I've been kind of obsessed with taboo Brittana lately. I wanted to have a go at this step sister theme, I think it's really hot and well, there's so much opportunity for teasing and sexy times.

I know it's wrong, but oh my God she is so damn sexy. I can't control myself around her anymore. Especially when she's getting dressed right in front of me, or when she's wearing those ridiculously short shorts. The shitty part is, is that we hardly talk and not to mention, she has a boyfriend. It's so annoying, because she is so beyond gay that it's not even funny. Once when she was out, I looked up her browser history on her laptop. I was curious, ok? And what I found confirmed my suspicions. Lesbian porn. Everywhere. From then on, I'd always looked at her differently. Not in a bad way, in fact it turned me on.

It was a Saturday night and our parents had gone out to dinner with some of their friends. Santana was out with her boyfriend, so I was all alone. The thing is Santana's in her Senior year, she's eighteen. I just turned seventeen and I'm a sophomore. She pretty much treats me like a kid, I don't think she has any idea that I've slept with half the guys in her grade, including her boyfriend, before they started dating, of course, and can I just say... it's no surprise that she has such an abundant browser history.

Since she was out, I decided that it couldn't do any harm to do a check up on her laptop. I hadn't looked since the first time and that was months ago. So I stood up from my bed, wearing just my underwear and a baggy t-shirt. I sat down on her chair and opened her laptop. I bit my lip as I opened her browser, clicking onto her history.

As expected, there was no doubt a long timeline of porn. Not just any porn, lesbians, no doubt. Usually this would be where I would stop myself. It never felt right invading her privacy like this. But I couldn't stop the tingling arousal between my legs at the thought of her sitting on this chair, touching herself.

I took a deep breath before clicking onto one of the links. After a couple of seconds, up popped a video of two girls, one blonde and one brunette. I skipped towards the middle where the action was happening. My stomach flipped, hearing a loud moan as the blonde ate the brunette out. There was no doubting that it was making me hot, so I slid my hand down my stomach and slid it beneath my underwear. I gasped when feeling how wet I was, I think it was more the thought that Santana had watched this, rather than the content.

I had dabbled in porn before, but not much. I preferred getting a real source of pleasure. But this was pretty hot. The girls were young and very good looking. It amused me that the first one I picked was of a blonde and a brunette. I continued watching as the brunette began to reach her climax. Her moans spurred me on and I worked my fingers furiously against my throbbing clit.

"Fuck." I gasped, feeling myself getting close.

The girl's hips began to buck, just as mine did. A small moan slipped from my lips. Then I imagined that the two girls were me and Santana. My hips bucked at the thought and my fingers slid down further, teasing my entrance. I only fingered myself when I was really turned on, and this happened to be one of those occasions. I slid two fingers inside, moaning at how my wetness allowed me to reach until my knuckles. A particularly loud moan came from the laptop, and it caused to me imagine how Santana would sound with my tongue deep inside of her.

"O-oh..." I gasped, my fingers reaching that spot deep inside.

Fuck, I was getting close. I thrust my fingers faster and harder, intent on hitting that spot over and over. My muscles began to tighten around my fingers, my whole body became rigid, and with just a few more pumps of my fingers, it hit me. I whimpered out loud, my hips rolling, my fingers clamped inside of me. It was intense and my moans weren't subtle. It took almost another minute until I came down, finally slipping my fingers out and wiping them on my shirt.

I closed the laptop, breathing heavily, cheeks flushed. I sat for a long time, still revelling in the aftershocks of my orgasm. But before I could completely calm down I heard the front door open and close. Shit, Santana was home. I jumped from the chair and flung myself onto my bed, picking up my phone pretending to text someone. The bedroom door opened and I lifted my head, acting casual. Santana gave me a chaste 'hey' before walking over to her closet. My eyes immediately fell to her ass. She was wearing an extremely short, tight dress. Seriously, her body should be illegal.

Her arms reached behind her back, trying to undo the zipper. I swallowed thickly, watching her struggle. After a while she sighed and turned towards me.

"Britt, can you help me?" She asked.

My eyes now fell to her cleavage. Fuck, she had the worlds nicest boobs. I just wanted to touch them, squeeze them, lick the-"

"Britt?" she questioned.

