Hello, readers! This story is a collaboration by Inoki & Mikoto! This is our first work together, so enjoy~

By the way, if you didn't know, this FanFiction is Elsword x Aisha, and Raven x Eve.

The characters are not the classes, they're just ordinary students, but they DO have the class' hairstyles/personalities.

Elsword-Lord Knight

Aisha-Void Princess

Raven-Blade Master

Eve-Code Nemesis (By the way, in this story, she is not a Nasod, just a human.)

Chung-Deadly Chaser

Rena-Wind Sneaker (By the way, in this story, she is not an elf, just a human.)

Disclaimer: We do not own anything, we just love the characters!

Chapter 1: First Day

ElHigh, an ordinary school of Elrios. Even though it is just a normal school, it has various facilities for different uses. It even has dormitories next to the school building, for students to live in until they graduate. Although, not all students have to live in the dorms; the room changes every year, if majority requests.

The boy with messy red hair sleepily walked into the school compound with his bag on one shoulder. Waking up early was definitely not one of his best traits. Suddenly he felt someone crash into him from behind, he turned angrily to see who the klutz was. "Who the heck..?"

The young girl with purple hair was casually walking to school with her friend, Eve. When the guy in front of her abruptly stopped, causing her to bump into him.

The guy turned to see who it was, "Who the heck…?" he muttered, angrily.

"How rude, not even an apology!"

"What?! You're the one who bumped into me!"

They both paused, realizing who they were.



They both said in unison,



"What?! Since when were you in this school?!" questioned Aisha.

"Since freshman year."

"I never saw you around the school!" she exclaimed.

"…" Coz I'm always ditching… -Elsword thought

The girl with silver hair stepped forward. "We should hurry, class is about to start."

They both nodded, and quickly ran to class.

Aisha yelled, "Why are you following me?!"

"I'm not following you! This is where my class is!"

"Yeah, right, stalker!"

"EHHH?! WE'RE IN THE SAME CLASS?!" Aisha shouted.

Elsword smirked. "Heheh…I must've gotten smarter."

The chairman of the school announced through the speakers, "Under normal circumstances, the classes would've been ranked due to the exam results; however, we have decided to mix it around this year. That is all."

So I didn't get any smarter… -Elsword hung his head low.


Eve's seat was next to a window, near the back of the class and next to her was Aisha. In front of Aisha's desk was Elsword's and the person sitting next to him at the window was an intimidating guy with dark black hair.

Elsword shivered. This guy next to me…he gives me the creeps! What's up with his glare…? Is he some sort of delinquent?

Raven turned to face him. "Problem?"

"N-N-Nothing!" Elsword shrunk back into his seat.

Elsword looked around. What's with all the weirdoes in this class…? First, there's Raven, then there's that annoying girl, Aisha. Also, her emotionless poker faced friend, Eve. He noticed a girl with light blonde hair. Well…there's also Rena…I guess she's kind of normal…except for the fact that she wants to get with every guy in the school…I'M SURROUNDED BY CRAZY PEOPLE!

Lunch time…

Just after the bell rang, girls immediately crowded around Raven's desk. Especially Rena.

"Raven, want to eat with me?!"

"Raven, can I get your autograph?!"

"He's so cool!"

Rena pushed through the crowd, and sat on his desk. "Hey there, cutie, how about you and I…?" she winked at him seductively.

Raven remained silent, and simply pushed her away.

Elsword glared at him. What's so great about that guy anyways? I'm waayyy cooler!

"Hey, don't you think Raven's kind of cool…?" whispered an all too familiar voice.

Elsword's ear twitched. "WHAT THE HELL MAKES HIM SO COOL?!"

Aisha death-glared him. "I wasn't talking to you!" She turned to Eve and smiled, "So, Eve, what do you think?"

"Talk about different treatment…" Muttered Elsword.

Eve paused. She stared hard at Raven, for a good long minute. "Hmph. Nothing special."

Elsword cried tears of joy. "SOMEONE UNDERSTANDS HOW I FEEL!"

Aisha kicked him, and he went flying out of Raven's window.

Raven caught his ankle just before he dropped. "…You alright?"

"Urk! F-Fine! Thank you…"

"Kyaaa! Raven's so cool!"

"Oh, I wouldn't mind falling out the window if he caught me~!"

Raven put Elsword down, and Elsword was about to scurry away when…

"Oh my god, Elsword! Are you okay? Who could've done this to you?!" Aisha asked, worriedly.

The truth was, the homeroom teacher, Glave, was watching her, so she quickly pretended to be innocent.

Elsword blinked, clueless. "Huh?"

