During the party that Bulma had thrown to celebrate the fact that the Earth had once again been saved, Vegeta had been able to get a good look at Kakarot for the first time in quite a while. There was obviously something wrong with him, something that took him a while to put his finger on. To the untrained eye it would be almost completely unnoticeable, but he clearly saw the paleness and the slight droop to both the other male's hair and shoulders. If Kakarot had a tail, it would most likely be hanging limply by now. Having been forced to learn just about everything that could go wrong with the Saiyan body as a child, he recognized those symptoms. In fact, it was practically a textbook case.

Knowing that defeating Kakarot while he was unwell would be a hollow victory at best, he dragged the brain damaged idiot into the kitchen.

"You have a serious Welkar deficency that you let get completely out of hand." he said the instant he'd released the protesting idiot and dove into the cupboard under the sink and pulled out the half-empty bottle that Bulma kept hidden behind the cleaning supplies. "If the woman hadn't started putting this in my food the week after she started letting me stay here, I don't know what I would've done. Take half a teaspoon of this with each meal, and you should be fine after a while."

"Gee thanks Vegeta." Kakarot said as he placed the bottle in his pocket.

In another room, Bulma and Chi-Chi were discussing a certain aspect of being married to a Saiyan.

"I'm thinking of switching to Cyanide, the Arsenic simply isn't working at all. It never had any affect on him in the short term or the long term. I've put it in every last one of his meals for years, and frankly it's gotten boring." Bulma said.

"Don't bother, if he's anything like Goku he'll just complain about everything tasting like almonds, then order you to go out and buy some almonds." Chi-Chi said.