I quickly snapped from my daze, standing up and making my way towards her. It didn't show, but I was extremely nervous, still turned on from my orgasm not but two minutes ago. My panties were pooled with wetness, and I was sure that it was showing. With Santana's back turned, I reached out towards the zipper. My breath hitched at being so close to her, especially knowing she was about to be semi naked in front of my eyes.

Without anymore hesitation, I slowly began to slide the zipper down. I held my breath as her tanned skin came into view. My fingers brushed over her bra strap and for a split second I stilled. I don't think she noticed, but I quickly finished, pulling down the zipper until it reached the bottom of the dress. I stepped back, biting my lip.

"Thanks." Santana breathed out, still facing the other way.

I muttered something incoherent and lay back down on my bed, my eyes still firmly planted on her body. My jaw locked as she slid the material down, mesmerised as it fell to her feet. I bit back a moan, trying to control my raging hormones. But holy shit, her ass. She was wearing a fucking thong. Oh God, she has the luckiest boyfriend in the world. My breathing had picked up, my chest rising and falling. I almost whimpered when she unclipped her bra. Arousal shot straight between my legs, my face flushing just like before. I wanted nothing more than to walk over there, turn her around and fuck her right against the wall. But after all, she was my step sister, and that would be kind of fucked up. It sucked having these feelings. But what would anyone do with a step sister as fucking hot as Santana? I'm pretty sure they'd want to fuck her senseless.

She reached into her closet and pulled out a loose singlet, pulling it over her head. When she turned back around I quickly averted by gaze, praying that she hadn't caught me staring. If she did, she didn't say anything.

"How was your date?" I found myself asking, surprised that my voice sounded half normal, considering my current state.

She lay down on her bed, just across from mine. I noticed that she was still wearing her thong. A voice groaned inside of my head. It was like she was teasing me on purpose sometimes.

"It was ok. We went to breadstix but spent most of the time in the back seat, if you know what I mean." She said.

I could hear the smirk in her voice. Bitch. I knew she didn't really like fucking that goon, he couldn't please a desperate whore. His dick was barely the size of my freaking pinky. I rolled my eyes, but tried to remain nonchalant. I wasn't supposed to be jealous of my step sister's boyfriend.

"Cool." I replied, wanting the conversation to end. I didn't really want to hear about her rendezvous with her incompetent 'boyfriend'.

"It's ok Britt, when you're old enough you'll understand." She said, her voice as patronising as she could manage. Ugh, why did she have to be such a bitch?

I snorted, disbelieving of how naïve she was about me. It's not like I'm fucking twelve years old. I'm seventeen for God's sake.

"You honestly think I'm a virgin?" I asked, holding back smug laughter. She was about to be rudely awakened. Then maybe she would realise I'm not a little girl and I'm more than capable of getting down and dirty.

She turned to me, frowning in confusion. It gave me a weird sense of satisfaction.

"Oh sis, I've fucked half of your grade, including your boyfriend. No offence, but he wasn't that good, and his dick's pretty small. You could do so much better." I said with a smirk.

I just loved seeing her jaw drop. She looked so taken aback. Oh God it was satisfying. She didn't even know what to say, she just stared at me in awe and shock. I then rolled onto my back, bending one leg, keeping the other out straight. Fuck, I was wet. Damn her.

"Don't look so shocked. I'm only two years younger than you, and I've got needs too, San." I was loving this, it was always awesome to watch her at a loss for words.

"I'm not a little girl. Get used to it." I finished, flinging my legs over the edge of the bed, standing up.

I didn't miss the way her eyes curiously roamed my body, namely my legs. But then they seemed to come at a stop between my thighs, her eyes bulged and her cheeks turned red. I quirked an eyebrow which caused her to look me in the eye.

"Like what you see?" I teased.

Her cheeks turned an even darker shade of red but her expression was stoic. I saw right through her.

"Nice thong by the way." I said, flashing her a wink before turning around and exited the room, making my way to the bathroom. I couldn't erase the image of her dark eyes roaming my body.

I turned into the bathroom, more than ready for a nice cold shower. As I pulled down my underwear, there was an undeniable wet spot from where I'd came earlier. Shit... that must have been what she was looking at. I didn't know whether to be mortified or satisfied. Maybe a bit of both. At least she didn't look disgusted.

When I stepped into the shower, I allowed the lukewarm spray to cool me down a bit. My thoughts kept trailing back to Santana. I still couldn't erase the image of her bare ass in that sinful red thong, nor her boobs, barely covered by her barely there dress. She didn't even need to wear slutty clothes, she'd look hot in a rag.

