Arrogance - Chapter 1

A Tahnorrlok Fanfiction, with side Borra and Masami

Rating: K+

Summary: Tahno's been registered for the Task Force, Korra is not amused. Tarrlok does not let her see the light of day, no time for probending, no time for goofing off. Why is she constantly entertained by two arrogant men? - Episode 4 AU.

The Council Page looked up from behind his round spectacles warily addressing the prevalent concern before him.

"Avatar, the Councilman will take your complaint now."

Korra furrowed at the indifferent tone. She growled, "A forty minute wait, who does he think he is?"

She applied pressure to the edge of the counter, the safe guard, separating her from pummelling the startled Page, Korra spewed, "Queen of the Fire Nation!?"

He blinked several times, attempting to regain composure. He replied with the intention of ridding of her and reclaiming a sense of manhood, chest puffed out, the Page squeaked unintentionally, "He only has five minutes to attend to your matters."

The page gulped before concluding, "I would be wise with my time."

The young Avatar released her grip from the edge, and snarled staring at the Councilman's double doors with the look of a hungry polar leopard, "Prissy little pompous middle-aged single lonely-"

She was cut off by a ringing impudent voice, "Four minutes…"

"Yeah, yeah," Korra groaned dragging her way over.

Korra slammed through the rosewood double doors, overlooking the golden handles that humanely allowed entrance. The Page flinched at the loud slam and nervously returned to his paper duties. She ushered in sloppily wearing her Task Force gear when Tarrlok was stretching, removing a kink in one of his shoulders. She waited for a brief moment, slowly mesmerised by his slow actions before remembering her current quandary.

"Tarrlok I need to talk to you!"

At opposite ends of the long room, Tarrlok prowled his way to Korra's side gently lowering her reprimanded arm. His eyes frolicked to her face; she looked reluctant, as his hands returned to their comfortable position behind his back folded.

"That is why you would be here team partner" Tarrlok mused, "For what do I honour your amiable presence this time?"

Her head rose to his scorn, eyes glaring holes into his large skull, she furiously inquired, "Why the hell is Tahno apart of the Task Force?"

Tarrlok's head tilted emphatically, "He has renowned ability that has the potential to enhance the productivity of our Force."

"Enhance the productivity?"

Korra chuckled.

"You are kidding right!?" Snuffing hot air in the Councilman's face, she pulled back. "It's more like boosting his ego. This is a publicity stunt isn't it? He paid you off to be a part of the Task Force?"

"What would give you such a narrow thought?" Tarrlok's eyes disinclined at her analytical mind. He would break her speculation, "As a proud citizen of Republic City, he assured me he would like to protect the citizens and fight against the growing Equalists."


Tarrlok ignored her claims.

"Any opinion on the matter will not change, he is a validated team mate and will be joining tomorrow night's raid of the Moonfog's Tea House," he responded in a conventional manner.

He switched from gesturing with his right hand to using both. They landed respectively on her padded shoulders – Korra flinches at the touch, "I suggest you head over to meeting headquarters. Training will commence shortly."

"He hasn't attented one training session!"

His self-assurance warped at her quick remark and rejection of his bodily advance. There is no end.

Korra proclaims with an index finger, "Putting a prideful inexperienced civilian in danger will not only put the individual at risk but put your reputation on the line. That's not something you want right?"

Tarrlok scoffed, well-aware of his rein in this situation, he laughed at the idea of Korra attempting to break him through insecurities. His head rose to the challenge.

"Tahno of the Wolfbats will be at tonight's practice, and may I remind you, it is somewhere you should be making haste to," Tarrlok prompted her, attempting to turn her around with his hands.

She was unsatisfied, turned right back on her heel not ready to back down, shown by her disapproving folded arms and affirmed shoulder width stance. He succumbed to her stubbornness groaning.

Tarrlok added "I'll be sure to have him put in twice the effort to make up for his lack of training."

Korra eyes him, seemingly ending the conversation there before interjecting and tricking Tarrlok, "He has no experience!"

"I could say the same to you, but it is a learning curve for him and you," he says circling the young adult.

"I'm the Avatar!" she announces matter-of-factly.

"That does not justify your experience," Tarrlok reasons, and reminds Korra, "Yet you are still a valuable asset to our regime."

Asset. Korra knew that word boldly, and knew many of its variations, a treasured product, a prized profit, a simple perk to determine a victory, a financial interest. She was speechless, hurt, her blue eyes displayed vulnerability. This was Tarrlok, why was she showing weakness to the enemy. Tarrlok shook the guilt away, unaware what caused it however, her tone brought him back like a boomerang.

"Is that all you see me as?" Her eyes pleaded for clarification, "A token?"

"Please clarify, I do not comprehend," he denounced the situation, his plan to distract her.

"Am I nothing more than a figure head to provoke Amon?" her hands clenched threateningly, white knuckles trembling, her tone seemed to lower and crack, "Am I nothing but a pawn to increase your popularity?"

