Nami bit her bottom lip as she thought about what Marguerite said. She had a point and she never considered it last night when she rejected him. Sure he still had his eyes set out on her, but that didn't mean that he's not free to date other women. Furthermore, they're going to New World University soon. That building is similar to Grand Line Academy, but a whole lot bigger, meaning there were will be more students and more beautiful women out there.

Luffy came running in from the backyard with a big smile on his face. That smile fell when he saw Nami and Marguerite on the same couch and so close to one another. They were talking, but they were laughing as well. This could be a good sign. They could be getting closer and Nami could be more comfortable with Marguerite around. All the tension between could just disappear. Because of this, Luffy smiled.

Nami looked up and gasped. Marguerite quickly turned around, but only saw Luffy standing behind the couch across from them. Luffy had the same reaction as her and spun around to see what caused Nami's reaction. He turned back around and eyed her.

"What is it?" asked Luffy.

"What's wrong, Nami?" asked Marguerite.

Nami shook her head and cleared her mind. "Its nothing."

Just then, Sanji came walking in from the arcade room.

"Where's Zoro?" asked Luffy.

"I don't know. Probably lost? Where's Vivi?"

"She and Chopper went to the gazebo out front."

"WHAT? What is that brat doing at the gazebo with my girlfriend?" Sanji stomped out of the front door in hopes to have a word with his youngest friend.


"You didn't have to scare him you know," Vivi scolded her boyfriend. Sanji smiled nervously while rubbing the back of his head.

"Don't worry, he saw it coming."

Vivi rolled her eyes. Her eyes landed on Sanji's pouting face and she couldn't help but smile. She reached up and gently rubbed his new goatee.

"You look older," stated Vivi.

"It's been two years. I though you'd like it," Sanji teased.

"Well, it makes you look more french, thats for sure."

"Do you like french guys?"

"I do."

"Should I go french?"

Vivi giggled and lightly pushed him away. "I like you better this way."

From the mansion, Chopper and Luffy couldn't help but stare at the lovey-dovey couple from Luffy's balcony.

"Baka Sanji," muttered Chopper with a pout. Luffy smiled at his cute expression and patted his back. Although he was older, Chopper was still the youngest and cutest in their little family.

"Don't worry about it. That's just Sanji's way of saying he wants to be alone with Vivi."

"By punching me?" Chopper pointed to his tomato red bump on his head. Luffy laughed and rubbed his head. Although time has passed, his little doctor hasn't changed one bit. Luffy leaned down and whispered into his ear.

"Want to go steal some candy from the pantry?"

"Yeah!" Chopper's eyes brightened at the sound of "candy."

"Great, go tell Usopp and he'll help us pick the lock."


Luffy smiled and watched as Chopper scurried out of his room. He stuffed his hands into the pockets of his faded black skinny jeans. He noticed the curtains move with the breeze from her room. He could hear the sound of the water stopping from her shower. He never realized just how close their rooms were to each other. Luffy smiled slightly and approached her balcony.

Ten minutes later, Nami stepped out onto her balcony wearing only a robe. It was still bright and early and it was a cloudless day. The sky was as blue as ever, and the garden was... She looked down at the bars of the balcony when something bright and yellow caught her eye. She crouched down and lightly touched the sunflower that was wrapped around a bar of her balcony. She smiled and untangled it. She was about to stand up when she realized she was facing Luffy's balcony.

She was startled when she heard footsteps climbing up the steps to the third floor followed by his and Chopper's laughs. She quickly walked back to her room and closed the doors. She lightly twisted the flower with her thumb and index finger. A small smile slowly grew and she tried to hide it with the flower.


"What's this about, Franky?" asked Zoro. "Robin and I are going out."

"Well, since school starts tomorrow, I have a surprise for all of you," said Franky.

"Surprise?" Luffy perked up. Franky smirked at his expected reaction.

"Follow me."

Luffy and Chopper leaped out of their seats and followed him towards the backyard. The rest of the crew only followed out of curiosity. Franky was the mechanics one in the group. Either his surprises were surprising or destructive.

"What do you think it is?" murmured Vivi.

"Hopefully its something that won't drive away like last time," replied Zoro. Usopp laughed.

"I remember that," said Usopp. "When he tried to fix your car that Luffy magically sliced in half, Franky ended up making it worse."

"Hm? I never heard about this," said Brook.

"That's right! You didn't join yet! Luffy took Zoro's car and drove it to Nami's house for their date."

"Out of no where he got distracted and got my car sliced in two!" Zoro finished for him. "I took it to Franky to get it fixed. When he revealed the new model, it drove away on its own."

"That was when I didn't know what I was doing!" Franky defended. "I invented your bike, didn't I? When was that last time a cop actually caught you?"

"Hai hai, just show us your surprise, Franky," said Robin.

"Surprise! Surprise!" Chopper chanted. Franky led them out of the house, into the backyard where a long separate garage stood in front of the brick wall. There were five garage doors that could fit ten cars, stretching it out a long way. It took up a lot of space, but there was a huge and long drive way the stretched to the gate at the front.

"Wait.. did you build us new cars?" asked Usopp.

"Really?" asked Chopper and Luffy simultaneously, both of which had sparkles covering his eyes. Franky smirked and lifted his sunglasses above his head.

