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"Uh, my head is killing me." A loud groan escaped my lips. I moved to get up and promptly slammed my head into something very hard.
"Ow! Damn, what the hell is that?!" Well, everyone always said I could swear as well as a pirate.

As I sat there, rubbing my injured head and grumbling to myself, everything that had happened to me that day came rushing back.

That's right. Those guys at the bar attacked me, and then those other two showed up and saved my ass. And now… The realization hit me almost as hard as I hit my head. I'm stuck in a barrel.

I pushed at the lid with my hands, but no luck. It was stuck tight. "Dammit."

Maybe I can… I managed to squirm and wiggle around in the barrel until I was upside down with my feet planted firmly on the lid. It's times like these I'm really glad for dress-like-a-pirate day.

Every couple of days at the bar, we held a little promotional event where all the staff dressed up like pirates. Today had been one of those days. Instead of the usual dress which was my uniform, I sported a poofy white shirt, tight-fitting black pants, and black leather boots that came up to my knees.

But enough about that. Forcing all my power into my legs, I kicked upwards as hard as I could. I could feel the lid come loose, but something heavy was keeping it trapped in place.

"Dammit!" I growled in frustration. I have to get out of this dumb barrel! Shifting and contorting my way back right-side up, I tried to lift the lid again, but whatever was keeping me in was quite heavy indeed.

I sighed loudly and heavily leaned against the side of the barrel, closing my eyes. I started leaning back and I could feel the barrel starting to tip over. Naturally, I had that mini heart attack people tend to get when they start falling.

Next things I knew there was a loud bang! My barrel had broken open, leaving me lying flat on my back and staring at a wooden ceiling. The room was swaying, and it wasn't just from falling.

"I'm on a boat. Just. Great." I groaned, closing my eyes and covering my face with my hands.

"What the hell happened down here?!"

A loud, angry voice interrupted my passing out for the second time that day. Footsteps sounded, coming closer and closer until they stopped very close to my head.

I cautiously lowered my hands and found myself staring up into the shocked face of a very handsome young man.

"Er, hello." I said awkwardly as I sat up and scooted back around to face him. "Sorry I made a mess."

He still looked shocked and confused, but something like concern flashed through his eyes as he knelt down and looked me in the eyes. Then, in a very serious tone, he said.

"Yer bleeding."

I gave him a strange look, which he returned. "What are you talkin about? I am not."

He reached out and brushed his hand over my forehead. When he pulled it back, his fingertips were red. "Yes, ya are."

Then he did something I definitely wasn't expecting. He slung me over his shoulder, stood up, and starting walking back up the stairs.

"Why the hell did ya pick me up?!" I growled, fidgeting in his grip even though I knew it was futile. I could tell already he was much stronger than I was.

"Quit squirmin." He grunted as he adjusted his grip on me. "I'm takin ya to see Doc."

'Doc', whose real name is Christopher, actually is a doctor of sorts. The man, who I learned was called Nathan, had dumped me none too gently on a table, said a few words to the doctor, and left as quickly as he had come.

"Don't mind Nathan, he's like that to everyone." Christopher is a dark-skinned man with kind eyes and a warm smile. He cleaned and disinfected my cuts before he asked me a single question. "So how exactly did you end up on this ship?"

I then went on to explain just about everything- The thugs at the bar, the guys who saved me, trying to hide, getting stuck in that damn barrel, and finally meeting Nathan and ending up here.

Christopher listened intently as I spoke. When I finished, he smiled faintly. "Sounds like you're a pretty lucky girl." He stood up and extended his hand, pulling me up as well.

"Come on. I think it's time you met the rest of the crew."