Special Delivery

He brushed a hand through his hair, still staring in anger and confusion at the thing in his other hand. How had Kid known, and most of all why use a heist to give it to him? "Kiiiiid!"

The thief just grinned down at him from atop the nearby statue. "What? I thought it was appropriate... and when will you ever get one delivered that way by anyone else?" He winked at him before jumping off and firing his gun at the ceiling and disappearing from sight.

Saguru looked back down at the white card that read 'Happy Birthday Tantei-san!'

A/N: My sister was doing drabbles and begged my mom and I to do one each. This was what her suggestion of 'cards' prompted, and I held on for the 2 days to post today. Obvious reason. I am still working on The Stranger, but LostInTheDreams has still got a hold on me for the RP story we are doing as Manipulation has progressed to Deception - and is bugging me even now to take my turn via video chat... 'Coming!' ...I am SOOOOOO sorry it has been taking over a year but I have not forgot you and Chapter 14 will be done, I promise. As for when... I don't know, ask her or enjoy yourself with our RP story, posted under LostInTheMystery. Thank you and take care.