Part 23

They were all sat in Donna's kitchen, Wilf with his arm hugging Donna and River and the Doctor across them smiling as they all animatedly talked about anything and everything.

"So how did you do it Doctor? What is that thing?" Wilf motioned to the fob watch the Doctor had tucked safely away in his pocket.

"There's this little trick timelords use to hide in plain sight if they are in danger that has very deadly costs. The fob watch holds all of our memories and tucks away the energy that would give away exactly who we are. I got to thinking that Donna sort of fit that equation. I had to tuck her memory away because if she remembered she would die."

The Doctor reached out and took Donna's hand in his.

"Then River so helpfully pointed out that if the watch can hold all of a Timelord's energy then it can very well hold all of the Doctor Donna's. Therefore it was just a case of trying to figure out how to go about extracting that energy without having Donna die and letting her memories resurface and remain intact. I plan to destroy the fob watch as soon as I get the chance so that it will never be opened and Donna will be able to remember. Everything."

Donna smiled and made him promise to come by and take her for another adventure.

"You and the missus come back every once in a while, yeah? If you stay away too long I will hunt you down." She warned.

"Not a chance I would stay away. Not a chance in the world." He hugged her goodbye.


River stilled and then shook her head, a memory coming to mind.

"River. River!" The Doctor was at her side immediately. Whenever she would touch her head or wince he was there being all overprotective.

"No, no, I'm fine it's just… after Asgard I went to see Jack, The Face Of Boe I mean – which he is absolutely tickled by because I seem to be the only one to still call him Jack, and as I was about to leave he chuckled – you know me I can never resist a good chuckle," She smiled, so did the Doctor. "He said 'I'll be seeing you, River'. I could feel the screwdriver you gave me in my pocket. At that time I thought he meant a past me, since our meetings were front to back I assumed Jack was referring to that. It gave more fuel to my suspicions of the Library." River broke into a breathless giggle, continuing. "Good old Jack probably got a visit from future us and was being his ever so subtle self by giving away a hint of what's to come."

The Doctor laughed, "Gonna have to get him new tank for that. Maybe even the new jacuzzi version Hugh Hefner was talking about."

River gaped, eyebrow raised. "You went to the playboy mansion?"

The Doctor shrugged, "I didn't exactly go to one just more of a troll infestation and there were too may rooms so I had to stay for a few days since I couldn't find the Tardis…." The Doctor's face contorted in deep thought.

River snapped him out of it with a swat to his chest. "Daft old man."


Four Years Later

"Ah, did I not tell you I would see you again." The Face of Boe said as the Doctor and River neared him.

River chuckled, "I'm sure you already know so go ahead. Gloat."

He chuckled, "Well let's see her then."

The child peaked out from behind the Doctor's legs.

"Go on dear, remember handsome Jack?" the Doctor asked his daughter.

She nodded.

"Say hello to him, love." River nodded.

The four year olds steps were unsure but she managed to get close enough to the tank.

The Face of Boe gave a content laugh, "Well hello there. I've got to tell you, you were named after one heck of a lady, little Sarah Jane."

The End.