Where the Bleep is Icewind Dale?

Muses: mewtwofangirl and reinamarie seregon =)

Summary: as if bumping into Nuada in killer mode is not bad enough, we suddenly find ourselves in a foreign country. My seemingly mundane life may turn out to be quite adventurous though. If I don't get speared first.

Our first cowrite together. The girl's name is like mine too lol. Reina: I love sharing the songs for each chap. Recommended: Nightwish: Elvenpath, Jonas Brothers/Demi Lovato: I am What I am

Act 1


I sighed as I ran a brush through my waist- length auburn hair. I'm LATE for work again! Shit! I grab my purse, car keys, and cell phone and check the time: 4:30 pm. My shift at the pizza parlor starts at 4:45…I have fifteen minutes to get my car started and there….and it is at least a 25 minute drive. You might be wondering why a nineteen year old like me is working in a pizza joint in the first place, so I'll tell you: I'm saving up for college tuition…and a better car. The car I have now is crap….forgive my language, but anyone who has a car that only works three out of ten times and decides it's not going to start the other seven times knows EXACTLY how I feel. Once I rush outside, I jump into my 1996 pale yellow Ford and jam the key into the ignition. Oh shit, don't do this to me! I curse, when the car makes a wheezing sound of protest. I try the key, and after three or four times, I decide it isn't worth it and jerk the key back out of the ignition and slammed the door shut. I am WALKING to work.

I jog as fast as I can down to the corner of McArthur Avenue and press the crosswalk button. When the light changes, I hurry across and turn the corner. I gasp in surprise when I bump into someone in the "shortcut" alley I usually take when my car won't start. As I look up, I see a man with deathly pale skin and long platinum blonde hair. His unusual eyes blazed with cold hatred, and in his hand was a spear that one might find in a Lord of the Rings movie. I know something bad's about to happen! He's not human, that is for certain! He looked way too pale like a vampire.


I readied my weapon as I felt someone collide with me. What insolence! When I turned, I lowered my speartip seeing that she looked harmless. 'Only a vile human. Though I must admit, now that she's seen me, I wonder if it is wise to let the vermin live.' Her knees did not look capable of supporting her weight and her face blanched. I raised a brow.


Oh crap…he's contemplating something….what is he contemplating and why?! I better make myself scarce before 'Legolas' here decides to turn me into a human kebab! I can try to run, but he's WAY faster than I thought he would be….guess the legends and myths about Elves are true…and spear is at my throat before I can blink. Bleep!

"What are you going to do to me?" I found myself blurting. He had many scars on his skin. That made me wonder if he had slain many more humans.

The Elf's glare did not waver when he replied, "I may kill you." MAY kill me?!

He is not certain? And if he decides NOT to kill me, what is he going to do to me?! I don't think I want to know! I inhaled sharply and focused on staying alive and conscious. At the rate my pulse was racing, I would probably die of a cardiac arrest. Hey, he understood my accent. Observe the enemy, assess the situation, my brain narrated.


This woman….she is scared; as she should be….and yet…if I am not mistaken, I see a glint of curiosity, perhaps even fascination in those vile hazel eyes of hers. …. I WILL, have to slay her. Or she would tell others about where she has seen me.


Crapcrapcrap! WHY did this have to happen to ME of all people?! Why couldn't this guy just let me walk away? It's not like I'd TELL anyone! First of all, any normal person here in New Jersey would think I was insane, and the only people I COULD tell, I had never met yet. The Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense; or B.P.R.D. was an organization meant to stop guys like HIM, but they only had missions at night. Now daylight had not retreated. So…yeah, I'm pretty much screwed. Then again, I might be able to talk myself out of trouble here, but I have to think REALLY fast.

"H-hold on. Why kill me? It's not like I pose a real threat to you or anything." I stammered, lifting both my hands in a placating gesture. The elf sneered.

"You humans defile the earth. You forced other beings like us to go into hiding because they were not like you. Not a single one of your kind deserves to live." He growled in a low voice.

