One Step Closer

Fandom : Gundam 00

Disclaimer : Sunrise & Bandai

Author : taskebab

Language : English

Genre : Romance, Angst

Rating : T

Character(s) : Setsuna and Marina

Warning : Typo, grammar errors, OOC-ness.

Summary : Every time they vanished to the despair, they were one step closer.

Author note : Dedicated for OPrincess ShinigamiO. (Thanks for the nice talk and motivations! I got the power!) This will be collects of drabble (my first multichap!) My English isn't so good, so please be kind (9T^T)9

Chapter One : They wished for a mutual understanding, but – then they died.

The princess gazed at him with puzzled look. She inhaled deeply, tried to relax her own mind. She knew that they wouldn't reach a mutual understanding. But she still wished for it. She wanted to understand him. And it wasn't enough.

The Kurdish boy gazed at her with a firm definition of argument. He kept trying to find something within those eyes that was gazing at him. Anything The Princess said, he would say NO. He was way too stubborn. Maybe – he was too devoted to his ideals. Simply glorious, but it wasn't enough.

"Setsuna, why do you choose the war, as the solution of the war itself?"

"Confrontation is the solution. Peace for war is just too cliché."

"Blood… cannot be cleaned by blood…"

"Eye for an eye. Nothing more and nothing less."

Deep in their hearts, they had understood each other.

She was too straight-forward talking about her wishes. He was able to understand her easily if he wanted to – but his ideals never allowed him.

He wanted t love this rotten world once again. He wanted to fight for this world. But she misunderstood it – she called it 'Confrontation'.

Never mind, they were one step closer.


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