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Chapter 11: He Said WHAT?

Soon…. very soon they would have to return to the school for the semester to pick back up after the vacation they all had taken. Gin was more than overjoyed to return to his friends and his club…. to go on and pass on the time till he would get to be with his new family. Some could easily say that Gin was bursting at the seams in pride at his mate and lover, Tsukune. Tsukune though was a nervous disaster. The closer it came to returning to school, the more unsure he had become. He often gave the cute pouty face to Gin as though silently asking why he had to return. He was always crushed though as Gin just stared back to Tsukune, having become immune to this look in particular over the last several days.

" Tsu…. you can't hide away because you're scared…. everyone adores you in class… our friends being on the top… I don't think they will kill you, steal your soul, and then throw you in a meat grinder to put your bones in a potion… you are simply overreacting ! " He was cut off by his lover.

" No! Don't you see? They will be so furious…. I… I'll be a freak to them.. and because they will be so grossed out.. they will decide to kill me, but save my soul while throwing my body in the grinder to use me for ingredients… I just know it ! " He sniffled dramatically.

" Tsukune… that's enough! I know them, and I think they will love you no matter what… though I am sure they will be shocked.. but male demon's having children is not unheard of… you are just a more special case since you were human and still part human. Has anyone here thought of you as a freak?" Gin pressed with a curious look.

" N.. no…. they've doted on me and gave me anything I ever asked for plus some… arggg… OKAY FINE I'LL GO TELL THEM THEN! GIN… YOU'RE A MEANIE!" Tsukune yelled out.

Ginei just blinked several times with large eyes as he watched Tsukune spin around and march right outside of the room, stomping all the way to the bedroom to pack up his things. After being left along, Gin heaved a sigh of relief that his fur ball finally decided to go back to school. It had been an eggshell topic, but Gin knew that their friends could help protect Tsukune as well, since the threat would not be giving up for them to finish the school year, which had Gin on edge. He constantly worried for his little one, and if he could prevent him from ever being taken he would give his own life. Just the thought of some evil jerk hurting Tsukune, was enough to infuriate Ginei to such a point he would cause massive death and destruction if needed to get him back.

Gin slipped further and further into his mind, his thoughts swirling to where he blocked out everything going on around him. A hand landed upon Gin's shoulder, making the tall male yelp out, his hair standing up while turning to look behind him to his mother. He visibly took a deep breath as though trying to suck his own soul back into his body from just getting the fright of his life. His mother stood there, a smirk placed upon her full lips, which slowly quirked upwards in a smile as she chuckled lightly. She finally shifted though to pull her hand from her son's shoulder as she spoke to him. Her brow arched in an almost playful, teasing manner as well while speaking.

" My my son.. just what has you so jumpy?" Arissa spoke mildly.

" A.. Ah… well.. just thinking over things….. HEY at least Tsukune finally agreed to go back to school though ! " He held up a peace sign in victory.

" Ah, well that is good….. he needed all the protection he can get, and I know his friends would be hurt if he never returned or told them… well then you have packing to do. The car will be here in an hour's time to take you both back… be safe… and I'll come to visit!" Arissa smiled to her son who had grown so much in the last weeks.

As Arissa turned to leave, she felt her son wrap his arms around her in a tight hug. She felt her back vibrate as he spoke his love and thanks to her, which had her smile. Only after Gin released her did she pat his head and move along her way to the library. Gin moved back to his room, pulling his own bags out and tossed his things inside, not caring if it was neat and organized or not. As he finished tossing in the last of his stuff, he glanced over to see Tsukune all packed up and passed out in a dead sleep. Gin could not help but chuckle at the soft snores that left the sprawled out form of Tsukune. It seemed the outburst from his little one had wore him out to the point of requiring sleep. He could already see the school year becoming even better because of his love and all his adorableness.

True to Arissa's word, the car was there at the next hour, the driver loading up all the suitcases and bags while having the door opened for the boys. Gin had already bid everyone farewell, but could tell poor Tsukune was about the flood the area with all his tears. It made Gin smile though at seeing how much his little one had come to caring for his family. Hugs were given to the boy with ruffles to the soft hair to add comfort. Even words of coming to visit and seeing Tsukune soon were all that could be given to finally get the small wolf into the car. Gin slid into the car after Tsukune, the door being closed by the driver who moved to get into the car as well. The car moved off down the driveway and to the city before it headed towards the tunnel to get to school. The ride was tense to put it lightly as Tsukune nearly wrung his hands until his fingers fell off. He only stopped once Gin took his hand and held onto it gently, his thumb massaging over the back of Tsukune's hand soothingly.

The action calmed Tsukune down immensely and pulled a soft smile to his face as he curled within the back seat till they reached the grounds. The campus was crawling with students returning back from their break. It seemed normal though other then that… groups of friends huddling back up while moving to the dorms. Gin climbed from the car, helping out Tsukune while grabbing their. Tsukune was about to take his backpack from Gin when he heard a rather loud squeal of excitement in the distance. Tilting his head, he had time to turn just as he was pounced on and knocked to his back, Gin's body cushioning him from the hard impact. There latched to him like a leech was none other than Kurumu. She squeezed him till he felt his lungs would break off and land inside his stomach.

