So with the announcement of Rune Factory 4 and pretty much the 99% chance its coming out here because of it being very successful, my excitement got to me and I decided to make a fanfic for it. Note that the game is not in the U.S. or Europe yet, so all info I am using is the info provided siliconera . com by and the one Rune Factory 4 gamefaqs article by Zoelius.

This means that the characters name could change during localization and might be completely OOC, well, concerns and feelings do change despite personality when someone you love has been missing for awhile. Frei is the default female protagonist so far but, Freya rolls off the tongue better for me hence the slight name change. I hope you enjoy this story ^^.

Disclaimer: The Rune Factory franchise belongs to Marvelous AQL as well as all of their characters.

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She stared at the watch on her wrist before opening the front door.

"2 o'clock A.M.," she shivered in the winter breeze. Snow crunched underneath her feet when she moved forward towards the door to open it. Her hair was out of the usual ponytails that graced her head and scratches and bruises marred her body; she sighed as she began to wonder what her husband would think about her current state. Breathing in, she opened the door as silently as she can, in an attempt to not wake him if he was sleeping.

Breathing out, she closed the door behind her, relishing in the warm temperature of her house. Making her way towards the bathroom with thoughts of bathing, she heard footsteps behind her and a tired voice asking, "Freya?"

Freya turned around, meeting with the worried expression of her husband, Vishnal. She laughed nervously while scratching the back of her head,

"Um…lost track of time then I found I was lost in the dungeon…monsters ambushed me too…Were you worried?"

She stared at the floor, waiting for Vishnal's scolding. Who wouldn't be angry of a wife returning home so late?

Silence engulfed the room, until a surprised yelp was uttered through Freya's lips when Vishnal embraced her tightly. He began to stroke her hair while sighing,

"Of course I was worried! You have been out so late and your hair is down, are you sure nothing really bad happen to you? Why didn't you take me with you when you went to the dungeon?"

Freya shook her head furiously despite the chin that was resting on the top of her head, "Nononono. I promise it was just getting lost in the dungeon and these scratches are from the monsters. While fighting, the hair-ties came off and…I…I didn't want to interrupt the butler training thing you were doing today because you said it was an important one…"

Vishnal sighed and tried to pull his wife even closer, "I'm just thankful you are alright." Tilting Freya's head up, he gave her a kiss then a peck on the cheek, "Go clean up, I'll help you bandage some of the cuts afterwards." She nodded, disappearing into the bathroom.


Freya hissed when disinfectant was applied to a particularly deep gash on her leg. After it was bandaged up, the kneeing Vishnal before her placed his hands on hers, "Stay home tomorrow. In case some of these wounds reopen again."

"But the crops and monsters need to be-" She stopped when she stared at her husband's stern stare. He looked at the clock before looking at Freya again, "It's nearing 4 o'clock…sleep in tomorrow, tend to the croups and monsters and only them; then come back home okay?"

She looked at the clock…two hours before she had to wake up. Smiling at her husband, she acknowledged his plan for tomorrow, making him smile in turn. Standing up, he held out his hand for Freya to take then led them to their bed for a good morning's rest.

Freya snuggled against her husband while Vishnal wrapped his arms around his wife. The quiet lull and warmth made them drift to sleep peacefully.