His plan to ignore the exposure in emotion backfired. He had to tread carefully with his words now. Tarrlok was naturally a careful yet manipulative man, experienced in the ability to detect the signs in body language of his enemies to advance his notions; he had won countless times in council meetings against Tenzin. But Korra was not Tenzin he clarified. Korra was different. Different in that she was predictable. Predictable in that she reacted to his retorts with anger, she bluntly stated her opinions when the average politician would support a claim. And predictable was not something he worked with in the political field. He was experienced in pulling the unthinkable. Korra was not for the thinkable – she is a brash yet malleable creature that could not be easily tamed by his words.

He still gave it a go nonetheless.

"No, no, no, you are worth so much more than that," he began, his soft tone attending to her insecurities. Korra felt babied, and stubbornly reputed averting her gaze to the tile flooring.

He brought his hand to her chin to address him, carefully; there was a brief glimpse of confusion before her eyes furrowed once more. He in correspondence, looked lazily into her eyes, "Why would you ever think of yourself as anything as shallow and complacent as that? You should know me better by now."

Korra bit back her tongue, he's not attempting to pull a fast one – right?

"You are Korra, my Task Force partner."

He had to say it that fashion, Korra cries inside. She was not his. Not his token.

Tarrlok released his grip smiling sincerely, masking his true nature, he believed he had Korra mesmerised. She was more predictable that he initially thought. His large palms engulfed her forearms, gradually slipping away till he met her delicate fingertips. Gently grasping them, he towered over her and whispered, "Remember how we conquered the last raid together, with your offensive skill and my defensive dexterity. They complimented each other. We ended up making a good team without your Avatar powers."

"It was a fluke," she responded still in his grasp, "I wouldn't be in the Task Force if I wasn't the Avatar."

"Is that honestly a terrible thing?" Tarrlok pouted, looked into her eyes, and played the supportive pillar she unconsciously desired, "You are Korra, leader of the Task Force, The Avatar, and the symbol of hope for all the citizens of Republic City. I won't deny that your presence on the Task Force does not increase the support the people have for it, but that was not intentional. I merely wanted to recruit the most skilled for taking down Amon. People trust you, Korra, to protect them, so trust me to protect them, with you."

Tarrlok's hands guided Korra's to his chest compassionately, his chest was warm simultaneously forced to look up at his handsome face. The contact pushed forth reality, she flinched and stepped back significantly creating several feet of distance - what had just happened?

Korra huffed, still lapsing over the intimate position, the warmth still evidently on her fingertips. Registering her personal space, she eyed Tarrlok with difficulty. He was not surprised by her reaction; he merely addressed her from his current position.

"Remember Korra, you are so much more."

The Avatar turned to the right, looking deeply at the golden door hinges, anything to distract her from the attention. There was no doubt she was feeling feverish, reluctant to stay. She could easily walk out if she wanted to, but then that would mean Tarrlok won. No, I can't let him manipulate me like Tenzin warned. That would never happen. She would never fall to be a puppet of his. Her original motive, to bring down Tahno, registered once again.

Her voice contradicts her thoughts and she shies away muffling, "Yeah, I get told that a lot."

Although the anger is evident, she continues to avoid eye contact with him, knowing his political beam can entrance her. Tarrlok's swaggering smile goes unnoticed.

"So if that is all that worries you, I hope you wouldn't mind if I took my leave, I have an important meeting to attend in five," Tarrlok walked over to open the door and watched Korra leave, "I'll see you later tonight."

Tarrlok succeeded. And Korra frowned knowing.

Later that evening, Korra ventured into the training dojo.

She was greeted by the indignant and uniform faces of her fellow members of the Task Force, it had been a difficult time attempting to memorise their names. A few weeks and she was still caught between referring to each one as 'dude' or 'bub' to avoid repeatedly asking for their name.

"So glad you could join us Korra" Tarrlok pressed easily annoyed at her tardiness.

"Pleasure is all mine," Korra curtsied plopping her gear into her locker. Upon walking back into the centre of the dojo she was questioned.

"Mind explaining why you are late?"

Korra pouted, and narrowly eyed Tarrlok, "Someone kept me waiting."

"I conquer, I had a late meeting and still managed to arrive before the masses," Tarrlok noted, "Did something or someone else get in your way?"

The Avatar gave it away by snapping at Tahno's scoff. He was at the end of the line. She had not noticed him right away, but once she did, frustration pursued. Tarrlok noticed and merely shrugged the humane dispute to the side wanting to return order to his pre-planned schedule, "No matter, join in the line-up when you're done poking silly faces at members."

Tahno chuckled lightly to himself, narrowing his eyes cockily at the teenager.

"I'll get to it at my own pace," Korra growled and Tarrlok's palm met face shaking his head in disagreement, "I forgot to put my pelt away properly. Be right back."

An irritated groan escaped Tarrlok's throat. Her antics were able to make anyone feel over fifty after they were through with her, maybe he could sympathise for Tenzin during meetings. He laughed at the idea – Never!