" AHHHHHH TSUKUNE! It's soooooo good to see you !" Kurumu laughed happily.

" Tsukune… Ginei, I trust the vacation was nice? " Mizore asked softly, head tilted while watching Kurumu squish the other two into the ground.

" C… Can't…. b...b...breath!" Tsukune gasped out with a squeak.

" Kurumu…. you're going to hug him to death if you don't let him go…." The voice came from Moka, who surprisingly had gotten control over the break and stood in her human form.

" Yeah… no kidding.. I give him about 5 more seconds before passing out.. if my calculations are correct in assuming such… " Yukari muttered, finger resting on her chin.

It was then Kurumu jumped back as though she had just been burned from the words. She bowed repeatedly while apologizing to Tsukune, who had remained on top of Gin to get his bearings once more. Poor Gin felt like he had wolves spinning around his head from the sheer force he had been knocked over into the ground. With a heaved sigh, he sat up, taking Tsukune with him to be sitting on the ground. Gin took that moment to glance up and over their troop of friends he had missed. He could tell the girls knew something was up, and it wasn't long before he took note of Kurumu sniffing the air curiously. With a tilt of her hair, her hair fell halfway into her face as she suddenly crouched and took a bit sniff of Tsukune before falling back with large eyes.

" T… Tsukune ! You smell weird… like… you're male.. but.. female.. or.. not wait… That didn't sound right… " She paused, tilting her head curiously. " It's… like the scent a pregnant female would give off…. "

" He smells that way… because he is expecting…" Gin answered proudly as he noticed Tsukune freeze up.

"...Y… you.. he.. WHAT?" Kurumu was too stunned to form a sentence.

" How in the world would that be possible? " Moka seemed just as…. shocked.

" Well, there are many cases where male demons could carry offspring and give birth just like a female…. " Yukari spoke, her all knowing self pointing it out while beaming a large grin.

Poor Tsukune just found his brown eyes flicking from friend to friend in a match to try and tell how they were reacting. So far he managed to tell they were absolutely shocked… well except for miss smarty pants… She seemed super excited and was already rambling to herself about baby showers and clothes. Mizore looked like she had been frozen in place, as though trying to understand just what she heard. Moka looked shocked, but curious as well on just how Tsukune became pregnant anyways. Kurumu finally came to herself though and felt back to pouncing on the startled boy. She chuckled and then squealed in delight, her wings popping out to lift her into the air in sheer joy!

" Ohhh YAY I am going to be an aunty ! " Kurumu shouted.

" You are not related… so would we not be.. godparents to the child?" Vampire Moka had stepped out, arms crossed while bluntly speaking.

" Well… it would depend on what Gin and Tsukune think over it…. though I bet it will be an adorable child nonetheless.. ohhh I cant WAIT TO SEE HIM OR HER! " Yukari just couldn't help herself from spinning in a circle.

" I….. I wouldn't mind you guys being godparents….. I mean.. I think of you as my sisters… so even aunts would be okay… " Tsukune muttered in a soft voice, amazed at how well this was going.


Mizore seemed to come back to herself, blurting it out before she could possibly help it. Her eyes were large, her hair slowly starting to stand up from being so shocked as the temperature once more dropped. Snowflakes began to dance to the ground all around them to land gently. She had never heard such news before… and where she came from they had never heard of a male bearing the children… her mind spun in many circles, and because of her loud outburst the whole courtyard had stilled to watch the scene. Mizore had little time before she passed out in a full blown faint, crashing upon the cushioning of snow. Tsukune just stared before he was helped up by Gin and held gently. That was when all the whispered began since everyone seemed to understand just what was going on. Tsukune could pick up various whispered words that ranged from congratulating them, to being amazed. A few girls even giggling as they realized in order for Tsukune to be pregnant it means he slept with Ginei. All the imaginations were running wild, but luckily no one seemed upset or called him any names, which was very reassuring to Tsukune who finally managed a nervous smile to them all.

Mizore had been picked up and taken to her dorm room to wake up on her own while the others went about getting settled back into the dorms. because of the circumstances, the school had moved Tsukune to a dorm to share with Gin, that way a better eyes could be kept… since no one wished to see a rampaging werewolf being protective over his expecting mate. Tsukune slowly unpacked his things though, his mind in deep thought over just what the start of classes would bring. He was nervous about it, but he was also hopeful that things would go smoothly… well for the most part at least. He was pulled from his thoughts as Gin's strong arms wrapped around his waist and pulled him against a toned chest and stomach. Soft lips pressed kissed along Tsukune's neck to help him further calm down. Gin knew it worked when he felt Tsukune slump in his own, having fallen asleep. Scooping his love up, he tucked them both into bed and curled protectively around Tsukune. Just what would tomorrow bring for them?

~ End Chapter ~

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