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Aisha's hand slammed down onto the beeping alarm clock. She lazily got dressed and packed her bag, still half asleep. Walking out of the door with toast in her mouth, she checked her watch and noticed that she was going to be late. In a panic, she ran like the wind towards ElHigh School.

Elsword heard the classroom door slam open and saw the purple haired girl breathing manually. She plopped into her seat, which was behind him, and glared at the red head- a warning to say "stop staring." He ignored her eyes and turned towards the front. Miss Stella walked into the room with an angry scowl on her face. She said every students name bitterly as she filled in the roll.

"Alright, take out your English books." Stella demanded.

The students rustled through their bags, searching for the English book that could save them from detention. Aisha froze when she opened her bag. Her English book wasn't in there.

The teacher sighed and rolled her eyes. "Stand up if you don't have your English book with you."

Everyone had their English books, you'd be crazy not to because this lady was super strict on her students.

Elsword was still searching through his bag; he noticed Aisha's face turn pale when the teacher asked for students to stand if they didn't have their books.

Aisha sat in her seat, trying to mentally prepare herself for the punishment that awaited her. She could hear Miss Stella tapping her foot loudly, waiting for a student to own up. Aisha took a few deep breaths. It's fine. It'll be fine. I can do this, no problem. Just stand up and apologize. She was about to get on her feet when she saw Elsword stand up and smack his book onto her desk, behind him, so that the teacher wouldn't notice.

"Miss, I forgot my English book." Elsword said bluntly.

"Elsword, was it? You should know by now that we have English every Tuesday." She said with an icy voice.

"Uh, Miss, we only started school yesterday."

"Students aren't supposed to talk back to the teacher!" She snapped at him.

"Right, sorry…" He mumbled.

"…Go to the storage room, get two buckets and fill them to the top! Carry both of them at shoulder length and walk up and down the corridor thirty times! If I see a single drop of water on the floor, you have to do it another thirty times!" She commanded.

He started walking towards the door and muttered. "Yes, ma'am."

"If you're a man, speak clearly and loudly!"

"Yes, ma'am!" He almost shouted.

A few students giggled but quickly opened their books when the teacher glared at the class.

Elsword's arms were getting heavy from walking up and down the corridor, holding two buckets at shoulder length, filled to the top with water. He'd only done seventeen laps, another thirteen to go. Why did I help Aisha? Sheesh, I should've let her take the punishment! What was I thinking!? He thought.

Aisha flipped through Elsword's English book, laughing at the doodles he had drawn in it. There was a picture of Eve, acting very robotic. A picture of Raven bowing down to Elsword's "coolness", a picture of Miss Stella turning into a frog and a pretty picture of Rena, with a heart around the image. The instant she saw Rena's picture, she wanted to rip that page out of his book. Unfortunately, this was Elsword's book. Not hers.

The teacher noticed Aisha wasn't paying attention and asked her to read out the next line.

"Um…" She scanned through the lines. Ah, there! "Men compete with their hearts, or so they say…another person disagreed and said that Men compete with their faces. There are many debates about this subject." What type of text is this? Aisha thought. She spotted Elsword walk past the sliding door for the twentieth time while sitting back down. Hm… She thought of something and started scribbling in Elsword's English book. Smiling at the doodle she drew, she packed her things and started getting ready for the next class.

At interval, she didn't get the chance to return his book because Elsword had spilt some water in the corridor and was now stuck at a lecture with Miss Stella. He didn't come out until next class.

"Why do you think Elsword helped you back there?" Eve asked Aisha on the way back to class.

"Hm…I don't know, but I'm guessing he wants me to owe him later! Like, let him copy my homework or something." She replied.

"Well, if he wants you to do something shady for him, call the police." Eve said seriously.

"Haha, lighten up, Eve! There's no way Elsword would ask me that!" Aisha laughed.

When lunchtime finally rolled around, Elsword was stuffing his face with food since he missed out interval and was starving. He felt something bulky hit his head and almost spat out his sandwich. "Gah—What the heck!?" He turned and saw the purple haired girl sweetly, yet mischievously, smiling at him.

"Thanks for letting me borrow your book!" She handed the English book to him.