"Okay, it's decided. Aisha will be the Class President."

Everyone applauded her, as she stood up front.

"Thank you everyone, I hope I can fulfill my duty as the Class President." She smiled sweetly.

"Aisha's smile is just like an angels~!" sighed a fan boy.

Elsword was sneaking a drink in class, but choked, and sprayed it all over his desk. "Angel?! More like a devil from hell!"

"What are you saying? Aisha's the greatest!"


After school…

Around the school gate, there was a small crowd. "Aisha, let me carry your bag for you!"

"Aisha, can I walk you home?"

"Aisha, allow me to give you a massage."

"Aisha, Aisha, Aisha, that's all I seem to be hearing these days!" groaned Elsword.

"Please, Aisha, I'll walk you home!"

"What? No, I will!"

"Ahaha…guys…um…" she spots a familiar redhead. "Sorry, I'm walking home with him!"

Aisha snatched Elsword's arm.

He blinked. "I am?"

"You are, aren't you…Elsword?" She had a menacing smile on her face.

He gulped, "Uh…yeah!"

"Good. Now, let's go!" She sprinted off, dragging Elsword with her.

"Hey, Eve. Let me walk you home." said a guy.

"No." She immediately replied.

"Oh come on, it's only walking!" he grabbed her wrist.

She slapped his hand away. "I already told you, I'm not interested!" She snapped back at him.

"Sheesh, a walk isn't going to kill you!" He grabbed her shoulders.

Someone taller than the guy stepped between him and Eve. "Look, she already said no, so just leave her alone."

The random guy flinched. Shoot! It's Raven! "W-Whatever then!" He quickly ran away.

Raven glared at the guy, until he was definitely out of his sight. He turned towards Eve. "Are you okay?"

She nodded. "Yes, thank you."

Raven noticed some guys behind the wall, staring at Eve. "…I'll walk you home."

"That's not necessary." Eve walked ahead of him. "Besides, you live in the dorms."

He walked after her. "Think of this as a favor."

"?" What does he mean…?

While they walked out of the school gates, Raven death-glared at the figures behind the wall. The figures flinched, and dashed away. Tch! Next time…

"Thanks for walking me home, Elsword!" Aisha smiled cheerfully at him.

"No problem…" Elsword stared at her. It was the first time she had smiled at him for real.

"Sorry to drag you out here, where's your place?" She asked, out of curiosity.

"I live in the dorms." He said bluntly, and then muttered. "Which is all the way back at school."


"Uh, yeah…I should get going." He started walking away from the awkwardness.

"E-Elsword, wait!" She called his name.

"Huh?" He turned lazily.

She blushed and looked down at the ground. "U-Um, if you don't mind…could we walk home together again, someday…?"

"Uh, what!?" He looked at her, shocked.

She waved her hands in front of herself. " Uh, I mean—j-just in case if those guys hassle me again!"

"Sure, I guess…uh…see you at school!" He forced a smile and left.

She was so embarrassed that she actually asked him to walk home with her. Aisha flopped onto her bed and questioned herself. What's wrong with me…?

Eve and Raven walked together in silence. Eve seemed completely fine with the silence; after all, she didn't show emotions much. Raven, on the other hand…thought it was pretty darn awkward.

Should I break the silence…? Or continue to walk like this? –he wondered. He glanced at the silver-haired girl.

She looked at him, with those golden eyes. "Is there something bothering you?"

He blinked. "Er…no." Damn! Was I staring?

"Uh…Am I going the right way?" he questioned.

She merely nodded.

"Okay…" And the awkward silence is back again…

Eve stopped walking all of a sudden.

"?" Raven halted next to her.

"A question just came to me." She looked at Raven. "Why are you so popular among the girls, Raven?"

He paused. That's a good question. "I don't know. It's not like I did anything…"

"Hm…really now?"

"Yeah, why?"

"I noticed that a lot of girls were crowded around you at lunch…which nearly caused my desk to fall over, seeing as how I sit behind you."

"Oh…sorry about that?"

Eve strode ahead. "You're forgiven. This time."

This time? He sighed, and walked after her.

After a few more minutes had passed, they finally reached Eve's house.

Eve slightly bowed, "Thank you for walking me home."

Raven nodded. "Anytime."

Eve watched him coolly walk off, and thought in her head, Hmm…Raven…

The two guys, who were hiding behind the school wall, were now hiding behind Eve's street corner. They waited until Raven was definitely out of their sight.

"Finally, that idiot's gone!" said one.

They started to creep towards Eve's house.

The other smirked evilly. "Now, let the plan begin…"

-End of Chapter 1-

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