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Maxima Carnage

Goku sidestepped a savage lunge by Gorilla Grodd. The hyper-intelligent ape cursed as Goku grabbed him by the scruff of his neck, and began swinging the gorilla in circles. The gorilla had led Solomon Grundy, Giganta and Parasite in an assault on S.T.A.R. Labs. The city was still recovering from the war with Apokolips, and Grodd took this as an opportunity to steal the lab's sensor array. The lab contacted Superman for assistance, and the rambunctious Saiyan followed. The battle raged outside of the lab as the Injustice League tried to make their escape. Goku swung Grodd around several times at accelerating speeds before releasing his grip, sending the ape crashing into the chest of the now fifty feet tall Giganta. Grodd slammed into the red haired giant's solar plexus, knocking the wind out of her and sending her crashing into a department store.

"So whats the deal with Batman?" Goku asked casually, blowing strands of hair off his hands. "for about a month now, he's been really angry at me". Superman had flown underneath Solomon Grundy's sloppy right hook and delivered an uppercut to the dead man's chin. The impact lifted Grundy off his feet, sending him crashing through a window and a hundred feet away.

"Oh, he and Diana used to date". Superman replied. Solomon Grundy charged back into the fight, ramming his shoulder into the Man of Steel's chest. Grundy finished with a backhand that sent Superman airborne.

"What?!" Goku exclaimed, dodging Giganta's giant fist as it came crashing down. "But she's so nice, and he's so, so..." the Saiyan couldn't find the word to finish as he ran up the woman's arm, dodging her attempts to swat him off.

"Batman". Kal-El finished, diving down in a blur of blue and red, driving Solomon Grundy deep into the ground.

"Yeah!" the Saiyan replied, leaping from Giganta's bicep and thrusting his right palm forward, blasting her in the face with a large ki blast. The large woman shrank down to her regular height before passing out, her face and hair smoking.

"Well you know what they say, 'opposites attract'." Superman replied, dragging Solomon Grundy out of the ground by his jacket.

"Yeah, but what does that have to do with Batman trying to murder me with his eyes?"

Superman looked up, stunned that the Saiyan hadn't put it together yet. "Well, you and Diana. Aren't you...look out!" The Man of Steel screamed too late. Parasite had snuck up behind Goku and with a happy yell, wrapped his arms around the Saiyan, draining his power. Goku screamed in surprise and pain as his energy flowed from his body. The leech laughed as his body began to expand, his muscles growing. The feeling was incredible. Every cell in his body was pulsating with energy. The Saiyan was no stranger to pain. However, the feeling of having his very life force being pulled from his body was excruciating. The smile on Parasite's face soon began to fade as he continued to absorb Goku's power. Those same cells that were feasting on the Saiyan's energy were swelling larger and larger, straining under the power pouring into Parasite.

"You want my power, you can have it!" The Saiyan yelled at the villain holding him. "Kaio-ken times ten!" Pinkish red flame exploded around the fighter, as Goku flexed his muscles and screamed, channeling his energy. Parasite desperately held on, hoping to drain the Saiyan dry. To Parasite's horror, there seemed to be no limit. Goku's energy poured into him, and try as he might, Parasite could not close the circuit. He opened a flood of power, one he could not hope to control. Pink fire began to shoot from Parasite's eyes and mouth as he let out a soundless scream before being flung from the powering up Saiyan. The force of Goku's energy launched Parasite through a concrete wall, into a reconstructed skyscraper and clear through the other side. Smoke steamed from the power leech, whom lay broken with his mouth and eyes still open in terror. The martial artist took a deep breath, relaxing his ki.

"Times ten?" Superman asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah, I can take the Kaio-Ken all the way to times twenty. Just didn't see the point". Goku laughed. All conversation stopped as a large grinding noise caught both Goku and Superman's attention. The building Parasite was blasted through began to sway. The leech had taken out the buildings support structure, and the twenty story skyscraper began to fall towards the city. Panic swept through the surrounding civilians. Men, women and children attempted to scatter as the structure toppled towards them. Goku, slightly drained from his battle with Parasite, responded just a second too late. If he didn't move now, hundreds could die. Fortunately, he didn't have to.

