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Chapter 10: Crispy Checkups!

Bright and early the next morning found Tsukune jolting awake as fear raced down his spine. Within his dream like state, he had smelled smoke and a fair decent amount of it. Sitting up more fully in bed, his eyes glanced around groggily before he nearly toppled from the bed. He could smell the smoke, thick and suffocating to his more delicate senses now it seemed. Worrying that the house was set on fire, he slipped fully from the bed and stepped to the outside hallway. To get to the hallway, Tsukune stepped through a giant smoke cloud, black and charcoal and making him cough violently. Even with all the smoke though, no sounds of fire reached his ears. As he moved down the hallway, he heard quite the commotion coming from the kitchen area and paused to listen to it curiously.

" GIN! HOW IN THE WORLD DO YOU BURN TOAST?! " Arissa hissed out.

" Apparently very easily mother! Sheesh it's not my fault that the toaster refused to give me back my toast!" Ginei wailed back to his mother, stomping his foot.

" Apparently, nothing works right in MY kitchen since you burned EVERYTHING!" Gin's mother fussed back heatedly.

Tsukune listened and furrowed his brows in pure confusion. Ginei had cooked for him before and it had always turned out to be rather delicious, so what went wrong now? He wondered if he should just go back to his bedroom, but before he could, Gin's mother stomped from the room muttering all the while. Pausing as she took note of him, she did a complete turn around and beamed quite brightly to him. Tsukune would have never guessed she had just been ranting and raving to her son only mere seconds ago. As his eyes stared at the smiling woman, he looked as though he were stunned into silence. Arissa chuckled, apparently understanding that Tsukune had heard her fussing at her moron of a son. As she walked to pass him, she lightly patted his shoulder before she continued on her way.

Once Arissa had fully vanished from sight, Tsukune turned and looked towards the kitchen. With a loud gulp, he pushed his way inside and nearly burst into fits of laughter. There in the middle of the kitchen stood Ginei, plat filled with an assortment of burnt food. All over the kitchen was a mess with flour decorating the counters and floor with eggs shattered all around. To Tsukune, it looked like an atom bomb had gone off within the kitchen and the ringleader cause being Gin. To look upon the dark haired male, would be to look at a kicked puppy. His face was drooped in quite the frown as he looked as though he had just failed the whole universe. Gin held bits of various food items all over him, a bit of egg yolk even dangling from the tips of his hair as he turned to look at Gin. Gin looked as though he were about to burst into large tears that could flood the very room in a matter of seconds.

" T... Tsu... I tried to make you the best... breakfast ever and just looked what happened. I am going to be a horrible father! You will all starve because of how incompetent I am in the kitchen..." Gin whined.

"Gin.. you just seem to be very nervous, so you shouldn't be over-dramatic my love... everything will turn out just fine in the end. " Tsukune said with a soft smile.

Gin just looked at Tsukune before his lip quivered and he rushed, the plate being forgotten as it tumbled to the ground. The plate shattered into many shards as Gin moved and wrapped Tsukune up in his arms, spinning him around in a circle as he laughed and smiled brightly. Tsukune gasped as he held onto Gin securely as he was spun around in many circles, growing more dizzy with each twirl around. It would not take long before both boys were laughing happily, wrapped in each others arms. Gin leaned his head forwards, moving to press his lips to the others passionately. Tsukune smiled into the kiss, enjoying all the love and affection that flowed from the taller, older male before him. Finally, Gin placed Tsukune back upon his feet and stepped from him slowly with a bright, happy look plastering upon his face.

" We can just have cereal for breakfast..." Gin mumbled in embarrassment.

" Cereal sounds great.. I could go for a big bowl of Fruit Loops... " Tsukune muttered moving to grab the cereal for the two of them with a couple bowls and spoons, followed by the milk last. The two moved out of the kitchen to sit upon the porch with their breakfast. Sitting side by side, they enjoyed their breakfast in silence, their shoulders gently touching. While eating, both watched the rising sun that made its way up into the morning sky. The birds also came awake, chirping and singing out happily while the dew sparkled on the various blades of grass. The morning air was cool and crisp, filled with a freshness that only a new day could harbor. The beauty of it all was to ensure the days to come would pass as smoothly as possible.

As the weeks passed by, the new lovers grew closer and closer, though a heaviness was beginning to fill the house. It was coming closer to when Madelon would be coming to check up on Tsukune, and he was so nervous! He had woken up early on the day she was to arrive and paced practically non-stop. His hands clasped securely together, wringing violently as he took deep, calming breaths. Due to his peculiar mood, the other occupants in the household, gave him quite the wide berth, scared to offend the fiery Tsukune here as of late. So far, Tsukune had proved to have quite the many mood swing now a days. He was already going on the third month and already he complained about how huge he was. Many a time he wailed about how he forgot he was part whale before bursting into tears and running away to sulk.

As Tsukune slunk off to go curl under the bed, Madelon finally arrived. She stepped from the car and looked around, surprised to not see Tsukune there to greet her. Instead, standing in front of her was Gin, who smiled nervously towards her. She arched a brow and whacked him with her cane she carried with her, which pulled quite the sound from him as he danced around in pain rubbing his head. She then silently just stepped right past him and into the house, heading towards the bedroom where she knew Tsukune was. Once getting to the room she cleared her throat before her cane reached out to loop around his ankle. She tugged once, jerking his body from under the bed. Tsukune cried out in pure surprise as he turned large, disbelieving eyes upon Madelon as though stating 'How could you ?' She merely stared back silently as though knowing she had already won the battle.

" Tsukune... it's time for your checkup... come on now I don't have all day.. up you go..." She ushered him up to the bed.

After getting him upon the bed, she moved, lifting his shirt as he cool hands reached out, fingers poking and prodding around his slightly swollen stomach. After a short time she nodded, smiling as she pulled his shirt back down and let him sit up more fully. Tsukune watched her carefully though as if expecting her to come out and tell him some horrible bad news. Instead she just chuckled and patted his soft brown hair in a soothing manner before she spoke to him gently. Her voice, when she spoke was still calm and gentle, rolling with such kindness.

" Everything feels and sounds normal. So far you are doing wonderful in your pregnancy. I will come to check up on you in about eight weeks time to see your progress. For now you can do things normally, but after a couple more months I would like to have your activities restricted just to make things easier on your body and the child's. " With that she bowed and stepped from the room.

Tsukune heaved quite the sigh of relief as he pushed up from the bed to his feet. Feeling the pressure lifted from his shoulders, he began to happily hum as he moved down the hallway. With his humming and bright attitude, the others in the house began to peek around corners and doorways to watch the young one. His moods seemed to switch faster than he could change his clothes now a days. Only three months along, meant there was a good four months to go, and if the moods got any worse, they would all be forced to sleep outside with the dogs. When Tsukune held a mood-swing he was quite the furious little fur ball and the WHOLE house heard every detail of the argument, which usually ended in Tsukune crying while apologizing for being such a beast to everyone.

Gin found himself braving his little love though as he moved to approach him. His face held a soft smile as he stepped up behind Tsukune, his arms reaching out to wrap around his sides and over his slight bump of his stomach, holding him close. He shifted, nuzzling his face in the other side of Tsukune's neck and shoulder before shifting to press a tender kiss to the side of his neck. It was then that Tsukune smiled and leaned back more fully against Gin's chest, his eyes welling with tears of joy as he just enjoyed the breeze that fluttered around them. He was so happy to have someone as supportive as Gin and knew if he had to do this all over again he would do it a million and one times over. He knew he could get through this pregnancy having Ginei right by his side for all times. His biggest worry though was how to tell his closest friends about their surprising little bundle of joy.