This is a 3 chapter version of Ariel and Eric's wedding.

I do not own anything, Disney does. Enjoy!

There's nothing more in this world she needed. Everything was right here. Soon she'd be married and she could barely hold in her excitement and joy and, with her nature, she didn't. For the past couple of weeks Ariel had a certain sparkle in her eyes, a sparkle that was different from all the others.

The kind of sparkle that never came when she would visit fountains and museums and pretty much everything else.

No, this one was much happier, and filled with love, excitement and who knows what else.

Ariel would skip around the hallways and sing to herself. Her footsteps had a special hop in them as she pranced down the corridors.

Eric felt tingly and warm whenever Ariel merely walked by.

There was always a glow that radiated from her that filled his heart with joy. Yes, Eric was a lucky man. Only she could bring out the smile in his lips that no one in the entire kingdom had ever seen before. Not even Grimsby.

. . .

Eric woke up and instantly felt his heart thumping. Today's the day. This is the beginning of the best day of his life.

The faint smell of fresh, warm breakfast pastries filled the room and the early sunlight washed through the windows.

He inhaled the buttery scent taking in all its pleasure but then almost gagged in disgust, sick from the delicious scent. He was so nervous that he completely lost his appetite and suddenly felt nauseous, but there wasn't any reason to be.

They both knew they loved each other, but something in the back of his mind told him something was bound to go wrong.

He reached his arms up to put them behind his head and lay in bed for a few moments processing today's event.

He was getting married.

Almost every day he did the same thing, lie in bed a moment and count down the days to their wedding day. Always excited to get through the day so it would come faster. And now, he had to admit, he was a little scared too.

He stared absently at the sea outside his window, calming down ever so slightly with the view. The sea could always make him feel better, it was like a second home to him.

Then he smiled from ear to ear. Nothing could go wrong as long as she loved him.

Quickly getting up to greet his bride-to-be, he put a fresh white shirt on, rolled up the sleeves and changed into his blue trousers, almost tripping over himself with excitement. Just as he was coming out the door Grimsby, suddenly by his side, put a hand on his shoulder to stop him.

It was almost as if he was anticipating Eric's actions.

"Eric, we have to get you ready. Your breakfast will be served shortly but you can't see your bride until this afternoon." Eric's eyes dropped.

He wanted to see her just once before the wedding, to say something clever like 'see you at the altar' or even just to see her face would make his day.

He opened his mouth to protest but then closed it realizing there was no point in arguing with the man.

"Alright Grim, let's go," he replied automatically.

Still feeling the wooziness from this morning, he had a hard time walking, his legs felt like jelly and he could feel the anxiety creeping up on him.

Just pondering the thought of Ariel in her wedding dress made him swoon. He had never seen the thing but it must be beautiful. He hoped there wouldn't be too much make up on her face, personally, he thought she looked wonderful without it.

Then he started thinking about what it would be like seeing her walk down the aisle, it was a blurry vision because he had no idea what she would look like. There was only her angelic face and her fiery red hair that he had already memorized long ago.

Then he shook the wonderful thoughts from his head and told himself to focus on other things. He would never be able to concentrate if she was floating around his mind all day.

The two of them walked into the dining room and Carlotta set down two trays of eggs and toast.

Breakfast was difficult but manageable, he ate the toasty warm bread and eggs hesitantly but eventually he finished the whole plate. While popping grapes into his mouth, Eric and Grimsby continued to talk about preparations and what was in store for him.

According to Grim's schedule, Eric had three jobs that day, they were to get dressed, be on time and stay presentable. Easy enough. He traced circles on the table with his finger thinking of what he could do with his spare time. Maybe he could take Max for a walk, yeah, he'd love that.

Full and ready to start the day, Eric stood up, nodded to Grimsby, thanked Carlotta and left the room to find something to do, allowing himself to think about Ariel once more. There wasn't anything really to concentrate on anyways.

Ariel woke up late that morning. The sunlight was seeping through the thin curtains and she sighed cheerfully, today is the day of the wedding.

Ariel felt fairly relaxed but confident in that moment. She felt tired, but there was no way she was falling asleep again. She sat up, rubbed her eyes open and leaned her head up against the headboard of her bed. The room was bathed in a yellowy glow from the blend of the curtains and the sun, it was like the whole room was telling her it's going to be a great day. Then she closed her eyes again in bliss, soaking up the faint light coming from the windows.