A blur rushed passed the Saiyan, rushing towards what appeared to be the strongest part of the buildings frame. With a feat of strength few would dare to attempt, Superman held firm, slowing the crashing buildings momentum so to not damage it further. With a ear shattering screech, Superman had stopped the disaster just a twenty feet above the street. With great care he held the unfinished building, while turning to the bystanders. "Is everyone alright?" The Man of Steel asked. Without a second thought or even a moments hesitation, Superman flew into the face of destruction, the S insignia on his chest bold and proud. He was truly the best that man could hope to be, a symbol for all that they could inspire to, and Goku found yet another level of respect for the Hero of Metropolis. With little effort, Superman moved the building right back to its original spot, not a millimeter off. "Goku, if you could hold this for a moment?" The Man of Steel asked casually. Goku laughed, feeling very much the sidekick at the moment before flying up and holding on to the steel and concrete frame. The Saiyan was amazed at how heavy the building truly was, and how easily the Kryptonian moved it. Goku grunted, sweat beginning to form on his brow. Superman's eyes began to glow a neon red as his heat-vision burst forth, reconnecting the shattered pillars and melting them into place. One after another the Man of Steel repaired the damaged structure. Satisfied with his work, he exhaled quick bursts of his arctic breath, as a secondary precaution until the building crew could evaluate. Goku whistled, impressed with the creative ways the hero used his powers, before tentatively letting go of the building, floating away slowly to make sure nothing shifted. With a sigh, Goku relaxed. Finally the threat was over.

"Yes!" A female voice called out in ecstasy. "That's the power I would expect from one who defeated Darkseid!". Superman's heat-vision dimmed, his eyes retuning to their bright blue tone. The voice was familiar, and sent a chill down the Man of Steel's spine. He raised his head just in time to see a red haired woman fly in from the distance and envelope Son Goku in a fierce embrace.

Goku, once again hesitated for only a second, and once again he had an unknown being smothering him. Red hair obstructed his vision. From the hug Goku could feel her strength, and a lot of bare skin.

"Maxima! Let him go!" Superman bellowed, flying in between the two of them, saving Goku from a very confusing situation. The Saiyan floated there, dumbfounded by what was going on.

One minute he was supporting a falling building, the next he has a strange, strong woman clinging to him. Finally Goku was able to see his assailant. An unusually tall woman, standing at six feet tall, she flew so that she was eye to eye with Superman. She addressed the hero in a regal, yet casual manner. With her long red hair curled down to her shoulder blades, Maxima, as Superman had called her, wore a green one piece that left her firm stomach completely exposed. Her arms and things were bare. Maxima was a striking figure, and she knew it.

"Ah, Kal-El. Its good to see you again. I originally came to find you, however I did not expect the one known as Son Goku to still be on Earth". Maxima proclaimed nonchalantly.

"I take it you two know each other". Goku stated, still trying to figure out what exactly was going on.

"Goku, this is..." Superman began before the red haired woman hovered in front of him, glaring at the Man of Steel.

"I am more than capable of introducing myself." She declared. "I am Queen Maxima of Almerac. And you, Son Goku, are an amazing man indeed". Maxima moved closer to the Saiyan, her face only inches from his with a predatory smile on her face. Goku could feel the heat coming off of Maxima, causing the Saiyan to break out in a cold, nervous sweat. He rubbed the back of his head and laughed uncomfortably.

"Um, thanks?"

"Maxima is the military ruler of Almerac, keeping every living person under her control through force". Superman said in disdain, bringing both warriors attention back to him. Anger rushed across Maxima's face.

"And it is because that kind of pig headed, narrow minded arrogance that I am here!" She shot back. "I'm here on a mission of diplomacy. I wish to join the Justice League".

"Absolutely not!" Superman stood in the Justice League Meeting Hall, declaring in a tone that offered no retort. Only moments after Maxima's outrageous proposition, Superman flat out rejected her. Maxima, her face turning red with pent up anger, told the Kryptonian that according to League rules no one member has pure authority, but most be put to a vote. She demanded to meet the rest of the League to plead her case as an ambassador to Almerac. The stubborn hero was about to reject that notion as well, but decided to play along. No member of the league would allow this, and Maxima would take her whims and go back where she belonged. Among the founding members of the Justice League, and a certain Saiyan, Maxima made her case. It only took a few minutes before Superman stood up, slammed his palms against the table and prepared to end this charade.

