It had been three years since he joined them. This...saiyan. Three years since the one known as Son Goku flew in from the heavens and with a yell, turned the tide in the battle against Darkseid and the forces of Apokolips. The Super Saiyan stood at a small stone altar, surrounded by three small stone masts. Behind him stood Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons. The blonde Amazon was dressed in her regal attire, a long white Greek robe adorned with gold necklaces and an imperial crown. Her blue eyes twinkled in mirth at the man in front of her. Goku, for all his battles and tests, was sweating bullets. At the sound of a dozen horns, the answer became obvious why.

Diana of Themyscira slowly walked her way up a marble aisle while most members of the Justice League stood in attention, awe, and respect on both sides. She wore a long while gown, held together at the right shoulder with a gold emblem. Thin gold was embroidered around her waist. Her right wrist was adorned in a bracelet of thorns; one similar to what she had given Goku, a white bouquet in her hands. The Amazon had her hair back, her Wonder Woman tiara sitting on her head like a crown. Her white high heeled boots moved at a stately pace as she proceeded down the aisle. Goku stood there, in awe of the Goddess coming towards him. Wearing the tuxedo Batman had loaned him for the benefit in Gotham all those years ago, he pulled his tie out and gulped. Wally West stood next to the Saiyan in a white version of his Flash costume. The speedster had to cover his mouth as he looked at his friend. Diana finally made her way to groom and the both turned to face Diana's mother, who was to officiate the ceremony. It had been hell for the Saiyan to get to this point….

It took two months to even become mobile again after the battle with Broly. The Martian Manhunter had been able to reassemble his particles and was back with the league. Fate's whereabouts were still unknown. When Goku was told of all that had happened, he couldn't help but feel guilt. Broly was his enemy, and so many had died fighting him. But there was no backlash, no harsh glares or cold words from the Justice League. No one blamed Goku for what happened, and in the end, Goku had proven to be the hero they knew he could be. What none of them knew was soon after the battle, an alien robot from the planet Krypton would arrive silently on Earth and scoop some samples of Broly's green blood of the frozen snow….

When he was finally able to move around freely, he immediately put on the nectarine seeded necklace and thorned bracelet. Diana was already on her way back to his room to check up on the recovering Saiyan, who pulled her into the medlab with a laugh and placed a passionate kiss on her lips. The Amazon laughed in return, wrapping her arms around his and holding the weakened Goku in place until his knees started to buckle and his head swim.

"I'll take that as an acceptance?" She asked.

"To what?" Goku asked. "You never asked me a question". Diana could have sworn he was kidding….until she looked into that dull black void on Goku's face. Horror crept through her very being until Goku laughed and kissed her again. She punched him playfully on his bandaged arm, causing him to flinch and step back, wincing. After a quick apology, Goku put back on his usual gi, and went out for breakfast.

The Flash was the first to meet him. "Hey Goku!" He called out as he screeched to a halt in front of the duo. Wally raised an eyebrow and looked curiously at his friend. Even though Goku was still wearing bandages on his forehead and arms, the Flash couldn't take his eyes off the necklace. "So, I always knew you were little nuts, but why do you have one hanging off your neck?"

Diana appeared from behind Goku, her ice blue eyes hard. "Because I gave it to him".

The speedster turned a shade paler. "Oh….well, must be an Amazon thing…." Diana crossed her arms across her chest, glaring. Flash suddenly put his hand to his head, pretending to grimace in pain. "Oh, what's that J'onn" He said out loud. "You need me in the Monitor Womb? I'll be right there". The Flash lied before disappearing again, leaving Goku and Diana laughing at the fleeing hero.

Diana once told Goku that love was a test. That woman tested the poor man even to the point that Shayera felt sorry for him. Diana was not a cruel woman, but she put him through hell. She had asked him to surpass all his weaknesses, including his mental ones. So for days on end, Goku sat in a library, doing something he thought he would never do….read. He read on world politics, about history, science. Almost all of it went over his head. When J'onn asked him if Goku would like him to just transmit all the data to him telepathically, the Saiyan just smiled and declined.

"Sorry, but Diana asked me to read up on all this stuff. That would kinda be cheating".

The Martian smiled. Always doing things the honest and hard way. It was just like Goku to do that. Diana even went out of the way to have a written test for him. He passed….barely. But when J'onn told Diana of the effort the Saiyan put in, her heart beamed with pride and love for the man, who had refused an easy answer. Instantly she tore up the test and kissed the man on their next meeting.

The Amazon even had Goku travel to Tartarus to retrieve a memento Hades had stolen from Diana's mother, Hippolyta. It was a fool's errand. However, the Amazon was feeling peevish. Goku never asked anything of her, he never put her through any tests. He accepted her love for exactly what it was, and never asked for anything in return. She felt as if he were undermining her feelings for him, or taking her for granted. So off to the land of the dead Goku traveled, to find the Lord of the Underworld. It did not take long for him to find him. The Saiyan simply approached the God, with little to no care, and asked for the mirror he had taken from Hippolyta millennia ago. The God, disguised as a man with long black hair, a long thin mustache and long goatee simply laughed and had a small legion of the dead attack. They were instantly dispatched. Hades raised an eyebrow curiously, and all of Tartarus shook with the battle that came. Super Saiyan Three Goku and the true demonic form of Hades rocked the underworld in a battle that might have destroyed it. Granted, Goku's powers after the battle with Broly were almost godlike, but Goku was indeed, battling a god. A god on his own turf. Whatever damage Goku did was instantly healed, while he felt his strength being sapped away. A well timed Kamehameha had knocked Hades away, over a lava coated waterfall and into the molten rock below. Breathing heavy, Goku waited until the god floated out before smiling. He held out the mirror grinning at the enraged god.


