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Chapter 3: Missing


The two guys, who were hiding behind the school wall, were now hiding behind Eve's street corner. They waited until Raven was definitely out of their sight.

"Finally, that idiot's gone!" said one.

They started to creep towards Eve's house.

The other smirked evilly. "Now, let the plan begin…"

"Who's an idiot?" a shadow loomed over the two.

They both froze. They could sense blood lust.

"And what's this plan?" The teenager folded his arms.

The two of them quickly ran away. "NOTHING, SORRY TO BOTHER YOU!"

Raven sighed. Why are they targeting Eve…?

"…Raven? Why are you standing in front of my house?" Eve blinked, as she looked out the window.

"I just…thought I forgot something. Well, take care." He walked away. Something isn't right…

The morning sun was shining brightly alongside the pale blue skies. The pink-flowered trees had bloomed almost everywhere, and it was a very pretty sight.

Eve stared in amazement. "These cherry blossoms…they are beautiful."

She kept on walking, and admiring the lovely flowers. Then, she heard a voice call out to her. "Eve."

"Hm?" She looked ahead, and saw an all too familiar guy.

The boy with the dark hair and sharp eyes ran up to her. "Morning."

"Good morning." She greeted him. "What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be in school, since the dorms are right next to it?"

"I decided to walk with you for the rest of the way. Besides, I wanted to see what the cherry blossoms were like out here."

"Is that so? Well, they're just normal flowers, I suppose." She responded, plainly.

He looked at the blossoms, and with his right hand, he reached out to touch them. His fingers held the dark thin branch.

Eve put her hand on his arm. "Don't snap the branch; otherwise you're taking an important part of the tree off, and trees are also a type of living species."

He raised an eyebrow. "I didn't know you cared about plants and trees so much. But, I guess you're right." He released the branch.

"Now, let's go. I don't want to be late to school."



His eyes scanned the tree, and a small breeze blew by. One of the blossoms was slowly twirling to the ground.

Raven quickly caught it, and looked at Eve. "Caught it."

She tilted her head to the side. "And so…?"

He tucked the flower behind his ear, but the petals still showed off its lively pink. "What do you think?" He winked at her.

She frowned. "It…doesn't suit you at all."

He chuckled, and took the flower out. He then placed it in Eve's silver hair. "I think it looks better on you."

Eve touched the flower gently. "…Thank you." What is this warm feeling inside me…?

The two continued walking and chatting. Some girls squealed when they saw Raven, but one particular girl glared at Eve. Rena was glaring at Eve as she also walked to school. She wanted to be the one walking next to him. She wanted to interrupt their little discussion. She wanted Raven.

However, just as Rena was about to greet Raven, they heard the school bell ring in the distance.

"We're not going to make it." Eve sighed. "It's impossible to make it through the school gates in five minutes from here."

Raven shook his head. "No, it's possible. If we run."


Raven grabbed Eve's hand, and zoomed off towards the school.

Rena scowled. "Just when I was going to talk to Raven too…!"

Eve had anime-style blue lines above her head. She couldn't believe they actually made it in time. She panted heavily; she had never run that hard in her life.

Raven, on the other hand, was completely fine.

"How can you…huff…not be tired…?" breathed Eve.

He glanced at her. "Huh? A run like that was nothing."

"…Are you serious?"

"Oh, it's probably because I'm in the Track & Field Club!"

"That explains things."

"Well, we should hurry to class."

"And that's all. Class is dismissed."

It was now Interval. Eve couldn't help but sometimes notice that Raven was looking at her. One girl teased Eve, "Oh, isn't that Raven, the most popular guy at school, staring at our Eve?"

Eve shook her head. "You must be imagining things."

"Aw~! Are you embarrassed~?"


The same guy who wanted to walk Eve home yesterday, strolled up to Eve. "Hey, Eve, do you want to eat with me, once lunchtime comes around?"

"Um…" What should I say?

Eve felt someone tug onto her arm. She looked, and saw Raven was slowly pulling Eve away from the dude. "Sorry, she's already eating lunch with me."

"Oh, sorry, didn't realize...!" The guy quickly walked away.

"Phew." Raven gave a sigh of relief.

"Why do you keep coming to my aid?" Eve popped the question.

He paused. I can't just tell her, 'something fishy is happening around you'…then what should I tell her…? "Well…"

An annoying fan girl of Raven appeared out of nowhere and started to complain to him. "Raven, I thought it was my turn to eat with you today!"

"Uh…sorry, change of plans."

