his body being so skinny, he practically looks dead," said Franky.

"What should we do?" Franky hoisted his boney friend over his shoulder and continued walking.

"Where to next?"

"Say Franky, shouldn't we regroup with the others now?"

"No way! We're having the time of our lives right now! Why? You don't like us?"

"Nooo.." Sabo sighed. "So, what ride should we go on next?"


Nami exhaled heavily. "Sanji-kun, could you please tell me what happened to Chopper?"

"Chopper? Where?"

Nami rubbed her temple. So far, every time she coincidentally meets someone from the crew, they suddenly disappear right after. She and Chopper were heading towards a souvenir shop when she lost him in the crowd. Magically, Sanji appeared before her.

"Looks like you've had a rough day. Should we ride the merry go round? When its just us two, I'll treat you like a princess today. I'll take you to Starlight Theater with a huge surprise up my sleeve."

Nami furrowed her brows. Sanji was acting awfully weird without Vivi around. Aside from what Vivi would feel when she hears about this, Nami was feeling uneasy about all of this, especially with that "surprise" he mentioned. Nami wrapped her arm around Sanji's tightly, just in case he were to disappear as well.

Sanji's lips quivered, but avoided laughter, otherwise his act would be blown.

While walking towards the theater, they passed through a handful of people walking the opposite direction. Nami was losing her grip on Sanji, but the flow of the people was strong.

"S-Sanji-kun.." Nami screamed when she felt someone drag her away by taking her free hand. "H-Hey-!"

"Nami, look! The parade's about to start!" Nami recognized that voice. She felt confused, yet safe knowing that she was with him now. But having him drag her all over the place was a bit annoying. "Let's go!"

Having no control of her pace, Nami lost her footing. She accidentally pulled Luffy's arm back when she tripped.

"Oi..!" Luffy turned back, and at the perfect moment, he caught her in his arms.

"What are you doing?"

"Who told you to drag me all over the place?" Nami said irritably. "Could you let me go?"

Luffy closed his eyes. Rather than granting her wish, he wrapped his arms around her waist. He placed a hand on the back of her head and pulled her closer. "I want to keep you in my arms forever."

Nami's eyes widened.

"I've seen the way Sabo has been looking at you, and it reminded me of when I first fell in love with you. I know you wanted to take things slow, but I just can't wait any longer. Even if I haven't earned your trust yet, I want you next to me again."


"It pisses me off seeing you with another man, even if its my brother. There isn't anyone that means more to me than you do. Leaving for two years was something I had to do, but my biggest regret was leaving you and ending what we had. I want you back.."

Luffy was caught off guard by a kiss. He was even more shocked that it was Nami that had made the first move. Nami slipped her arms through and caressed his cheeks. She pulled him closer where Luffy leaned into the kiss. Sparks flew, a feeling Luffy hasn't been able to feel in years. He missed it, yet here he is now.

When Nami pulled away, Luffy was utterly puzzled. Nami didn't removed her hands from his cheeks, but she smiled when she saw his expression.

"You did earn me back."

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