She never felt the need to get up quite yet so she sat there with the blanket pulled up to her neck, cocooning the rest of her body, while one arm stayed out from under the covers and stroked the soft fabric. She wondered if Eric was up yet, he tended to wake up earlier than she did.

Then the peaceful silence was broken when there was a feeble knock on the door. Ariel lifted her head slightly and slowly opened her eyes. A small elder woman with graying hair popped her head in.

"Excuse me dear, are you awake? We should be getting you ready for your big day!" she said in a sweet voice.

Ariel smiled kindly and replied, "I'm awake"

"I'll leave you alone to get dressed and wait for you out here," and the door closed with a creak.

Being a bit groggy from her sleep, she got up lazily and strode over to her closet which held dresses of different sizes and colours. Many of them never suited her fancy but there were a few she had taken a liking to.

Running her fingers along the several outfits she generally wore, a light gold one caught her eye. She pulled it out to see the beautiful dress.

The corset was a dark gold colour and the sleeves were light yellow, same with the rest of it. It was feather-light and flowing, enabling the person enough room to do anything in. This would definitely do.

After getting dressed Ariel still felt the need to wake herself up. It didn't feel like the most wonderful morning. She had hardly slept last night. So she went over to her bathroom and ran the faucet. She gathered as much water as possible into her fingers and splashed her face, then continued to wash away all the sleepiness.

The water was cold and refreshing, it made her feel much more alive. Now that she was awake, her feelings poured out into her expression. A wide smile was spread across her face and she felt tingly and excited.

When she came out of the room, sure enough, the woman was on the other side of the hallway, waiting and talking with a younger maid.

"Hi!" Ariel called out. The woman looked over abruptly and waved her hand to tell her to come over.

As Ariel happily strode over she was looking at the younger woman, she seemed to be in her thirties. Her chestnut brown hair was pulled into a high ponytail at the back of her head and her bangs were held back by a lovely white flower barrette. Her green eyes had a gentle feel to them when she turned her head to see her.

"Hello! We are here to make you look extra special today," the young woman said smiling, "After all, it is an extra special day!" She giggled, and Ariel let out a chuckle as well, she could already tell that this lady was a very enthusiastic person.

"I'm Flora and this is Celeste," gesturing to herself and the elder woman beside her.

"Nice to meet you! Now what's on the to-do list?" Ariel asked bracing herself for whatever could be on it. Who knows what the humans did at their weddings? Ariel certainly didn't know and she never bothered to ask, she wanted it to be a surprise.

The women spilled out the whole thing. Ariel had her whole day filled with things to do, allowing only about a full hour's rest before the ceremony. She gulped and asked gingerly, "Do I get to see Eric at all?"

"Oh dear, you'll see him at the ceremony!" said Celeste chuckling, "Trust me, it will be worth the wait," she smiled a wrinkled but reassuring smile and Ariel sighed and gave herself to the maids to do their work.

They all left to board the boat so the ladies could get her ready inside. The whole thing was going to be a surprise for everyone, especially Eric, plus they wouldn't want her walking around in a wedding dress.

A handful of women were scurrying around franticly making Ariel look her very best. She thought she looked fine the way she was.

She never liked wearing mascara, it was sticky and it glued her lashes together, plus it clumped, so she asked that they lay off on that. The ladies insisted but Ariel was stubborn, mascara was not touching her eyelashes. So they backed off on it and continued to touch up her face. Only adding small amounts of the stuff to highlight her features the way, they knew, both Ariel and Eric liked it.

Her hair didn't take much of an effort, they all agreed that to have her hair down was best. Only brushing and leaving in a few hair pins to keep it from falling into her eyes.

Ariel could still smell the sea as they stroked her beautiful red locks. The scent would forever be imprinted on her and there was no way of getting rid of it and no way she would ever try to. Her eyes brightened at the smell of her home and she remembered that her family would be coming to the ceremony as well, along with a few of her friends, like, Flounder and Sebastian. She was so glad all of her loved ones would be there.

It also reminded her of Eric again, he loved the sea. It was a place where he found peace, and the same went for her.

Her thoughts trailed off but she couldn't shake Eric from her head. She was so excited to meet him this afternoon.

Every once in a while, Carlotta would bring her toast, pieces of fruit and small sips of tea when there was time, to keep her from getting hungry or thirsty. They wouldn't want a malnourished bride on their hands.