"I was not finished!" The Queen of Almerac shot back. "You have interrupted me for the last time, and you WILL be silent until I have finished what I wish to say!" The Queen carried herself with absolute authority. Goku and Flash both flinched at the backlash. Although the fighter did not know much about this woman, but he was wise enough to know that there was more to Superman and Maxima than was being let on. "After you...rejected me, I was forced to do some soul searching. Perhaps you were correct when you said I used my authority on Almerac to suit my own ends. Perhaps you were right when you said I don't hold the concerns of my people as my top priority. However, Almerac is a military planet, held together by the power of the Blood Royale". Maxima paused, letting her words sink in.

"So the question is how. How do I care for my countrymen without appearing weak? How do I maintain the military superiority of Almerac while protecting everyone, sometimes from themselves? The answer came to me just recently. The 'heroes' of Earth are the perfect example of that. You all use your powers, your abilities, and your status to achieve your goals, while still maintaining a military like police presence over the populous. I want to observe how you do this, to join you and to use this knowledge in governing my own people.".

"I don't have time for this". Batman declared before rising. The man didn't even look at Maxima as he made he way to the door.

"Where do you think your going?" Flash asked.


"But how do you vote?" Flash yelled as the double doors began to close on the Dark Knight.

"No". And with that, the Batman was gone.

"It comes down to this. I wish to observe and join the League as a liaison, nothing more. Furthermore, if you were to deny an ambassador from a military world this chance, I'm sure your friend Lex Luthor would be more than happy to use this in his political campaign against you". Maxima stopped again, letting that threat linger. Superman's jaw tightened. Luthor, his oldest and arguably most dangerous enemy, was attempting to become President of the United States. Even with his criminal past, his genius and plans for economic development made him a legitimate candidate. To the public, he openly disliked the League, claiming they acted above the law and should be held to the same standards as every American citizen. To embarrass a diplomat and risk both war and technological advancement would be just the angle Luthor would need to villanize the Justice League. "Put your prior assumptions aside. Think it over. In the meantime, Son Goku if you could escort me to my room until your teammates reach their decision".

"Wha, me?!" Goku asked, pointing to himself. He looked around the room, unsure if this was the right move. A nod from Superman sealed the man's fate. "Sure, I guess.." the man rose, escorting the Queen to the spare bedroom, missing the steel in Wonder Woman's eyes.

"So...that was new". Flash stated after Goku and Maxima left.

"She says she comes to us in peace, and then threatens us in the next breath". Manhunter shook his head sadly.

"We really don't have much of a choice though," Hawkgirl folded her arms. "She goes to Luther and spins this right, he'll try to bury us".

The others nodded in agreement just before Goku walked back into the meeting hall laughing. His hands behind his head in a casual manner, a nostalgic smile on his face.

"Man, her and Vegeta would have gotten along!"

"Sounds like he made a friend..." John Stewart mumbled under his breath. If Diana had Kal-El's powers, Green Lantern's head would have melted under her gaze.

"She's not staying here". Superman declared.

"Why not?" Goku asked, once again missing the point.

"She's a megalomaniac who tried to kill me more than once!"

"But she didn't". Goku replied. It was amazing, but that simple answer silenced everyone in the room.

"Goku", Green Lantern began. "Maxima is a powerful and intelligent dictator. Who knows what her plan is for being here, but with her its never as simple as 'I want to be friends'."

"She seems nice enough. And her ki isn't dangerous. There's no evil intent in her".

"Oh, that's how it starts. Then its 'mate with me or die', and the next thing you know, she's smashing Supes through a building". Flash chimed in.

"So, all my friends started off by trying to kill me". Again, the League stopped for a moment and stared at the simple man.

"How come that doesn't surprise me". Shayera folded her arms across her chest.

"My point is, that people can change". Goku continued. "Most of my friends have tried to destroy the Earth at least once, but after time we've come to an understanding and fought for the greater good. People can change Superman. You just have to give them the chance". It was a simple speech, one a parent would tell their child. The innocent, sincere look in the Saiyan's face shamed more than a few of the League. Being a hero isn't about being the strongest, or the fastest, its about inspiring people to be better. It was about helping someone find a new path. It was a lesson that many had forgot.

