"I wonder where the others could be," said Sabo. "Its just been us three the whole day."

"No kidding. I think Brook's dead anyway," said Franky, who was still carrying Brook over his shoulder. Suddenly, Franky felt his pocket vibrate. He took out his phone and checked his texts. "Sanji wants us to regroup at the entrance. I guess we're done for the day."

"Ehh? But I didn't get to spend time with Nami!"

Franky shrugged.

Sabo followed behind Franky. Time went by incredibly fast and he didn't even notice it. When they reached the entrance, everyone had already gathered. The first thing Sabo saw was the intertwined hands of Luffy and Nami. "D-Did something happen?"

Luffy tried to hide a smile. "Nothing special really."

"Are you guys..together?" The couple tried to avoid his question by avoiding his eyes.

Zoro chuckled. "Shall we go home? I'm sure the new love birds want some alone time together."

"Huh? Love birds? What's going on?!"


When they neared the entrance to their mansion, Ace was waiting outside for them. The first thing he noticed was the couple's intertwined hands as well. Luffy waved to him, but he was attacked by Ace. He was put into a choke hold, causing him to lose his breath.

"You actually pulled through! I've never been so proud to call you my brother!" said Ace.

Luffy coughed. "Did you expect anything less? I can make anything happen."

"After what happened today, I believe you." Ace released his hold on him.

"What are you doing here, Ace?" asked Nami. "..Not trying to be rude or anything."

"Maybe we are. Our homeroom teacher is stalking us at night," said Zoro.

"I'm just here to take Sabo home," said Ace. He grabbed his older brother by the back of his neck and pushed him towards the direction of their home. "Let's go, bro."

"I'm sure Vivi and Robin will be happy to hear the good news!" said Chopper.

"I wonder if they're back yet," Sanji murmured.

"Then again, we already knew you'd get back together eventually," said Usopp. Nami was blushing a deep tomato red. Luffy resisted the urge to punch his crew mates in the face. It was just like when they first started going out two years ago, nothing's changed.

Meanwhile, Ace noticed Sabo hasn't said anything since he picked up him. His hands were stuffed in his pockets. His head was tilted down to where his hat covered his eyes.

"You haven't said anything all night," said Ace.

"Am I supposed to?"

"Well, yea. What happened at Dreamland?"

Sabo smirked. "Something I anticipated for. It went better than I thought."

Ace chuckled. "I guess both your plan and Luffy's plan pulled through. You giving him a little push wasn't such a bad idea. Burt, this isn't why you came back, is it? You're not leaving again, are you?"

"Partially. Of course I'm not leaving yet. What? Did you think I was a hit and run?"

Ace patted his back. "Good to have you back, buddy."

Everyone felt exhausted after the long day at Dreamland, but now, the one thing the Straw Hats were worried about were Vivi and Robin. Both haven't returned nor called and it was starting to worry the boyfriends, especially since it was so late already.

"Maybe we should go over to the casino," Sanji suggested. "They're not answering they're phones. Maybe something did go wrong."

"Leave them alone. They'll call if something comes up," said Zoro.

"Aren't you worried?" asked Nami.

"Of course I am, but what can I do? Its only our problem if they involve us too."

"Exactly what I was going to say," said Luffy, who was glaring at Zoro for acting like the captain right in front of his eyes.


Nami texted Marguerite a long text of what happened earlier. She couldn't sleep. With Vivi and Robin gone, she had to tell another girl about what happened today. Marguerite was the one to mention second chances to her in the first place. Then again, Marguerite did say she too had feelings for Luffy. Nami started to grow anxious. It was an hour after midnight and she was bothering another girl about her love life.

She jumped when her phone vibrated.

"Well done! I'm proud of you! Expect a visit from me real soon! (;"

Nami smiled.

In the room next door, Luffy had difficulty trying to sleep as well. How could he when the day he would have Nami back in his arms has finally happened. Never did he think that his plan would actually work. He couldn't get his mind off it and it was driving him crazy. He just wanted to go to sleep now and wake up to seeing her face again, even through she's right next door.

Everything's back to the way it used to be before they separated. For that, he was really thankful for. Right now, he'd sneak over to her room and jump on her, but he had a feeling she might just hit him for waking her. But to his surprise, Nami knocked on the door and stepped in.

"Luffy, are you asleep?" Nami whispered.

"If I am?" Luffy teased.

"I'm coming in anyway." Luffy chuckled. He scooted away from the middle of the bed to make room for her. Nami ran over and climbed in with him. As soon as she lied down, Luffy wrapped his arms around her tightly and buried his face into her neck.

"Can't sleep?" Luffy murmured into her shoulder.

"I'm just not tired. Its hard to sleep when there's so much on my mind right now."

"I know the feeling."

"...I texted Marguerite."

Luffy cocked an eyebrow. "And what'd she say?"

"We should be expecting her sometime very soon."

Luffy sighed. "Just when I thought I got rid of her."

Nami lightly punched him. "I'm telling her that."

Luffy chuckled. "Go ahead. She knows she gets on my nerves sometimes, and she doesn't care."

