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Chapter One: Strange Feelings

The day had begun with torrents of rain that fell down upon the ground at Yokai Acadamy. It easily soaked into the parched, thirsty soil. The thick, black, angry clouds loomed overhead in the promise of a day filled with an ominous presence and emotion. Classes seemed to drag on ever so slowly, being consumed and sucked dry by the gloomy weather. Within one such class, half the students had skipped out due to the weather, such as Moka, a vampire that did not fair so well with water. It was so bad that the teacher, Nekonome was there, cat tail waving lazily as she almost seemed to doze upon her desk while the students were suppose to be reading.

Towards the back of the classroom, Tsukune sat, his kind and gentle chocolate brown eyes locked down upon his reading. He glanced up suddenly to scan the falling drops of rain out the window next to him as he heaved a rather large sigh. Such a wonderful day already and he knew it was simply not going to get better... but he would have to do it anyways! Today happened to be when he was going to hand off his many letters to the bus driver to take and put in the mail for his mother and father. Tsukune never wanted to overly worry them if he could help it, but with his lovely friends having to stay after for assignments, he would simply have to make the journey on his own...in the pouring, chilling rain.

Thunder roared outside the school building which caused many students to groan in pure agony, and Tsukune had easily summed up that monsters must not enjoy the rain too much since they either skipped classes on rainy days, or hissed like a cat thrown in a bathtub. Personally, he enjoyed the rain, and as long as it was not lightning and posed a threat to his dear life, he would stand out in the rain as long as he could back when he was still among the human side of the tunnel. His thoughts were scrambled though as the teacher sighed and signalled for them that class was over and to scram. As he gathered up his belongings, he packed an extra set of work for Moka, since she couldn't come when it rained. Once that was done, he waved to Kurumu, Mizore and Yukari before Tsukune walked from the classroom at a relaxed pace.

Outside of the window, hidden by the bushes, trees and pelting rain, glowing yellow eyes stared at the retreating form of Tsukune. The eyes belonged to a rather beautiful young lady, who seemed to be a couple years older than Tsukune. She had long, midnight black hair that fell about her to her waist, with very soft, pale flesh. She gave off an almost hungry look to the now gone boy she had been watching for the last couple of weeks. She had been unable to get near Tsukune due to his little circle of friends that congregated around him like a shield... well today she would get what she was after and no other monster was going to stand in her way, that she would be certain. She had planned it all, making it so that the boy would be alone and with a scent like his, she knew no other would make a better choice. With her mind set, and a smirk firmly upon her lush lips, her body soon disappeared into the shadows and slunk deep within the forest. Her nose and ears were ever alert for sounds of her Tsukune.

Walking down the hallways that seemed less crowded then usual, Tsukune paused, his bag hitting the floor as he was bumped into roughly. He toppled to the ground and landed in a scattered mess upon the floor, eyes tightly closed as his hand moved to rub over his forehead gently. Once his kind eyes slowly gained the strength to open once again, he found himself being leaned over by a blurry figure. As his vision cleared enough, he was able to see that Ginei, called Gin for short, peered worriedly down at his prone position on the tiled flooring. Gin was classified as a very attractive male student, and was also the head honcho of the Newspaper Club. He had dark brown eyes with messy black hair that tumbled about his face in layers, always held back by a thick, red headband. Tsukune had always been curious about the man who loved to photograph women practically naked, earning Ginei the reputation of a peeping tom. He noticed a hand reached out to help offer him up from the ground, which caused his own soft eyes to notice the necklace that coiled around Gin's neck. The necklace was of a wolf head with a bigger ring hanging from the mouth of the wolf. Tsukune knew the necklace symbolized that Gin was a werewolf, having had discovered when the wolf had proclaimed to make Moka his she-wolf. As he pushed those thoughts far from his mind, Tsukune happily accepted the hand that pulled himself back into a standing position while he heaved a sigh.

"Sorry Gin... I guess I wasn't paying much attention..." he paused as Gin gave him a rather curious look.

"Eh... if I recall I ran into you... you know all my pictures for the newspaper and all, was just in a rush... but I'll see you tomorrow for the club! I have some greast ideas to write about!"

With that, the werewolf turned and quickly walked from the other, hand clenched tightly onto his black, sleek camera as he hid the shudder that sent ripples throughout his entire body. Gin was a bit on the edgy side today since he felt the presence of a she-wolf... and to put it simply, he was more than a bit disturbed. He continued to make his way to the club room where he sat in a chair. His eyes flicked over towards the window and stared outside at the pouring rain. He felt terrible when he knocked over Tsukune... he sometimes forgot how fragile the clumsy human could be. His mind, however, froze as his thoughts began to swirl around rapidly. Tsukune did smell differently to Gin even if it had always been a rather nice, intoxicating scent. He had not noticed said scent until the brat had stood up to HIM, the greatest werewolf ever, to protect the vampire. After that Gin had took to getting to know the others, and found them to be truly great, caring beings. He pushed his inner musings down with a shake of his head as he paused as an idea struck him. Gin was up from his seat in a flash before he moved outside, not caring who was knocked over in the process.

