Shanks sighed. "Luffy's working and Ace is with Makino to go see him. I'm on my way to go see them, would you like to come?" Since they're in public, he didn't have to worry about him doing anything with so many people around. However, he was afraid that he'd actually might do something, then that would make him look bad.

"Of course!" Garp said. To Shanks' surprise, Garp was acting rather polite in public. He already knew that once they get to an empty area, he wouldn't hesitate to speak his mind. Monkey D. Garp can be a terrifying man. Even his grandsons are afraid of him.

The walk there was awkward, yet somewhat intense.

"Don't think I've forgotten what you did to my two grandsons," Garp said. Shanks sighed. Here we go. "I was ready to enroll them into our dojo, but you went ahead and enrolled them into yours! You have a bad influence on them. I still don't see what Makino sees in you."

"Is that why you didn't come to our wedding?"

"Damn right! Why would I go when I don't even like the groom? You should be happy I wasn't there."

"Don't worry, I was," Shanks muttered grimly. Just their little conversation was stressing him out.


"Mom," Luffy groaned. "Enough with the pictures already. You have plenty!"

"Oh, sweetie, there's never enough pictures." Due to the room being dark, Makino had her camera on flash, which made Luffy even more embarrassed since it was disrupting the other hosts and guests. When his time was up with his last guests, his mother and brothers came barging in and took over his corner. Since then, it hasn't been a pleasant ride. All the other guests' eyes were on him, and the hosts and waitresses were having fun watching. Some were even recording him.

"Are we embarrassing you?" Ace teased.

"Go away," Luffy murmured.

"Please, don't feel embarrassed. Just pretend we're your normal regular fangirls wanting attention. Now, amuse us," Sabo said.

"You'll regret this later," Luffy threatened.

"Oh, I'm so scared." Sabo snickered.

"Luffy-sama! Will you ever leave Nami for me?" Ace said in a girl's voice.

"Nu-uh! He's mine, so back off!" Sabo playfully pushed Ace away so he could cuddle Luffy's right side.

"Luffy-sama!" Ace cuddled into Luffy's other side.

"Looks like you three are having fun," Vivi said when she placed some refreshments at their table. She smiled when she saw Luffy's tomato red face. It must suck being the youngest of three brothers. Vivi was thankful she didn't have any siblings.

"Vivi! You look adorable!" Makino said.

Ace and Sabo poked Luffy, but the youngest brother refused to do anything. He was embarrassed enough to just have them there. Usopp and Chopper were at the corners staring and trying so hard to not laugh that it was completely obvious by their expressions. Sanji was trying as hard as he could to get his guests' attention back on him while they're current attention was diverted to Luffy's corner.

Outside the room, Nami was pleased to see the next shift's workers heading toward them. It meant their shift is about to end and they'll have an hour to do what ever they want. She couldn't wait to see Nojiko. When Ace stopped by earlier, he told her that Nojiko had work, but she will be able to drop by during her first break.

"Nami," said a familiar voice. Nami smiled and looked up, but her smiled immediately disappeared. She was happy to see Shanks here, but Garp, not so much. Having him here only meant trouble for Luffy and Ace. From Shanks' expression, Nami could tell he was feeling the same way.

"Uh, long time no see," Nami said.

"A wheelchair?" Garp asked. "I head about your incident, but I didn't think it would be this bad."

"It's complicated."

"Are they inside?" Shanks asked.


The door to room 3-C slid open to reveal an angered Luffy yelling at his family behind him. "Ugh! I am so glad that's over with!"

"What are you talking about? We're coming back for your next shift," Sabo said.

"What time is the next shift?" Garp asked. Luffy and Ace paused at the sound of that voice.

Shanks cleared his throat. "Boys, you have a visitor."

The three sons turned to their father, but two of them flinched when they saw the person standing next to him. Since Garp wasn't in his suit, that meant he wasn't working. In other words, he came here on his own. Whether he was in his suit or not, it was still bad for Ace and Luffy.

"J-Jii-jii, what are you doing here?" Ace stuttered.

"I came here for Luffy who I haven't seen in two years. Who disappears and doesn't give his old man his crackers!" Garp yelled.

"That's what you're worried about?!" Ace exclaimed.

Luffy laughed awkwardly and raised his hands up in defense. "J-Jii-chan, now's not-AHH!" Luffy screamed when he received Garp's none other than his fist of love right off the bat. Luffy was left in tears on the ground with a new red bump on his head. Ace had the same fate. A new lumped formed on each of their heads.

"Naze, ore mo?" Ace muttered. The whole scene was causing an attraction from their guests. The fans came over and took out their phones to take videos and pictures. Shanks was trying his best to clear the halls. The rest of the Straw Hats helped him out.

"Luffy, how long is your break?" Garp asked.

"One hour," Luffy said.

"Ace, you don't have anything going on at the moment, do you?"

"Um, why-AHH!" Ace was cut short when Garp took he and Luffy in a tight chokehold. Ace squirmed for freedom, but he was afraid that once he's free, his grandfather wouldn't hesitate to kick his ass. He could never win. Why is it that that only happens when Garp is involved?

"We're going to go enjoy the festival and then be back for Luffy's next shift!" Garp said cheerfully.

Luffy reached out to Nami. "Gomen, Nami! I'll be back as soon as I can!"

As Garp left, so did the crowd. Shanks sighed heavily. Rayleigh is going to have his head if Garp does anything outrageous.