"Luffy, what made you think I would go out with Sabo?"

"Haven't you seen the way he's been looking at you ever since he got here? I love him and all, but it was getting under my skin. It ticked me off whenever he looked at you that way."

"I did notice him trying to flirt with me, but it wasn't like I had any feelings back for him. If he asked me out, I probably would've said no."

Luffy looked away. "...Still."

Nami giggled. Luffy buried his face into her shoulders again. He didn't want to admit it, but ever since Sabo came back, he's been acting pretty selfish when it comes to Nami. He never really did consider her feelings. He only kept his eyes on Sabo and what he did around Nami. Granted, he was envious of his brother. Even though he did get to travel around the world with Rayleigh for his training, he wanted the freedom his older brother had.

Suddenly, they hear a small beep, indicating the gate opening. The couple immediately got up and ran down the stairs. They didn't want a repeat of what happened last time. When they got down the stairs, they saw Usopp, and everyone else living downstairs, up and awake after hearing the beep as well.

"Did you see who it was through the monitor?" asked Luffy.

"Missed it," said Franky.

"Relax, it's just Robin and Vivi," said Zoro who was walking down the stairs followed by Sanji.

"They're just coming home now? Its already so late," said Nami.

When Robin and Vivi stepped through the front door, they didn't expect everyone to be awake and waiting for them. In fact, they were hoping to just step in without having to bother any of them. But considering how late it was, they assumed everyone needed an explanation.

"So, what happened?" asked Usopp.

Vivi's shoulders fell. "Honestly, I don't know. My father didn't want us involved, because if we are, he knows all of you will get involved as well, and he didn't want that."

"So he just kicked you out?" asked Sanji.

"Pretty much," said Robin.

Franky yawned while rubbing the back of his head. "Well, if the old man doesn't want us involved, then we shouldn't get involved. I'm going to bed."

Vivi sighed, and looked down with a long face. Sanji sighed. He lightly patted her head.

"Don't let it get it to you. The old geezer's just keeping you out of trouble."

"He'll let us know when he needs us," Zoro reassured Robin. Her shoulders fell. She followed Luffy and Nami up the stairs until she caught something totally unexpected. She nearly missed a step when she stopped and gazed up. Zoro, who was right behind her, immediately stopped when she did to prevent his face from meeting her rear.


Vivi peeked over Zoro's shoulder and saw what she was staring at. She gasped in surprise. "No way! Nami, you and Luffy...!"

Nami turned around. She saw their puzzled expressions, then looked down and noticed she was still holding Luffy's hand. She gasped and let go of his hand from embarrassment.

Vivi squealed and snaked through Zoro and Robin. "You're back together?! So the plan worked!"

Luffy rubbed the back of his head awkwardly. "Well.."

"Tell me! Tell me!" Vivi grinned. She took Nami and Robin's arms and dragged them to her room. Before she lost sight of him, Nami looked back and pulled off an apologizing expression to Luffy.

"So, have you called Sabo yet?" asked Zoro. Luffy shook his head.

"I'll head over there after school tomorrow."

The next morning, Luffy pretty much made it official to the whole school when he walked hand-in-hand with his girlfriend down the hallways of the university. They were the highlight of the day as soon as they stepped through the gate.

Everywhere she went, Nami could see girls keeping to themselves, but she knew they were talking about her recent hook up with her captain. She knew. She knew that Luffy, Zoro, and even Sanji were on top of the girls' lists of potential boyfriends in the university. They had looks, grades -not so sure how Zoro fits in this category-, strength, and a reputation no girl can pass up. Out of all of them, Luffy was the main target.

What is there to not like about the Straw Hat captain? His child-like nature made him lovable. Although he may not have a physique body like Franky or Zoro, his strength was proven tremendously at Nationals two years ago, earning him the title of the most possible candidate for earning One Piece. Not to mention, his reputation, popularity, and fame went through the roof after Nationals. All this leads to that question again: what is there to not like about Luffy?

Aside from all the girls eyeing her boyfriend, she didn't need to worry, because she knew Luffy would never betray her. That was proven to her when he tried desperately winning her back.

Before homeroom started, Luffy pulled Ace out of the classroom.

"What do you need me for?" asked Ace.

"How's Sabo?"

The corner of Ace's lips twitched into a smirk. He was trying hard not to laugh, otherwise he knew his little brother would suspect something. "What do you mean?"

"When he came home from Dreamland, has he said anything?"

"About?" Ace teased.

Luffy glared. "You know what I'm talking about."

Ace chuckled. "He's fine. Don't worry."

"Really? What'd he say?"

"Nothing, just that he's really happy for you both.. then he went to bed."

Luffy furrowed his brows. He wasn't expecting that at all. "He's not mad?"

"Why would he be?"

"You saw the way he was lookin-"

Ace threw his arm over Luffy's shoulders. "He's fine, trust me. If you want proof, stop by after school. There, you'll find out that you should listen to me more."

Luffy eyed him. "If I did, I'd end up like you."

"And who doesn't want that?"

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