After a couple of minutes of washing off and cooling down, I returned to the bedroom wrapped in a towel. I probably should have thought ahead and brought my pj's into the bathroom. Dammit. Santana was lying on her back, but she had changed into a pair of shorts. Not they they were any less revealing than her damn thong. They were obnoxiously short and thigh, and there was no way she was wearing underwear beneath them. Ugh, fuck me. She may as well just walk around naked.

She looked up from a textbook that I knew she wasn't reading, her eyes flickering from my towel to my face. She seemed curious, as if still processing what I had blurted out earlier. Maybe she was realising that she wasn't the only one in the family who got freaky. Maybe she liked it.

Ok, no, Britt. She probably just thinks you're a slut. I told myself. Wishful thinking.

I waited for her to look away so that I could change, and thankfully she eventually did. I grabbed some underwear and a baggy white top, then dropped my towel. I was facing away from Santana, but wondered if she had peeked. I wish I knew. However, I quickly got dressed and crawled into my bed. Every night I slept in my underwear and a top, but tonight I felt a little more exposed and far less innocent. Especially with Santana staring at me from the other side of the room. It was making me nervous. I decided not to say anything, acting completely nonchalant. We went to sleep without speaking another word to each other.

It hasn't gotten any easier. Ever since 'that' night, Santana has pretty much avoided me. It was almost two weeks until something interesting happened.

"Have you ever kissed a girl?" Santana asked.

It startled me, one because I knew some awfully incriminating subtext, two because I never thought she'd be willing to explore this side of herself. After my initial shock, I sat up from by bed and crossed my legs, facing her.

"Just at parties and stuff, in front of guys." I admitted. But it didn't mean I hadn't liked it. I actually wished I had kissed more girls. They have the best lips. So soft and pink.

She hummed in acknowledgement, seemingly deep in thought. She spun around on her chair a bit to face me head on.

"Why?" I asked, knowing more than well why.

"No reason." She said, shrugging.

She didn't realise how transparent her lying was. Such a horrible liar. Or maybe I'm just perceptive.

"Do you want to?" I asked her, pushing my luck. Of course she wanted to, but admitting it was a whole other thing.

She seemed startled by my question, but eventually composed herself. She was good at that.

"Maybe." She answered, hiding a blush, averting her eyes to the floor.

My heart leapt, she wanted to kiss a girl. Guh, why did our parents have to marry? Why does it have to be so wrong to want her? It's not like we're real sisters. We wouldn't have deformed babies or anything, we don't even have penises anyway. So what's the problem? I'm hot, she's hot, I like girls, so does she, clearly. Why can't we fuck? To hell with virtue and morals and all that crap.

Sadly, the conversation ended there. Santana was quick to leave, excusing herself to go to the toilet. I could take a hint. She obviously wasn't ready, but that's ok. At least now I knew she was genuinely curious about girls. This time I let her go, already concocting a plan in my head. Now that I knew she was curious about girls, I could show her how great it really is while making her jealous at the same time. It's a win win.

I knew a couple of girls from Santana's grade. I'd made out with a few and even gotten a little hot and heavy. They were my booty calls, if you will. So I texted a couple, hoping for at least one reply. A couple of hours later, while watching some TV, I checked my phone to see several replies. I grinned, feeling a little arrogant for just a second. The funny thing was that most of these girls had boyfriends.

I sifted through the texts, seeing one that particularly stuck out. Her name's Jennifer, she's a cheerio, very flexible and totally smoking hot. I remember our hookup vividly. It was at a Noah Puckerman party, everyone was pretty drunk and she just came over to me all sultry looking and started grinding up on me. Of course, this turned many heads, most being boys. With whistles and cheers of encouragement, she turned to face me and kissed me roughly. I'm not gonna lie, it was fucking hot. All tongue and teeth. It was a 'fuck me' kiss, and I gladly would have done just that if her boyfriend hadn't eventually pulled her away. Probably because I was feeling her boobs, but whatever. They're nice, ok? Not as nice as Santana's though. No way. Later that night I saw her again. She quickly added her number into my phone and left the party, winking at me suggestively.

Yeah, this was the right girl. I texted her back, telling her to come over as soon as possible. Of course, she texted back immediately saying she'd be here in ten, accompanied by a winky face. If I wasn't so damn attracted and borderline obsessed with Santana, I'd totally be into this girl.