Another girl also whined to him. "Hey~ Raven, you promised to teach me this, today at lunch!"

"Did I? Sorry, it'll have to wait."

"But Raven~!"

He was soon surrounded by tons of girls, and Eve quickly escaped from the crowd. She noticed her good friend Aisha, heading back to the classroom. Interval was nearly over anyways. Eve caught up to Aisha, and remembered what happened back in the classroom.

"Why do you think Elsword helped you back there?" Eve asked Aisha, while they walked to class together.

"Hm…I don't know, but I'm guessing he wants me to owe him later! Like, let him copy my homework or something." She replied.

"Well, if he wants you to do something shady for him, call the police." Eve said seriously.

"Haha, lighten up, Eve! There's no way Elsword would ask me that!" Aisha laughed.

They entered the classroom, and prepared for their next lesson.


"Mhm…?" the sleepy guy mumbled.

"Raven…!" the voice kept bugging him.

"Grgh, what….?"


"Hn?" He lazily lifted his head up from his desk, and a piece of chalk hit his forehead. "Ugh, what the…"

The teacher folded their arms. "Don't treat class like its nap time!"

"Yes, yes." He yawned.

"You only need to say 'yes' once!" they scolded. "Now, answer the next question!"

He stood up. "…How do you expect me to answer it, if you knew I wasn't paying attention?" he asked, bluntly.

Eve sighed. Why won't he just give it up already?

The teacher was officially pissed. "Grr…! That's it, even if your grades aren't THAT bad, your behavior in the classroom is unacceptable! You need to be taught some manners! Eve, stand up!"

Eh? Why me? She stood up silently.

"Raven, from now on, you'll be learning good manners from this young lady, do you hear me?!"

"Yes, I do…" he mumbled.

"Wait a second-" Eve couldn't believe this.

"Eve, I want you to keep a close eye on him. You are now like his supervisor. Understand?"

She knew it was futile to talk back, so she closed her eyes, and accepted it. "To be honest, I would rather not do it, but understood."

"…Okay, you two can now sit down."

While the teacher continued chatting, Raven turned in his chair slightly, and looked at Eve in the corner of his eye.

Eve looked up from her text book. "?"

He simply smirked. "Nothing."


"Hey, Eve, let's eat lunch together!" chirped Aisha, cheerfully.

"Yes, let's-"

She was cut off. "Sorry, Aisha. She's with me today."

Raven gripped Eve's wrist, and dragged her out of the classroom. "Since when did I agree-?!"

"That's not fair, I asked her before you!" Aisha pouted.

Raven paused. "Aisha, don't you need to give something back to Elsword?"

That's when she remembered; she needed to return the book he leant her earlier. "Ah, right, you guys eat together! See you later, Eve!"

"Wait-Aisha!" Eve called out to her, as Raven continued to drag her.

The two of them were on the rooftop, sitting on a bench next to each other.

Eve glared at Raven. "What are you scheming?"

He shrugged. "I'm not scheming anything."

"Don't lie. I know you're hiding something from me. If you weren't, you wouldn't have even noticed me in the classroom."



"I'm just suspicious of those guys who keep hassling you."

"It's not like it's any of your business." Eve stood up, and walked over to the fence. She gazed down at the rest of the school buildings from such a high place.

He froze. She's right. It's not any of my business at all. Why am I so concerned? He got up, and started to walk towards the door that leads to the stairs. "Hm, you're right. I shouldn't be concerned over something that I'm not involved in. Sorry for worrying."

She turned, "Raven…?"

He took his time walking down the stairs from the rooftop. What was I thinking? To help her? To get rid of those guys hassling her? Why should I care? She's just the classmate that sits behind me. She's just the girl that I saw in front of the school, yesterday afternoon. Am I only worried about her own being, because I'm so-called 'nice'? Well, whatever the case is, I better stop meddling into other people's business. I'll just go back to how everything was before.

The Next Morning…


"Good morning!"





"Is Eve absent?" Glave looked around the classroom. Guess she is.





"Looks like everyone is here today except for Eve. Now, class…"

Raven wasn't listening to the teacher at all. He was too busy wondering why Eve wasn't at school. He turned around, and looked at the empty desk behind him. He decided to just brush it off. Maybe she was late, or maybe she caught a small illness. Nothing out of the ordinary. He turned back around, to focus on the blackboard.

The lesson was going smoothly and boring, Raven was about to enter napping mode, but then he heard something that caught his attention.

"Why is it an unexplained absent?!" muttered Aisha. "Sheesh! Normally, she'd text me if something was up. "

Raven stared at her. "Who are you talking about…?"