"I've been working on these over the two years. We'll start from the beginning. Zoro obviously already has his bike-"

"Motorcycle," Zoro corrected.

"Anyway, I made another bike." Franky took out a remote from his pocket. It had five buttons, in other words, the garage opener. He pressed down on the top button and the garage door nearest to them started to lift up. Inside, they could see Zoro's ducati on the left side of the garage. On the right sat a white electric scooter. It had a small brown pouch in front of the handles and there was an end of a rocket.

"I call it Shiro Mokuba I! Its a scooter than can go as fast as a race car and it seats two people," explained Franky.

"Who's it for?" asked Zoro.

"For Nami."

Nami was immediately surprised by the new gift. "Eh? Me?"

"It goes to at least a hundred and twenty miles per hour, and its steering is kind of difficult to handle, but I think you can manage."

"Y-You don't say," Nami was starting to get scared of the thing without even touching it. She had to admit, the scooter was beautifully done. The detailing and the construction was impressive. She hasn't seen any of Franky's works other than Zoro's motorcycle. "Thank you, Franky."

Marguerite nudged her with a smirk. "We can go shopping with this any day."

"Next!" chanted Usopp and Luffy. The crew walked towards the next door where Franky pressed down on the second button to open it. The garage revealed two cars. One of them was a white and yellow prius. It was mainly a soft yellow with white stripes along the entire car. The symbol was of an animated goat with light brown, curved horns.

The second car was navy blue. It had sharp teeth painted on the front bumper. A shark's fin was at the top and you could see the shark's eyes on its headlights. The number three was painted on the doors of the passenger and driver's doors.

"The yellow one is the Mini Merry. It seats four people. It's not as fast as the others unfortunately. I made it especially for Vivi and Robin."

"We get to share it?" asked Vivi. Robin smiled politely.

"Thank you, Franky."

"This is ours?" Vivi still couldn't overcome her shock. Robin chuckled at her hidden excitement.

"Shall we go for a test drive later?" asked Robin.

"Of course!"

"The second one is the Shark Submerge III. It seats four people. I modeled it after some pictures of sharks on the internet. This is a gift for the curly cook and Brook."

"Eh? Us too?" asked Brook. Sanji walked up to this new gift and ran his hand across the surface.

"You really went all out with this," said Sanji.

"Well, duh! You know me! I never do anything thats not flashy!" replied Franky.

"This is so cool! Shishishi!" Luffy knelt down and stared back at the Shark's eyes as if he was in a staring contest.

"Thanks, Franky," Sanji said with appreciation.

"Thank you so much, Franky-san!" Brook said with a low bow, indicating his gratitude for the mechanic. "I will never forget this day and this marvelous gift you've given us!"

Franky couldn't take it any longer. Tears were overflowing and he couldn't hide it. He covered his eyes with his large arms and balled like crazy.

"Y-You're too kind!" Franky cried.

"Let's move to the next one!" exclaimed Usopp.

"Next one!" Chopper repeated. Considering the people who hasn't received anything yet, they could already tell who's up next.

Franky wiped his nose. "Alright. This next one's for you two! Are you ready!"

Usopp and Chopper stood in front of the third garage in anticipation. Franky pressed the button. The two gasped when it revealed what was inside. First, there was a three-wheeled motorcycle with its back tires larger than the front. It was painted red, blue, and yellow with Franky's star and initial painted on the sides. It was larger than the other two bikes and it looks like only someone with Franky's size can fit in it. Anyone smaller would just look like a midget in that thing.

The second was a large tank-like car, almost like a hummer. The colors matched the huge bike, the only difference was the straw hat painted on top of the tank. Its tires were gray and monster-like. From that, Usopp, Chopper, and Luffy with sparkling with excitement.

"The first one is called the Kurosai FR-U IV! ...It's mine."

"Eh?" The long-nosed and the little doctor were taken back. They obviously thought both of them were theirs.

"That's expected. Who's big enough to fit that thing anyway," said Sanji.

"T-Then.. the other one.."

"I call it the Brachio Tank V! It seats up to five people. I made this especially for you two," Franky spoke to Usopp and Chopper. Their excitement grew to a whole other level. "You have to be careful, though. Its controls can be hard to manage."

"We don't care!" Usopp ran towards the driver's seat, where as Chopper jumped on it and gave it a huge hug.

"I'll treasure it forever!" yelled Chopper.

"Thank you, Franky!" Usopp yelled from the front seat.

"EEEEhhhh? Where's my car?" said Luffy. "Is it in the next garage?"

Luffy looked towards his crew, surprised to see glares staring back at him. He furrowed his brows and took a step back, afraid that their stares might hurt him.


"Didn't we all agree to never let you near the driver's seat ever again?" asked Vivi.


"Have you forgotten what you did to my car?"

"...No?" Zoro was on the verge of attacking him if it weren't for Robin clutching his arm.

"If you want to go somewhere, take the bus," said Sanji. Marguerite bursted into laughter.

"Ehh? But I'm the captain! I deserve a king's transportation!"

"Then we'll rent you a bus."

Luffy pouted and crossed his arms like a little kid. Nami laughed at his reaction. Some things just never change.

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