This story continues five years after 'The Final Goodbye'. I recommend that you read it first so that this story makes a little more sense. I had planned to take a little longer to write my next story, but new ideas have been flowing in my head keeping me awake at night, so I decided to write sooner than later. I will post a new chapter at least once a week, will keep them short since I work full time and need to keep up with my family obligations. I really appreciate all of you who took the time to read 'The final Goodbye'. I never expected to receive so many positive reviews, and I welcome all of them, even the ones that criticize or single out my flaws, after all, this will allow me to become a better writer.

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Chapter One:

"Mr. Grey, Mrs. Lincoln is at it again, this time she refuses to leave until you agree to meet with her. Do you want building security to handle it again?"

"No, you take care of her this time; and Taylor, make sure you escort her all the way outside this time, don't let her in again."

Taylor nodded in acknowledgement then quickly walked out of Christian's office. This had been the third time Elena had showed up at Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc. in the last month, and per Christian's strict orders, she was denied access beyond the reception area.

Christian knew that he could no longer put up with Elena's unannounced visits anymore; he let it go on far too long mostly because of their past history. But enough was enough; he knew that if he did nothing to put a stop to her attempts to contact him, she would somehow find a way to get to Anastasia instead.

"Andrea, call Ernest Mason, I need him on the line 'ASAP', and get me a couple of Tylenols after you reach him." Christian's headache was the least of his problems; he decided that it was time to place a call to his attorney regarding Elena.

A few minutes after his request, Christian gets the call "Mr. Grey, I have Mr. Mason on hold for you."

"Mason, I need for you to file a restraining order against Mrs. Lincoln,…yes, yes, I know, ….she was here again, she must be desperate now…, I don't fucking want to wait, do it now, I'm tired of putting up with this, she asked for it now… right, let me know as soon as you do." He slumped down on his chair just as Andrea came into his office with the two Tylenols and bottled water.

"Mr. Grey, don't forget to leave at three today, Mrs. Grey called me earlier and made me promise to send you home early."

Christian snickered "Oh did she now, so she gets to tell you what to do, who signs your paycheck? Hum?"

"You do Mr. Grey, but she counts on me to send you home early every day." Andrea smiled but did not wait for a response as she headed out the door. Christian frowned but knew Andrea was right, Anastasia was expecting him home early, it was Friday, which meant 'date night'. Friday evenings meant babysitter, night out on the town, no kids, dinner, no kids, a movie, no kids, a nice long drive, no kids, making out, no kids, and a whole lot of lovemaking, and definitely no kids.

The thought of Anastasia and his children calmed him down. Elena was in the past, at least for him, he no longer cared for her, he was living his life and did not understand why she would try to reach out to him after he made it clear years ago that he no longer wanted to see her again. The last thing he wanted was to tell his wife that his former lover from way back was trying to contact him, he knew this was a very sore subject for Ana, and did not want to hurt or worry her in any way. But he had promised his wife years back that he would always be honest and not hide anything from her, he would just have to tell her about Elena.

The buzz from his cell phone broke his thoughts and put a smile on his face. "Hello Mrs. Grey, checking up on me?"

"Why Mr. Grey, you are a big boy and I am not your Momma, besides, your real Momma wants to know what time to pick up the kids, what time will you be home?" Christian could hear the excitement in Ana's voice.

"I am getting ready to leave now Mrs. Grey, I can't wait to be alone with you. I'll need to shower and change first, so I will stop by Escala first, but call mom and tell her to pick up the munchkins in about an hour."

"Will do Mr. Grey, don't take too long, I love you babe."

"Love you back, laters babe." Christian smiled, after all, Elliot's line never seemed to get old.

Taylor appears as soon as Christian set his phone down. "Problem taken care of Mr. Grey, but Mrs. Lincoln was very upset, she caused quite a scene this time, I am afraid she might try to make another appearance soon Sir."

"Fuck, why can't she just stay out of my life, you would figure she would have taken a hint by now!" An exasperated Christian continued. "Taylor, assign David and Stewart on Elena, make sure they follow and report every step she takes, and call Phelps, have him put a trace on all her calls, emails, everything, I want as much information he can get by tomorrow morning, I will take care of the rest."

"Will do Mr. Grey, ready to go?"

"Yes Taylor, take me to Escala first, I need to clean up before heading home."

As Taylor left to make his call, Christian let out a long sigh, he knew that he would have to tell Anastasia everything regarding the recent events concerning Elena, and this was a conversation he was not looking forward to.



Next Chapter:

"But Christian, I thought you said she understood about us, what does she want from you after all this time?"