Fear and some sympathy collided within me, but I also got annoyed by him throwing me in with other people. Plus, we had not even introduced ourselves properly! But indignance overrode my rational mind. He was biased!

"Hey, I HAPPEN to be an environmentalist, thank you very much!" I snapped. I regretted, when he readied his spear to strike. Maybe I should have taken my mother's advice and moved down to Florida with her and my kid brother. Well Kyle, let's see how much of a D&D nerd you are when you find out your big sis was killed by freaking ELF!

I waited for the blow, but it didn't come. When I opened my eyes, the Elf and I were no longer in the alley, but a forest instead. WHAT THE HELL?! I cast around frantically, trying to figure out where we were, or at least HOW to get back….especially when I saw the accusing scowl on the Elf man's face.

"I'm assuming by your expression… you think that I brought us here? Frigging middle earth? Can't be… " I gestured to the trees.

He grabbed me by the shirt collar. "You foolish human! What have you done?! I demand that you return me to the future this instant!" he snarled.

"Excuse me YOU'RE the Elf here! Why don't YOU find a way to get us back!" I shouted, surprised at my burst of courage. The Elf pushed me to the ground roughly and pointed his spear at my throat.

"Insolent brat! Watch your tone when speaking to royalty! I am Prince Nuada. You will not make a mistake again." he growled. Royalty? This guy is Elven ROYALTY? …..Well he sure doesn't act like it….Then the elf sheathed his blade and turned his back on me, pacing about.

"Man…maybe I really SHOULD have been playing D&D with my little brother when he had asked me to….then I might know what to do if we run into a Drow or some Orcs." I muttered. I stood up, dusting myself off.

He must have heard me from way off. I didn't want to be near such a dangerous person, but I had no other people to turn to. As I caught up, he remarked, "Drow only come to the surface at night, fool."

"How was I supposed to know that? Look, I was only giving an example, and I wasn't even talking to you, Your Majesty." I say before looking around to admire the scenery. Hey, if I can't get home, I may as well enjoy the sights and take in my surroundings while it lasts, right? Who knows when I'm going to get to see the beauties of nature again!

The Elf seemed annoyed with me because of this. "Will you stop gawking at the scenery! I wish to get back to where we came from."

I crossed my arms, arguing, "Come on, after living in the city, I think it's nice to be surrounded by the majestic beauty of nature. It's not like I can do much else, since I have no idea how to get home. I may as well do my best to keep myself calm, right? And I happen to find nature very calming." The Elf growled but he remained silent, ears pricking.

He made a chopping motion. "People come this way."

Where he gestured, I saw two figures in the distance walking in our direction. Both of different races which I recognized from Dungeons and Dragons handbooks. The tall and athletic figure should be an Elf, with ebony skin and silver hair. His race was known as a Drow (so much for Blondie's 'they only emerge at night' bit…). On his belt, near his arms were two swords strapped left and right. He spoke to the shorter figure beside him, a Dwarf. The Dwarf wielded a big axe and had a beard. They were armoured and in cloaks. Behind them came another figure, a human. He was much more massive than all of us combined.

They stopped when the drow held up a hand. I stood a little behind Nuada, praying they would not fight. I am squeamish about bloodshed. The elf prince drew his weapon and used a different language. Oh shit! The dwarf and the human showed the glint of their axes, but the drow did not move. Neither did he unsheath his weapons. Turning slightly to the human, he said something.

I had thought of letting blondie do the talking but then again, I should declare that I was innocent and lost. So I stepped in front of the prince and looking at the dark elf who seemed less angry, I said, "Hi I'm Monica and we're kind of lost. Suddenly we came here as we were, um… talking. Where are we?"

The other two men blinked and lowered their blades. The drow cocked his head. I noticed his eyes were purple. "Are you mad, woman?" Nuada whispered angrily.

I ignored him. Did they understand English here? I smiled nervously.

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