"Maxima's headstrong, intelligent, and powerful. But she's also impatient. We'll give her what she wants, and in about a week when nothing of note happens she will show her hand. We will move on her then". Superman declared, trying to maintain the illusion of control over the situation. Goku's smile beamed across the room.

"Great! I'll go let her know!" before anyone could say a word, the Saiyan was already on his way down the hall. The others looked at each other.

"I don't like this Kal-El". Diana glared. It wasn't just having a former enemy inside the Watchtower. Something about this entire situation put Wonder Woman on edge.

"Neither do I, but lets see where this goes".

"Hey, maybe Goku is right. He usually has a good read on people!" Flash almost yelled, defending his friend.

"The Joker?" Martian Manhunter finally spoke, an eyebrow raised, reminding the Flash of what happened in Gotham.


The first couple of days Goku escorted Maxima around the Watchtower, at the Almeracian Queen's request. Despite Superman, Hawkgirl and Green Lantern's objections, the Saiyan had no problem showing Maxima around. Not too long ago he was the stranger in this brand new world, and he wanted to make her feel welcomed. For the most part Maxima talked, mostly about herself, and Goku listened patiently. For reasons Diana couldn't fully understand, she felt the need to keep an eye on the two of them. Just seeing Goku with her caused the princess' eyes to narrow dangerously. Seeing Maxima laugh and touch the man's arm caused Diana to see nothing but red. She justified it as being protective of her new, naive teammate and nothing more. Yes, Goku was too trusting, and this woman was far to dangerous to leave to her own devices. When notified about an Intergang attack in Metropolis, Diana couldn't move fast enough to find the Saiyan.

"Goku." The amazon ran down the hallway. "It appears Intergang is attacking Lex Corp. I don't know what they are after, but if its at Lex Corp, its dangerous". Goku nodded, and was ready to speak when the tall redhead put her hand on the man's shoulder.

"I will accompany you." Maxima declared. "I am curious to see this 'Enter-Gang'."

"That's quite alright Maxima". Diana said as politely as possible. "Goku and I can handle the situation. And I believe you are here to observe, not get involved in Earth affairs". Meanwhile Goku was already down the hall, with a mischievous smile on his face.

"Hey! The bad guys aren't going to arrest themselves!" He said before running down the hall. Maxima shot Diana glance, a light smile on her lips as she went after the martial artist. No words were said, but that smile spoke volumes. Wally West and Jon Stewart stood nearby. The Flash opened his mouth to speak as large green bar appeared over his mouth.

"Not. A. Word." His friend warned him.

The three of them easily dispersed the criminal organization, with the insincere thanks of Lex Luther, before returning to the Watchtower. For a time, Maxima kept her word. Showing an amazing amount of restraint and class, she assisted the League in several missions, even saving the Martian Manhunter's life. Despite what her heart told the Amazon, it did appear Clark and Goku had a calming influence on the Queen of Almerac. Maxima always found some excuse to be near the Saiyan. Anytime Diana wished to speak with the man regarding his relationship to her, she was there. Whenever Goku would go on a mission, Maxima would almost demand to come along. Anytime the woman was with Goku, that smile would sneak out, and instantly turn Wonder Woman's stomach. However, the redhead gave Diana no reason to act on her suspicions. After a patrol of Philadelphia, Goku and Maxima wandered the city for a moment. With delight Goku showed the Queen a 'Cheese Steak' and devoured five of the sandwiches before Maxima put a her hand on the man's thigh, and asked to speak with him in private. The two aliens made their way to Fairmont Park, when Maxima began to speak.

"Goku", The woman carried herself regally. "I wish to see the power you used to defeat Darkseid. This 'gold fire' that has already made its way across the universe. Will you show me this?"

"What, you mean go Super Saiyan?" Goku looked around, making sure no people or trees were nearby before setting his jaw. The Saiyan clinched his fists and gave a grunt as his hair again shot skyward in haphazard spikes. His eyes turned to emerald green as ki exploded from his body in golden flame. It was a controlled transformation, only using a small portion of his Super Saiyan energy to not damage the landscape. It was still enough to push Maxima backwards, forcing her to cover her eyes.