Ten minutes later, just as promised there was a knock at the door. Santana appeared at the top of the stairs, but I was quicker, swinging the door open.

"Hey." I said in an overly sweet voice.

"Hey you." Jennifer flirted, her ridiculously white smile almost blinding me as the stepped into the house.

I couldn't help but notice her attire. She wore black heels, making her as tall as me, as well as a pair of barely there shorts and a see through singlet that showed off her lacy black bra underneath. Her skin was tanned, but not exotic like Santana's. Also, her hair was out, but pinned to the side a little bit. Her hair was light brown and wavy, reaching down to her waist. If I was a guy, I'd probably have a huge boner just looking at her. Everything about her screamed sex.

I led her over to the couch, and as I did, I could feel Santana's presence. She was still watching us from the top of the stairs. But I didn't dare look back. I sat down first, pulling Jennifer on top of me. If I was going to prove anything tonight, it would be that I can be sexy and confident. But obviously the objective would be to tease the hell out of Santana.

"Is your sister home?" She asked, weaving her arm around my neck.

I held back a jolt of disgust at the term. She didn't know any better.

"Step sister, and yes. But our parents aren't." I said in a smooth, playful voice.

She bit her lip, smirking down at me. I wondered if Santana was still watching. Just incase, I kept up my little charade. I slid my hands around to Jennifer's ass, pulling her on top of me so that she was straddling my hips. She gave a little gasp of surprise, probably not expecting such a bold move.

"You're so hot." I said in a loud enough voice for Santana to hear.

At that, I leaned in, pressing my lips against Jennifer's, still roughly cupping her ass. We made out for minutes. I had to admit, she worked her mouth like a pro. But all the while I was still wishing that it was Santana.

Before we could take things any further, I heard footsteps and noise coming from the kitchen. I turned my head and saw Santana moving about the kitchen.

"Hey, Captain." Jennifer mocked, calling out towards Santana.

Santana was the Cheerio's captain, and she wasn't the nicest one at that. I held my breath, watching as Santana turned her attention towards us.

"Hey, Jenn." Santana seethed, slamming a cupboard shut to face us both.

I had to admit, angry Santana was hot. Imagine that in bed...

"Not that I don't just love seeing you every day at school. But is there any reason why you're now invading my home?" She asked, stepping over towards where we were sprawled on the couch.

Mmm, she was wearing her boyleg underwear. Ugh, her legs, so perfect and tanned. I wish I could lick them... maybe bite in between her thighs...

"Your sister Brittany here invited me." Jennifer purred, running her fingers through my hair.

I watched Santana's eyes as they followed the movement. Her anger seemed to double.

"And what would your boyfriend... not to mention the school think of you macking on a seventeen year old girl. A sophomore?" Santana asked, quirking an eyebrow.

Oh no. Bitchy, threatening Santana.

Jennifer shifted in my lap, her body stiffening. I watched as she and Santana had a silent battle with their eyes. Sure, I knew she loved making out with me, that was obvious. But she wouldn't dare let this get out, especially to her boyfriend.

"Screw you Lopez." She hissed, jumping from my lap.

Santana just smirked, clearly pleased with herself.

Jennifer stormed out of the house, making sure to shoulder Santana on her way. When the front door slammed shut, I was quick to corner Santana.

"Why'd you do that?" I asked, more angrily than I actually felt. I just wanted to see her reaction.

She rolled her eyes and folded her arms.

"So now you're a whore and a dyke?" She snapped.

I rolled my eyes right back, standing to my feet to come face to face with her.

"I wouldn't be talking if I were you, miss 'I want to kiss a girl'." I retorted, feeling smug as her eyes widened in shock.

"I never said that." She fought weakly.

If she wanted to play it like that, then I could play, too.

"Oh yeah?" I asked, stepping closer until our bodies were almost touching. I could almost hear her internal gasp.

"Then how do you explain all that lesbian porn in your browser history?" I asked, ridiculously smug.

Her face went pale, like she was about to be sick. That said it all, she knew she'd been caught. I stepped closer once again so that my lips were an inch from her ear.

"Don't worry. I actually think it's pretty hot." I husked.

Before Santana could form a coherent sentence I swiped past her, making sure to strut my way up to our room. Yep, now I was boss. This was going to be an interesting week.

There will be one or two more parts ;P