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The Dragon's Arrival

It had been three years since he joined them. This...saiyan. Three years since the one known as Son Goku flew in from the heavens and with a yell, turned the tide in the battle against Darkseid and the forces of Apokolips. Darkseid finally had enough of abiding by the peace forced upon him by New Genesis. Without warning, Boom Tubes flashed around the Earth, as Darkseid's forces flooded through the gates. The Justice League barely had time to respond. The war was devastating with civilian and hero casualties by the score. New Genesis was unable to gather their forces in time to assist. Darkseid, the master tactician, had taken advantage of a temporary distraction and attacked the Earth's best hope, Superman. The New God's Omega Beams burning a hole deep into the Man of Steel as Darkseid continued to pummel Earth's champion. Beaten, bloodied and the 'S' shield ensignia burned from his body, the people of Earth looked on in terror as they saw the end approaching. Princess Diana, known as Wonder Woman in the world of man, attempted in vain to make her way to Kal-El, knowing in her heart that she would be too late.

Like a bolt of lightning he stuck, launching the New-God across the battlefield as Darkseid was about to finish Superman. An invisible, flaming aura surrounding the man's body, his eyes as indominable as the Man of Steel himself. No one knew who this odd man in the Orange Gi and dark blue boots was. His hair pointing out at impossible angles, as wild and untamed as his spirit. Diana wondered how a man could possibly have hair that could defy gravity like that. He wasn't like the others. At first glance Wonder Woman could tell just by the way he carried himself he was a trained warrior, forged in the heat of battle. The strange man helped Kal-El to his feet with a clasp that resonated in the spirits of all who witnessed. Although this new comer was only 5'10", he appeared to be a giant on the battlefield, the Japanese kanji 'turtle' broad across his back. Superman looked at this new combatant for only a moment before turning his attention back to the man who was trying to destroy his home.

"Let's finish this". Superman proclaimed with a deep, booming voice. Rallying the rest of Earth's heroes, Superman lead the charge. The new fighter flew into the sky, screaming as his hands began to glow a light blue. Thrusting his hands forward, palms first, a spray of deadly blue beams danced across the battlefield, decimating Darkseid's minions until the rest of the heroes made contact.

Darkseid hated anomalies. And this new warrior was not part of the equation. Clearly he was not from Earth, nor any realm he knew of. This newcomer had to be eliminated. While the orange clad pest was busy attacking his army, Darkseid attempted the same strategem used against Superman. Red beams of energy zigged and zagged out of Darkseid's eyes at the back of this...annoyance. Once blast of his Omega Beams would leave this pest as nothing more than ash. What he didn't expect was for the man to disappear out of thin air, his Omega Beams found no target.

"Looking for me?" Came a voice from behind him. Startled, Darkseid spun around to see the man standing right at his chest. The man's unruly hair just reaching the New God's chin. How dare this...bug, make sport of the God of Apokolips!

Darkseid raised his hands to strike, but quickly found the wind knocked out of his lungs as the new warrior delivered a thunderous right into Darkseid's solar plexus. As Darkseid began to bend over, the warrior delivered a jumping spinning back kick that sent him reeling. The New God rose, spitting blood in a look of confusion, anger, and a hint of fear. Although the Amazonian never took her eyes off her opponents, she couldn't help but glance over at the battle not too far from her. Although it was not the time to find out if he was friend or foe, for the moment she was glad that this man was on their side.

"You declare war on a whole world solely to fuel your petty desires. You have no reverance for life, and view all living things as tools for your use. Word of your evils have reached even to the heavens, and even if King Kai hadn't asked me to stop you, I would still be here. You must be stopped, or the whole universe will suffer under your reign!" The new fighter declared. By this time Darkseid had made his way to his feet and began his assault on the spikey haired warrior. For a large man, Darkseid was incredibly agile and delivered a knee strike to the surprised warrior's gut, followed by a sharp elbow to the base of the neck that send him crashing into the ground, creating a small life sized crater on impact. Darkseid casually lifted the man off the ground by his wild hair and after a few more blows to the stomach, threw him into the air. Omega Beams again danced through the sky, at the back of the falling fighter. With acrobatic grace the warrior spun in the air, Darkseid's blasts barely missing him. The beams followed the fighter where ever he moved. Try as he might, the new fighter could not evade Darkseid's attack forever.

"And what of it?" Darkseid replied. The God King had regained his composure. His arms folded behind his back as he watched the man attempt to avoid his Omega Beams in vain. "It is the nature of lesser beings to bow before their betters. And who are you to defy a God?" Darkseid asked, not expecting to ever receive an answer as his eye beams made contact, causing an explosion of rock and smoke in their wake. As the debris cleared the man stood unscathed, his arms crossed in front of him as if to protect himself from the blast. Darkseid's eyes widened in disbelief. Nothing, not even Superman, could take a hit from his Omega Beams unharmed.

The ground began to shake beneath the two fighters. Rocks, concrete and debris rising around Darkseid's opponent.

"My name is Son Goku". He replied. The large chunks of earth were now rising out of the ground. The man's power sending shockwaves across the battlefield. Diana had since stopped fighting, as well as everyone witnessing the exchange between Darkseid and the one called Goku. Even Superman had to stop and stare at the man who had saved his life. In awe Diana watched as his eyes began shifting from a deep onyx to green. Darkseid looked on in mild interest. "and I...am a Super Saiyan!" With that the new warrior let out a mighty yell, his hair shooting straight up and turning yellow as a golden fire enveloped him. "and your reign ends now".

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How will the Justice League respond to this new and powerful outsider? What adventures await the irrepressible Super Saiyan? Find out in the next chapter!