Tsukune had left the building, soon becoming drenched as the rain pelted down around him in waves. It soaked through his school uniform and caused his now wet hair to flatten against his head. He seemed utterly content though in the rain as he walked through the woods towards the cemetery he frequently visited. He found a dry chuckle leaving his slightly parted lips in his inner musings of how danger always happened at the cemetery. He tried to push it aside as he continued to walk as his hand held onto his bag containing his precious letters to his family back home. Tsukune's mind soon faltered in its thinking as his heart skipped a few beats suddenly. As he had just about cleared the cemetery, he had heard a soft growl that rumbled from somewhere in the surrounding bushes. With the rain being so heavy, he found it a bit difficult to pinpoint just where it was coming from.

He did not have to wait too long before a figure slunk from behind one of the many trees to his left. Before him stood a very stunning, beautiful female. The rain had her hair stuck about her body in long waves with raindrops sliding down along her exposed legs left bared from the school uniform. Her eyes glowed with such an eerie dangerous desire. It was a look that made Tsukune feel as though she were about to devour him completely in one bite. His mind dashed in circles as he found himself backed up until his back struck against the large tree and he gasped out softly. His bag fell to the soaked ground to send mud in all directions. The beautiful female smirked at his reaction as she took several steps towards him until her body crouched right before him. She sensually leaned towards him, her lips brushing lightly over his ear in a rather seductive manner.

"Hmm, Tsukune...today I make you forever mine. Just submit to me and you wont need any other but me to keep you safe... especially with that other dog snooping around" she whispered as her tongue flicked out to run along the curve of his ear.

"By dog, I certainly hope that you aren't talking about me." a silky voice answered.

"G..Gin!" Tsukune gasped out in shock.

Gin stood, propped up against a tree as his eyes looked angrily towards the female that stood over Tsukune. He was also soaked from running through the rain just to get here, and it seemed his senses were right on the mark. This she-wolf was acting very predatorily towards Tsukune, and Gin knew there could only be one reason behind it. He easily crossed his arms and sent a low warning growl to the she-wolf, who in turn, growled back, even slightly snapping her jaws at the taller male. While Tsukune sat, mortified against the tree, he watched on in fascination yet confusion to just what was going on. He all but balked in sheer startlement as the female stood and glared daggers at Gin. Her body morphed to change into a taller werewolf. Her eyes gave off an animalistic glow as she hunkered down, her body defined and covered in silken black fur. As she seemed to challenge Gin, she let loose a loud howl. Her lip pulled back from her muzzle to show off her fangs while her tail fluffed up.

"This boy belongs to me mutt... I plan to claim him as my own. I am Ryoko so know your place! Since he is unmarked... his scent alone is more pure than many of our own kind... now step down... I was here first." she glared darkly.

"He is already claimed you bitch! You should know your place before standing up to an Alpha. He is not to be touched by the likes of you, if need be I'll put you in your place."

Gin looked overly pissed off to the point of wanting to break things and rip apart bodies. He did not waste much time on the defiant prude as his own body began to shift and change. He easily turned into his silver werewolf form that towered over the she-wolf. His ears stood upright as he posed tall and proud, tail erect as the fur along his back rose up in pure aggression. He exposed his own sharp fangs to her and let loose a low, threatening growl. Ryoko did not flinch as she charged towards Gin, her eyes crazed and misted over while her mind lost all sense of reason. Gin was prepared as he swung out with his claws, fighting her off as they tumbled upon the ground. The rain struck their entangled bodies as blood flew through the air to splatter upon the nearby trees and soak into the already saturated ground. Tsukune watched in pure awe as Gin took and threw the female to the side, her body crashing through several trees and even a couple boulders. He wasted no time in running to her to grab her throat between his mighty, powerful jaws before he held her there waiting. He had showed her just WHO the top wolf was, and she heaved a very angry sigh before she let her body relax in his jaws, offering her submission.

With Ryoko admitting defeat, she was finally released and glared up to the other wolf hatefully. Her body shifted and changed back into her more human like form before she scoffed. Gin stood over her as he finally allowed himself to slip from his werewolf form, his presence still domineering to her. His eyes scanned over her and he felt the glare swirl in his eyes. This... bitch had tried to come and steal HIS TSUKUNE! He glared even harder before he snorted and turned to put his back to her. Gin's eyes were shielded by his hair that fell within his face, sloppily hiding his facial expression. He muttered in a soft voice, knowing Ryoko would hear him and understand he meant business.

"Stay away from what is mine... or next time my fangs will slip" he said in a dead whisper of a voice.

