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Chapter 1

11th September 2001

17-year-old Marie Neverlin had a few problems. After running away from an orphanage, there wasn't much to do for her. She was standing outside The Twin Towers. Or the World Trade Center. Whatever you want to call it, it was simply just as impressive. She stared up. She knew that it was going to be gone in 22 minutes and 37 seconds. That every piece of this amazing piece of architecture was going to crumble down and vanish. And she knew that she was going to have to find the man who was going to destroy all of this soon.

She looked up at the building, popping a cigarette into her mouth as she did so. This building was going to be very dead soon. Her boss would know what to do. In fact, she thought, a return window should be just about now. A shimmering window started to appear in the dusty alley behind the WTC. The wind blew along.

Quickly into the hole. She thought to herself. And jumped.

24th November 2048

"Well, Marie?" Her uncle asked. She was in a dark basement about a mile beneath the White House. There was a small light bulb in the ceiling, which was flickering.

Strange, that. She thought. Flicker, flicker, flicker. She shook it from her head as she turned around.

"The alleyway should be clear. The technology is spot-on." Marie answered the man in the dark room. "Nothing happened. Chaos space in the blink of an eye."

"That's very good, Marie." Her uncle replied to her, shifting his bad foot onto the side. "We need the exact place."

"One mile away from the world trade center. 8:04 am. Enough time to get over there, set a small fire and raise the fire alarm at 8:35 am, and get the hell outta there before I die."

"Perfect. There are thousands of people killed in the 9-11 attacks – hopefully one of them can save us." The man replied to her. "Remember – this is one of the last chances for American society. Change it ALL around. This is our last chance-"

The charger made a soft green glow.

"Right, the LEDs are ready, let's bring yer friend home."

Cathy Davidson was 19 years old old and around the back of the Pentagon. It was September 11th 2001. Opening a pack on chewing gum, she put one in her mouth and chewed slowly to savour the minty goodness they no longer had in 2048. The window appeared. She got in slowly.

A bloated figure she found in chaos space. It moved towards her. Biting her lip to stop her from screaming, she pushed forward towards that small dark hole, which was a few metres away now.

That figure…

She pushed further down. An icy cold hand tightened around her ankle. She screamed.

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