"Got it out of your thrown room during our fight. You should really pay more attention to your surroundings" The Saiyan smirked, the cockiness of his Third form shining through. "It was a great fight there Godling, let's do this again sometime". Hades didn't respond as a stream of pure god-powered hellfire raced towards the Saiyan. With two fingers to his forehead, Goku was gone. In the corner, a large man wearing almost golden armor and a helm that left his face covered in shadow watched the battle with great interest. As the Saiyan teleported back to the mortal realm, leaving Hades to rage with the spirits of the dead, he laughed, before fading to his own realm.

"Son Goku…I look forward to seeing what chaos you bring next".

When a bloodied Goku arrived back on Earth, with the mirror intact, Diana immediately caught the falling man and got him medical attention. He had done what the Amazon thought was impossible. The fact he attempted it brought a lump to the woman's throat. There would be no more tests after that. Preparations for the wedding soon got underway. Batman was true to his word. He did find a way for Goku to return home, and the Saiyan did return. One reason was to introduce his sons and his granddaughter Pan to his fiancé. Pan was instantly defensive. Who was this tall blue eyed bimbo with her grandpa?! Gohan and Videl were both pushing sixty. Goten was a little older than forty-five. It hurt Goku seeing his children growing so old, but was more than happy to see his boys again. Videl prepared dinner, and Diana got to see a full saiyan feeding frenzy. Even Pan was involved as food disappeared at an astonishing rate. Videl laughed looking at Diana's face.

"You get used to it". She said, and both women laughed at the spectacle before them. Diana and the women of the Son family soon got aquatinted. The more they talked, the more they respected each other. The women in Goku's family were strong. No one underestimated a Son woman, at the risk of losing more than their pride, and Diana respected their strength of character. Meanwhile, Videl and Pan could both see Diana was a great influence on Goku, forcing him to break some of his personal barriers, while becoming more reliable. Gohan told her the story of how he took FOREVER to get to Namek, and how he would always show up at the last minute for everything. The Amazon was grateful that Goku wasn't the one she knew. The second reason for their arrival was to use the Dragon Balls. After Goku heard about the damage he and Broly had caused, he quickly gathered the seven mystical balls to summon the eternal dragon. The Amazon stood in awe of the great beast before her, but said nothing as the man used his first wish to reverse all the damage caused by Broly on Diana's dimension. Immediately Commander Kregen of the Thunderers was brought back to life, along with his family and six billion other life forms in Sector 700. The ice was restored in Antarctica, the islands destroyed and animals killed revived. The polar ice caps had reformed, causing scientists all over the world to shake their heads and pull their hair out in confusion. Somewhere in the arctic wasteland, the hand of a young man exploded out of the ice, digging it his way out of the ice and to the life giving sun.

Goku, Gohan and Goten all felt Goku's power level drop as well. He realized that the Zankai he received from his fights had been reversed as well. Goku shrugged, not really caring. It just meant he would have to work harder to get that power back! When asked for his second wish, everyone just looked at each other. "Sorry Shenlong!" Goku said to his old friend, "but I'm outta wishes! Anyone else have one?" The others just shook their heads. Shenlong snorted in irritation. "Well, thanks anyway!" Goku asked before the beast faded and the seven dragon balls shot across the sky, to the corners of the globe. The couple stayed the night before heading back to Diana's dimension. Goku had no intention of staying in his world. It was Goten, Trunks, and Pan's time now. His time had come and gone. The next generation had to find their own way. He hugged his family, Goten telling his old man 'he did good' while looking at Diana very much like Master Roshi would. The younger Son's eyes were glued to the Amazon's backside as she and Goku walked through the portal home. The moment they were back on the Watchtower, a ki blast destroyed the portal and the devise powering it. Batman and Diana both looked at Goku is shock as he stood with his palm outstretched.

"Thanks Batman, but the Dragon Balls are too dangerous for anyone to use. Especially people here. Please, destroy the data you used to build this. No one can know how to reach them". He said before walking away. Diana and Bruce both looked. Diana beamed with pride, as the man she loved had started to turn into just that, a man.

And now, here they were, hand in hand as Hippolyta finished her benediction, joining the two in a bond that would last until death. Even Batman was at the ceremony, if only for a moment to wish the two all the happiness in the world. A part of him longed to be up there with Diana, but he knew that would never be. Silently, before the wedding ended, the detective hopped into the Batwing and made his way back to Gotham. Superman couldn't attend, but somehow Lois Lane of the Daily Planet managed to get to the island of the Amazon's to report on this, with her clumsy photographer Clark Kent by her side. Clark was smiling whenever Lois wasn't looking, happy for the both of them. John and Shayera sat hand in hand.

"You may now kiss your mate". Hippolyta said, taking the bouquet from her daughter and holding her hands out to the side to symbolize the end of the ceremony. Goku just laughed nervously. Diana grabbed her man by the head and pulled him into a fierce embrace, crushing her lips against his. Goku quickly responded in kind to the cheers of the heroes gathered for the wedding. A wind ripped through the wedding grounds, causing leaves to drift lightly to the ground, floating gracefully on the wind. It was as if the Gods approved of this union. Diana took back her flowers, and with an over exaggerated throw launched them into the crowd. The flowers twirled in the air until they landed in the lap of Kara Zor-El. Supergirl blushed from ear to ear as others laughed and applauded. Superman's jaw tightened to the point Lois thought he had lock jaw. Goku and Diana both laughed, holding each other lightly. The Saiyan saluted his friends in the Justice League and held Diana tight as the two were enveloped in translucent flame. The couple erupted into the sky, causing Hippolyta to hold her dress down from the backlash as the two streaked across the sky to start an adventure all their own.


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