Still pressed up against the tree, Tsukune sat in a pure shocked state. He had just witnessed a fight that he found amazed him and made his stomach do somersaults like some kind of girl. He had stayed silent, his mind blank in pure confused awe at what Gin had announced to the female. He had all but staked claim to Tsukune in a romantic manner and it had Tsukune's head spinning like a tornado. His brown eyes watched as the girl, Ryoko apparently, stood up and stalked away. Tsukune heard her complaining the whole way about men being quite infuriating assholes. With her absence, it left Tsukune alone with Ginei. He shook his head as he suddenly felt a strong, firm hand upon his shoulder. The hand gave a comforting squeeze before it moved up to his chin carefully. Looking up, Tsukune found himself momentarily captivated by the pair of deep, soulful brown eyes. He had never noticed just how beautiful Gin's eyes truly were and he parted his lips in order to tell him so, but was cut off by a pair of chilled lips pressed to his own.

"G..Gin!" he gasped around the kiss, his head hitting the tree behind him in shocked confusion.

"Shh... it's okay..." was all Tsukune got in reply.

He felt the lips once more return to his own, kissing so tenderly that his mind swirled in a dizzy dance of shock and enjoyment. Gin gently ran his hand slowly along Tsukune's cheek while he deepened the kiss. His tongue slid into the other's heated mouth, exploring as he lightly pressed against the younger male carefully. Gin was running purely on instincts and knew he needed to put his scent all over the other so that people could back away from what would be his. He heard the soft moan swallowed by the kiss and smirked, his hand upon Tsukune's cheek sliding down along his neck to dip into the collar of the uniform. Gin's fingers deftly shifted to undo the first few buttons on the school uniform Tsukune wore. His lips pulled from the kiss and trailed slowly downwards to the creamy neck to kiss and lick there. He even suckled the neck until there was a very nice mark left in place. Once satisfying his inner wolf, he pulled back to see a blushing, red-faced Tsukune, who looked close to panicking or dying, but Gin couldn't tell which just yet.

Tsukune was not awake for too much longer before he passed out from everything that had happened and from the chilled rain. It was enough for Gin to snap back into reality as he looked around and then down to the mark he had just left upon the neck of the other. He gasped and drew back rapidly in pure shock as though struck by lightning. He walked in several circles as his eyes all but bulged from their sockets. He paced, back and forth and looked up to the raining sky, then back to the ground as he cursed to himself for loosing such control... and with a GUY no less.

"Oh Hell no what in the world have I done? What is WRONG WITH ME!? I can't believe I just marked him like that...I'm suppose to love women... and breasts, and taking pictures of said breasty babes, but instead here I have this strange urge to only nurture and care for Tsukune... I.. I don't understand..."

Gin ranted for a good long while, his shoes becoming soiled by the mud all along the ground. Finally though he calmed down enough to just rub a hand furiously over his eyes and sulkily moved to Tsukune's limp form. Tsukune was carefully lifted into the strong arms of Gin as he began to make his way to the dormitories to deposit the other. His mind continued whirling around like mad, and it was confusing to understand such feelings, but so far he had pieced it together. This was the time of year that werewolves spent in search of a mate, and being forever loyal not just any being would do. They went by purity, strength, and scent, which apparently caused Gin's werewolf to subconsciously chose Tsukune that night he stepped in front of Moka to stand up against him. Tsukune was pure and smelled simply intoxicating, not to mention he even held a backbone to show he would protect, even when he was no match for the danger. It made Gin want to dominate Tsukune all the more and make him his own.

Gin knew that he could not be so forceful with Tsukune, and unfortunately would have to take this slow. He came to understand this after he beat his head through a thick glass window to make sure his brain was in fact, functioning correctly about this whole situation. He grumbled as he eventually made it to the dormitory and found Tsukune's room. He pushed his way inside and moved to deposit his bundle upon the bed before inhaling a deep breath. A low growl rippled from his chest in pure enjoyment at the overpowering scent of Tsukune. Gin moved closer to him and removed the others shoes to prevent anything from becoming muddy. Once that was taken care of, Gin wrapped Tsukune in many blankets much like a burrito to prevent any fevers before he leaned down to place a feather-light kiss on his forehead. He stood up hesitantly and shuffled to the door as he left for the night.

"Until the time is right...my Tsukune"

Those were the last words whispered before Gin slipped from the room and made his way to his own room in another building...sadly. He had a lot to think on and knew that by tomorrow he would have a very angry vampire, succubus, witch, and snow princess to deal with after seeing his mark. The mark he left upon Tsukune resembled the necklace he wore after all, so even an idiot would be able to link it together and know SOMETHING had happened. His biggest worry though was if Tsukune would hate him for this? Gin knew that only tomorrow would be able to shed light on the subject and to keep mulling over it would just turn him into a worrywart. He soon reached his room and bedded down with so many thoughts of how he would be killed slowly in the morning. Tomorrow he just might be hung by his toes and beaten with a stick and bed pans for this, but in the end he wouldn't have it any other way.

~End Chapter One~

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