Finally it was on to the dress.

When they brought it out, she took in the beautiful gown she had chosen. It was really fit for a princess. Ariel gazed at the detail of the waist and neckline, a blue ribbon delicately lined on the edges. Simple but flattering.

It was a rather large and poufy dress but it served quite well the occasion.

"It's so pretty," Ariel finally whispered marveling at, not just the dress, but everything that would be happening in only a couple of hours.

She could feel the handful of helpers smiling behind her, "Well, why don't we see how beautiful it is with you in it?" said Carlotta in a motherly tone. She always had that kind of personality about her. She was warm, caring and always there.

The dress slipped on without a fight and Celeste placed the shiny gold tiara at the top of her head. Ariel looked at herself in the tall mirror, she looked absolutely stunning.

The smile painted on her face was genuine and she could feel tears of joy coming to her eyes. One managed to break the surface and started to roll down her cheek.

"Now, now, we wouldn't want to ruin your makeup dear," said Flora as she gently dabbed the tear from her cheek with a cloth. She smiled at Ariel, proud of the team's work.

It seemed like only yesterday she was swimming in the sea with her sea-green fins and purple sea-shells, searching for treasure in shipwrecks with Flounder. Avoiding her father's watchful eye to go explore and collect things from the human world and escape to her little grotto. Dreaming of being where the people are.

She glanced at her legs which were hidden behind the swells of her dress remembering the tail she once had.

Now she was a part of that world and she felt like her life was complete. Well, almost. She still had to marry Eric, then it would be perfect.

Flora brought out a pair of white high-heels and placed them in front of Ariel to which she lifted the skirt of her gown to reveal her bare feet. The finishing touch.

She still smiled at her toes and she probably would for a long time. They always were so fascinating. Almost everything amazed her, giving herself a child-like quality, which Eric particularly loved.

She put on the shoes and felt a bit wobbly but Celeste helped her regain her balance.

Ariel felt herself giggle and returned her eyes to the woman in the mirror. This woman was no longer a 16 year old girl fighting her way to true love and happiness. This was a beautiful young lady destined to walk down the aisle to true love and happiness.

The butterflies that appeared in her stomach were frantic now. She didn't know why she felt so nervous all of a sudden.

Her cheeks flushed red and she started to feel beads of sweat forming at her brow.

Only an hour left.

Eric was pacing in his assigned room inside the large boat. The smell of the sea wafting in through the windows did nothing for his anxiety.

Max was following his urgent footsteps, tail still wagging. He seemed to want to help him somehow.

Eric looked at him, bent down and took Max's face in his hands, "Thanks for being here, buddy," he said to the shaggy dog, rustling his gray and white fur.

Only an hour left.

He peered once more at the mirror making sure his suit fitted nicely and was perfect. The gold trimming and blue details matched nicely to the white coat and blue pants.

But he never really liked gloves. They were uncomfortable and restricted movement, plus he felt that his hands needed to breathe all of the time.

He had a sudden interest in his outfit now. Everything had to be perfect if it was going to be anything close to Ariel.

Then he heard the door open.

Grimsby was there, "Eric, it's time," he said failing to control his wobbly voice. It was obvious he had been crying not long ago.

Eric didn't ask about Grim's state, he didn't think he'd want to talk about it. Instead he walked over to him and gave him a hug. The only thing he could think of that said a million words without actually speaking.

Grimsby hesitated at first but thoughtfully patted his back in acceptance. This was unusual. They never hugged. It was only on occasion, once or twice before. He could feel the smile Grimsby was displaying behind him and the relief that was washing over him.

When Eric pulled away he saw Grim's expression. He was so happy. He could already guess why.

Grim was like a father to him, with his own having died little over ten years ago, Grimsby was the one to raise him and teach him almost everything he knew. And now he was getting married.

"Thank you," was all he could say to the man.

The light from the sun high in the sky filled the whole room. There were only a couple of tiny portholes for the light to come in, but it served the small room nicely. Eric always liked spring. It made for great sailing, not too cold, not too hot, and the sea was fairly calm as well.

The weather was exceptionally great today though. Perfect for a wedding.

"Come on, I've got a bride waiting for me," Eric said with a new found confidence. This was going to be the best day of his life. And something like sweaty palms or butterflies was not going to ruin it.

Grimsby nodded and they left the room.