"Those two are goners," Zoro said.

Nami jumped when someone pulled her wheelchair back from the table, then swerved around it. She turned around and saw Sabo pushing her chair away from her friends. "H-Hey! What are you doing?"

"Sorry, you're spending time with me," Sabo said with a smile.

Since she didn't really have the power to protest, she went along with it. It didn't mean she was happy about it though. As Sabo pushed Nami, she kindly greeted the guests that came to see them. Every once in a while, she would see some people murmuring to one another when they saw her with Sabo. Then she remembered that the media doesn't know who he is. To everyone else, Ace is Luffy's only brother. In Luffy's outrageous and crazy family, Sabo doesn't exist. When Nami turned around, Sabo didn't seem affected by it at all.

Nami sighed. If people are talking about them, they must have the wrong idea about them. The big question: who is this man and why isn't Nami with Luffy?

"Where are you taking me?" Nami asked. Sabo stopped in front of an elevator and waited. "This is considered kidnapping if you don't tell me."

Sabo chuckled. "Relax. We're just getting something to eat. I just want to spend some time with my 'first love' while her boyfriend is currently occupied."

Nami knew he was joking, but she found it odd that he would even want to spend some alone time with her.


Sabo stretched his arm out to offer her her warm cup of coffee. "Here ya go, the coffee you asked for."

Nami glared at him. "You didn't have to pay."

Sabo sat on the bench beside her and said, "well, since you're in a wheelchair, it'll make me look bad if I don't pay."

Nami took the cup and took a small sip. Honestly, she didn't know how to start a conversation with him. When they first met, she thought he was actually in love with her. The whole triangle with the two brothers really made her go crazy.

"So, really, why did you bring me along?" Nami asked.

Sabo placed his own cup of coffee down on the bench next to him. He watched the different guests playing at the booths in front of them. "Say, Nami, have you thought about what you'll be doing after college?"

"Eh? Uh," Nami was caught by surprise by the sudden question, "I haven't really thought about it. Why'd you bring it up?"

"I've done a lot of traveling in my life. It was a decision I made selfishly. When we were younger, all three of us talked about leaving this place one day and explore the world someday. I just took a big step and started early. I was only ten years old when I left," Sabo explained.

"Why did you leave so young?" Nami asked. "Yet, how do you have so much money to travel all these years?"

"Some complications came up with my real family. I was just lucky that Dragon was kind enough to bring me with him," Sabo said.

Nami furrowed her brows at his last statement. "What does Luffy's father have anything to do with you leaving?"


Zoro kept his hand intertwined with Robin's as they walked through the booths of games. There were a ton of people and calling one another on the phone if they ever got separated would be a pain in the ass due to the loud noise. The area was mostly filled with children and couples. It was typical. The boyfriends would win a stuff animal and the girlfriends would squeal and hug their boyfriends as a thank you for the present.

Zoro rolled his eyes. He thanked god that Robin wasn't the overly girly type who constantly asks for stuff. Otherwise, he'd go crazy. Though, he did feel slightly bad that Robin didn't have her own stuff animal to carry around and show off.

In the distance, Zoro spotted Vivi's blue hair by one of the shooting booths. Of course, she was with Sanji. The 'ero-cook' was staring at the big prize triumphantly. He pointed to the big prize, then Vivi smiled and laughed. Sanji laid down some money and took the toy gun. Patiently, he aimed for the blocks. Finally, he fired, and all the blocks fell off the table. Sanji gave Vivi a giant blue penguin that was about half her size. Vivi was beaming. She gave Sanji a quick peck on the cheek as a reward.

"Everyone looks like they're having fun," Robin said while looking around. "Should we bring the other boys here so you all can compete?" Robin waited for a response. When she didn't receive one, she turned around to see her boyfriend staring off into the distance. She tugged his hand to get his attention. "Zoro?"

Suddenly, Zoro dragged her to one of the shooting booths nearby. He smirked when saw that the biggest prize was probably the biggest one here. He placed 100 belis on the counter as his way to say he's ready.

"You get three shots," the worker said.

"Zoro?" Robin took a step closer to him. He looked determined to win, but all this was completely random. "What are you doing?"

"Winning you that giant stuff animal." Zoro stretched his arm straight out and aimed for the blocks sitting on the table.

Robin smiled. "Ganbatte." Typically, Zoro was never the romantic type, unless they were alone. Furthermore, he never usually goes for these types of games unless he was competing with the other guys. Otherwise, to him, it was just wasting money. However, Robin's an exception.

Zoro pressed the trigger and fired.

"Tch." Zoro clicked his tongue when he only knocked the top block down. There were only three blocks stacked together to make a pyramid. The goal was to knock all of them off the table. If they were still on, it wouldn't count. He raised his gun again for another shot. His next shot hit one of the blocks, but the ammo sent it skidding across the table. It didn't fall off. Now, he was left with one shot and a split. Each block was sitting on different ends of the table. Zoro took a deep breath and raised his arm, ready to fire.

Robin giggled. He was taking this too seriously.

In the end, after 500 belis spent on trying to knock down three blocks off the table, Zoro won a small stuffed dog that was about the size of his hand. He blushed when he handed his reward to Robin. "S-Sorry. It's all I can manage."

Robin beamed. "Thank you." She pecked his lips as a reward. She easily saw through his determination. She found it cute that he was trying so hard. Whether the prizes he wins are small or large, she's happy no matter the size.

April 10, 2014

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