"Its...incredible" Maxima breathed. "Yes, I can feel the power pouring out of you. So, this is a Super Saiyan." The Queen moved closer, tentatively reaching out and touching Goku's super saiyan aura. The fire tingled her skin, but it did not burn. It was as if Goku could control the flames themselves. She could feel the passion, the fire of Goku's Saiyan heritage. The raw emotion it takes to become the legendary warrior. "This is what I came to Earth to find. The strongest man in the universe. The only one worthy enough to be my mate."

Hearing this, Goku's transformation instantly stopped. His hair and eyes returned to their normal, innocent jet black. "I don't know about being the strongest". Goku admitted honestly. "Superman is way stronger than me in my normal form, and I know that he is always holding back."

"Really?" Maxima's eyes lit up. Although the Kryptonian had rejected her, its true that Superman had always carried a special place in her heart. "A simple contest then". Maxima stated before grabbing hold of the stunned Saiyan and kissing him passionately. Goku's eyes bulged for a moment before gleaming over. Something in Maxima's kiss was sapping his strength. His mind was in a fog, unable to make sense of anything. Normally, Goku's mind was well guarded due to his martial arts training and Saiyan willpower. However he was here with Maxima, his friend. He trusted the Queen with his life, and would never put up keep himself separated from his friends. Against a telepath like Maxima, the Saiyan stood no chance. The only thing the man could hear was the sound of her voice. It beckoned to him, and he had to obey.

"We shall go to New Genesis and free Darkseid. There, you and Superman will see who can defeat him first. The winner becomes my mate". She reached out and stroked the martial artists face. Such gentle features, such amazing power. Maxima was honestly torn between who she wanted to win this little wager.

"Sure Maxima!" Goku responded cheerfully. Even in thrall, the man couldn't help but be himself. The Saiyan put two fingers to his forehead, searching for Darkseid's ki. Maxima grabbed hold, wrapping her arms around him, feeling his muscles tense as the two of them blinked from existence, to appear on New Genesis at that exact moment.

"All available League members to the Command Center. NOW." Batman commanded though the Watchtower intercom. Moments later Superman, Wonder Woman and Martian Manhunter were gathered as the Batman played the distress call on the massive computer screen.

The image was broken, time and space were distorting the message. Slowly, a man wearing a red spandex uniform and a large metal helmet appeared on screen. "This is Orion of New Genesis. Justice League, come in!" The man almost yelled into the monitor. Batman pushed a few buttons before responding.

"Its us Orion. Repeat your last message." The Dark Knight replied.

"Son Goku, Queen Maxima and a small regiment of her guard are making their way to Darkseid's cell. It looks like they are intent on freeing this madman!" Orion stared in disbelief at the carnage. Goku, using the Kaio-Ken attack, easily worked his way through the guard of New Genesis. Maxima and her military looking on. The man was relentless in his attacks, his red ki flashing back and forth, crushing all that stood in his path.

"We need your help. If Darkseid gets free, who knows what will happen".

"Hang on Orion! We'll be right there!" Superman spoke into the microphone, hoping to reassure the distraught New God. "How could Goku do such a thing! He's the one who put Darkseid in there?!"

The Martian Manhunter closed his eyes, concentrating. Sweat began to drop off the man's brow as his red eyes shot open, the alien gasping for breath. "His mind is not his own. I can barely sense him, however there is another presence in Goku's mind, influencing his actions."

All four original League members looked at the screen as the redhead lead her army.

"Maxima". Superman's eyes began to turn red, his rage building until a large slam caught all of their attention. Princess Diana had put her hand through the steel wall of the Command Center.

"I knew that witch couldn't be trusted". Diana pulled her hand from the wall and made her way to the armory. Grabbing a blessed battle axe, her lasso and a confiscated Boom Tube, Wonder Woman made her way to the cargo hanger and activated the device. A large bang followed as a small portal opened up. The hanger bay was empty, and large enough to contain the portal. Anywhere else on the Watchtower, and it would have pulled the entire station apart.