"Oh. It was nothing." He replied, slightly irritated.

"You're a good drawer." She smirked as she walked away.

He turned suddenly. "Huh!?"

"Check your book, page 145." She waved and left.

Elsword quickly flipped through his book to page 145 and saw a doodle that wasn't there before. It was a picture of Aisha, looking all nice and cute with Elsword AND Raven bowing down before her "coolness." -Eve was standing next to Aisha with a question mark over her head and Rena was crying in a corner with shame.

Elsword laughed. "Haha, as if that could ever happen!"

The school bell rang, signifying the end of the day.

Aisha cursed softly. "Darn, I forgot to tell Elsword that I'm on clean-up duty today! I hope he'll just go home…better finish this quickly." She wiped the black board.

Elsword sighed. "Where the heck is she? I thought she wanted to walk home together." He shoved his hands into his pockets and leaned against the school gate.

After an hour had passed, Aisha had finally finished cleaning. She was about to grab her bag and go home until a fellow student council member asked her to drop some papers to the student council. Being the good student president of Class 2-A, she couldn't decline. She dumped the pile of documents on a desk and started walking out the door when Banthus, the teacher who was head of the PE department, interrupted her.

"Hey you! You're part of the student council, right?" His loud voice rang out through the corridor.

"Uh, um, yes." She replied, slightly intimidated by the big man.

"Well, I'm supposed to be patrolling around the school, but I've got other things to do. Could you take my place?" His supposed-to-be "friendly" grin looked more threatening.

"Um…well…" So many things to do! Why does it have to be me..? She thought.

"Well?" He asked again.

"O-Of course! Ahahaha…" She pulled a weak smile.

"Great, time to get outta here!" Banthus speed walked down the corridor.

Aisha sighed and hung her head low. Will I ever be able to leave? She thought as she walked around the school. After checking through hundreds of classrooms, she was finally able to leave and go home.

Aisha yawned and stretched her arms. "Phew… finally! I can finally go home!"

She walked past a window and noticed something from the corner of her eye. She quickly walked backwards and looked out the window. The red haired boy was leaning against the school gate with the sunset's rays hitting him. He looked as if he was asleep. E-Elsword's still here!? Has he been waiting for me this whole time!? She snatched her bag from the classroom and ran outside.

"Elsword!" She called his name and waved.

He opened his eyes and stared at the girl running towards him dully. "You're late."

"I know, I know! Sorry, I forgot to tell you about clean up duty."

"…Do you know what time it is?" He said, still looking at her with dull eyes.


He flipped his cell phone open. "Five o'clock."

"WHAT!?" She stared at the mini screen. Time really flew by!

"And could you explain this to me?" He opened his English book to page 145 and pointed at the doodle.

"Oh, that….it's self-explanatory!" She smiled sweetly.

"What do you mean 'it's self-explanatory'!? Why am I bowing down to YOU!?" His finger jabbed the page.

She shrugged. "'Coz I'm just that cool. Now let's go!"

"Hey, I don't even get a 'thank you' for waiting for you?" He walked beside her.

"A 'thank you'? Well, I just said thank you two seconds ago, so that counts!"

"The heck!? That's not even a proper 'thank you'! And you owe me 'coz I let you borrow my book!"

"Alright, alright! No need to shout!"

"Hmph." He folded his arms.

She walked in front of him and curtsied. "Thank you for waiting for me, Elsword." Her voice was almost mocking him.

"…You're welcome." He stared at her awkwardly.

They continued walking and when they reached Aisha's house, she curtsied again. "Thank you, Mr. Elsword for walking me home." She said in a mocking voice again.

"Would you stop the whole curtsy thing?" He sweat dropped.

She laughed a bit then smiled. "Okay, but seriously, thank you for walking me home AND waiting for me!"

Elsword quickly walked away and waved without turning. "See you tomorrow!"

"Huh…?" Aisha watched the red head's figure disappear in the distance. What's up with him? She thought.

Elsword began walking faster and faster the more he remembered Aisha's smile in his head. His face was slightly pink as he thought about her. She really needs to stop smiling like that in front of me…

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