She paused. "Uh….Eve. I was just complaining why she wouldn't come to school and all.

"Hmm….tell me, has there been anything weird happening around Eve lately?"

"Not that I know of…ah! Don't tell me you're actually worried about her!" she waved her finger at him.

"Hn, don't know what you're talking about."

She sighed. "Well, whatever. She'll surely turn up tomorrow."

"And if she doesn't?"

"…Then, she'll turn up the next day!"

Elsword joined in. "And what if she doesn't turn up the next day?"

"Then, she'll come the day afterwards, of course!"

The two started arguing about when Eve will turn up.

"What if she NEVER comes to school again?!" exclaimed Elsword.

"She will! Why wouldn't she?!" replied Aisha.

Raven sighed. These two are always fighting. "Anyways, Aisha, if you hear anything from Eve, can you tell me?"

"Sure, but why?" she looked at him.

Elsword pitched in too. "Hmm? Could it be Raven has something for Eve?"

Raven folded his arms. "No, I don't. And just because. Now, goodbye." He walked away.

Hm? Eve isn't here today? That's great, because that means I can take this chance to get closer to Raven! –thought Rena. She giggled. Oh, what should I do? Ask him out on a date? Exchange numbers? Hmm~! I suppose I'll try asking him on a date~!

She strolled up to Raven, swinging her hips. "Hey, Raven!"

He groaned. "What?"

"Are you free this weekend?" she put her hands behind her back, two fingers crossed.

"This weekend…? Why?"

"Oh, well, you see, I was hoping we could do something together."

"…Me and you?"

"Yes! Just the two of us!"

He turned away from her. "Meh. Not interested."

"Huh?! How come?!"

"What exactly would we be doing?" he closed his eyes.

"Um…ah! We'll go to the movies and…"

"There are no good movies out at the moment. Sorry."

"Well, then we can go to my place and watch some movies there…"

"No thank you." He replied.

Darn! Plan failed! I'll just try getting his number then! "If that's the case; how about we exchange numbers, so then if you ever change your mind, you can just-"


"Eh? But-"

His eyes snapped open. "Ah, thanks for reminding me." he quickly hopped out of his seat and walked over to Aisha.

"Aisha, you got a minute?"

"Hm? Yeah, sure." She replied.

"Do you mind giving me Eve's cellphone number?"

"Uh…why would you want that?" she questioned.

Rena glared at Aisha. Why would Raven want Eve's number, and not mine?! Well, I just hope Aisha says no! Say it, say it, say it!

He shook his head. "Just because."

She raised an eyebrow. "Just because…?"

"Look, if you give me her number, then that means you won't have to notify me if you ever do find out what happened to her. Instead, I can just simply call her or something. Saves you the trouble of wasting your breath on me, doesn't it?" he asked.

"…Point taken." She took out her purple & silver cellphone, with a cute bat cellphone charm hanging on the end. "Her number is…"

Raven took out his sleek black cellphone, and started to tap the number buttons. "Yes, okay, got it. Thanks."

"You're welcome."

Raven calmly flipped his cellphone back into his pocket, and went back to his seat.

Rena pouted. "Aw, c'mon Raven, you don't have to give me your number, but at least take mine!"

"And what would I do with it?"

"Erm…" Don't you see that tons of guys would KILL for my number?!

"Now, I'd appreciate it if you stopped bothering me."

She let out a disappointed sigh, and left him alone. Sheesh, he's a tough one…but I always like a challenge.


Eve slowly opened her eyes. Where…am I…?

It was dark, and she appeared to be in an unknown room. Perhaps even a basement. Her body was lying on the floor, and her chin touched the cold ground. Her mouth had some cloth covering it, so she couldn't speak, and her wrist and ankles were tied with rope.

She struggled to untie the ropes. But later, stopped. It's useless…

She gazed around at her surroundings. The room was empty; there were no windows, and only walls. It really was just a small basement.

Eve tried to recall what had happened. She remembered walking home from school, and then she turned the corner, after she had turned the corner, she heard a car screech, and a door fling open. Then, someone had grabbed her from behind, and she was pulled into a car, and then she was out cold. Next thing she knew it, she had opened her eyes, and appeared here.

What should I do? Ophelia and Oberon are most likely panicking at home; after all, it is their responsibility to take care of me, as butler and maid…and if my father ever found out about this…

She heard footsteps getting louder. Cold panic swept over her. The door creaked open, and a ray of light shone into the dark room. "Looks like she's finally awake."

-End of Chapter 3-

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