"We need to move now, or Goku may die due to her idiocy". With hesitating the Amazon leapt into the portal, praying to Hera, Athena, and whatever Gods may be watching that she make it on time. J'onn and Superman were only a moment behind her when Batman called them back. Without a word the detective pulled out a small device, and handed it to Superman. Clark looked at the strange gun handed to him. It was small, compact, not even the size of a water gun. Made of shining chrome, the dial on the side was set to maximum.

"I've studied Goku's physiology. J'onn was right when he said that Goku stores all that power by eating. That should speed up his Saiyan metabolism to the point where it will render him unconscious at best".

"At best? You mean this could kill him!" Superman stepped back, stunned at how casually his friend was talking about killing their teammate.

"Wake up Clark. We might not get another chance at this. We still don't know the full extent of his powers. When you get the chance, don't hesitate. I'm going to keep this off the grid, keep Apokolips from finding out or they just might follow." Batman turned to leave, but stopped at the exit. "Don't hesitate". With that, Bruce was gone. Manhunter and Superman looked at each other for only a moment, and followed Diana into the unknown.

The scene was total chaos. Fire rained from the sky in the once beautiful city. The floating city rocked with explosions, teetering in the sky. Diana stood there, stunned that Goku could do such a thing as Clark and J'onn appeared behind her.

"We have to stop him, Diana." Superman put a hand on her shoulder. The Amazon nodded, and the three of them flew towards New Genesis' floating capital. The heroes soared overhead, bodies moaning and scattered throughout the area. To their absolute amazement, despite the devastation, there were no fatalities. The Saiyan hadn't killed a single soldier, despite Maxima's influence.

Cannon fire stopped their thoughts, as Maxima's forces turned on the three incoming heroes.

"J'onn, find and stop Maxima. Diana, deal with her forces. I'll find Goku." Superman ordered, his eyes resolved. Diana nodded and made a B-Line for a small tank, lassoing it by its cannon and swinging it into its neighbor. Superman and Martian Manhunter looked at each other, neither saying a word. Both knew what had to be done. As usual, Bruce was right. Goku had to be stopped. The Martian veered off, searching for the Almeracian Queen. It only took a moment for Superman to find his target. A large explosion rocked the battlefield as Orion was sent crashing into a building, the structure collapsing onto the New God, burying him under a hundred tons of steel. Kal-El looked down to see Goku, standing just a hundred yards from the Royal Palace. The reddish flame of the Kaio-ken attack still surrounding his body. Slowly, the Kryptonian pulled out the gun given to him by the Detective. He could end this with one shot. Clark's finger slowly pulled on the trigger. One shot, and Goku would be incapacitated, possibly killed. Thoughts of Goku's smile, his infectious laugh flashed through his mind. The wounded soldiers of New Genesis, scattered like ants appeared to him. But none of those men had died. Goku, for all his might, had held back. He was still in there. Superman could still save him. His jaw set, Superman crushed the weapon in his hand, and at the speed of light launched himself at the Saiyan's back. The Kryptonian landed with a earth shattering crash. Windows a hundred yards away shattered at the impact. Superman shook his head and looked down at the devastation around him. He stood in a crater fifty feet deep. Kal-El wasn't usually one to hit a man in the back, but when facing a foe like Goku, he wasn't going to give up all his advantages. Superman looked beneath him and stared at rock. Nothing but rock and dirt. There was no sign of the Saiyan anywhere. Cursing, Superman hovered out of his crater to stare at his target. Goku stared back, with a grin on his face. The Saiyan clinched his fists raised his head and yelled to the sky. Again the ground rose in massive chunks around him. Superman knew what was coming. And he was ready.

Goku's transformation complete, the Saiyan looked into the eyes of the Kryptonian. Goku's body mass increased, his hair again in the standing spiked formation. He settled into a martial arts stance, waiting for Kal-El to make the next me.

Superman put his fists to his waist, his eyes burning red. "Lets finish this".

You all knew it was coming! It was inevitable, and finally, the battle is upon us. Goku vs. Superman! Next chapter, an all out battle between the Man of Steel and the Monkey King. Also, Diana vs. an army and Martian Manhunter vs Maxima!

I have to be honest, this chapter really was just a teaser leading up to the next, but I hope you all enjoyed the read. I know very little about Maxima, but I hope this random villain provided and interesting catalyst for this battle. See you next chapter!