His mind picked up on a minute detail on Korra's back. Her gear wasn't upholstered correctly. The straps holding her shoulder pads were twisted, was it not uncomfortable, he thought. Tarrlok the perfectionist he was, strolled to the open arch between the dojo and locker room.

"Korra," he called and unhooked the strap connecting to the right shoulder pad and defence plating. She was surprised, and was about to shake him off, when he completely let go and she nearly plummeted head first to the ground.

"What did you do?" She bellowed.

"Just fixed up your uniform," Tarrlok informs, "No need to thank me."

"Yeah no need," Korra coldly replied, "Keep your old hands off me next time."

Korra walked off and Tarrlok watched confused. As Korra was the only female member in the team, he reminded himself he would need to appoint a female locker room. One girl sharing it with several young men was not appropriate in the least, concentrated on his thoughts, he was distracted from the conversation undergoing between the members.

"Twenty yuans the commander has a thing for the Avatar!"

"What no!? He's like twenty years –"

"So, my parents are 14 years apart."


"You just want her to yourself Wakon."

"Who doesn't?"

"A team of guys, and one girl. It's got to show how much guts she has entering a force of single men."

"I'm engaged man."

"But she's the Avatar. And hot!" Wakon argued defensively.

Wakon's best mate, Tyrone, notes, "You're missing out, but it puts one less guy in the competition."

Tahno registers the immature discussion amongst his degrading teammates and merely blows hot wind at his fringe, sighing hopelessly.

Tarrlok watches Korra take her position on the end of the line, his eyes not leaving her figure.

"Okay 30 yuans," one of the guy corrects.

Tarrlok's central position and dictating arms folded behind his back brought attention to the information he was about to leak, he addressed the members formally, "Task Force Members, as I was mentioning before a little interruption, there has been a recent vigilante reporting from downtown Republic City."

The members responded with grave looks. One was about to even question where exactly this place was before Tarrlok's next words cut through like a knife informing members and reassuring them on all points.

"A rundown warehouse in that area that was recently refurbished into a ceremonious tea house has brought attention and suspicions to the building. It is the Moonfog Tea House, sources from an insider overheard arguments amongst the owners whether to harbour the Equalists or not for a training session tomorrow night," he paused waiting to see complacent faces, beginning with Korra, they nodded in understanding. He smiled at them before continuing and sending them off to sparring practice. "If we beat them to the punch, it could be a great political story for the 'Daily Republican'."

Korra scoffed at the political aura he loved to radiate. He pouted in return, as fellow members laughed at his pride.

"Go on Chief," Korra registered easily returning his confidence.

On command he continued, not bickering, not attempting to win over the situation. Merely listening to her simple words and following through as her partner. Bored Task Force members registered the smooth interaction between Avatar and Councilman.

"Our elitist earthbenders will lead the raid tomorrow night; our movements will need to be sly and minimal as it would work to our advantage. The Equalists believe they have a point over us, working in secret, when we have valuable information over them. That does not mean we are to be slack. By now they would have caught on to our usual plan of initially flooding their bases with excessive water, so we are rotating roles."

"And this involves a new waterbender recruit, why?" Korra hissed not pleased about Tahno's admittance into the Task Force.

"Patience please, Korra" Tarrlok pleadingly calms her down. Her arms fold in disapproval.

"Notice how he's dropped the Avatar status," one of the members involved in the bet whispered.

"And how he's managed to control her temper," another comments, "Stories say not even the airbending master can."

"Allow me to explain my plan Korra."

"Go on."

Tarrlok turned his focus to the entire force.

"Earthbenders will barricade the building from the outside preventing any escapees or intruders. From there, a special mix of firebenders and waterbenders of the force will create an inner line of defence acting as backup when signalled. Another group consisting of a few waterbenders and I will lead the raid, specialised in agility and sneak assassin like fronts. The team of waterbenders will need to be vigilant and agile," Tarrlok built his speech in momentum to unveil his plan for the Task Force, his head travelled from Tahno to Korra both on opposite ends of the line, "That is where those with experience in probending come in."

"You had this planned right from the start," Korra smiled smugly.

Tarrlok sheepishly smiled, "Guilty is charged."

Korra swayed rolling on to her side and leered at pretty boy, "Still doesn't change my mind on Tahno."

He kept his vision centred, avoiding Korra to make her bubble inside, with a roll of his tongue he responded snidely, "The feeling's mutual sweetheart," while sceptically analysing the Chief's mannerisms. There was something odd about him today.

"Tahno," Korra sourly chided.

One member, clearly the tallest from the Force offered a reprieving look, alternating between mentioning and bringing up an issue, afraid to include him in the spat between the youngest members.

"Not to disrespect sir," his voice spoke up respectfully, Tarrlok nodded approval for him to continue, "But isn't leaving the break-even point of the plan on the two youngest recruits a little imposing."

"Hey bub!" Korra was smoothly interrupted by Tahno.

"Are you really questioning the ability of a three time probending champion captain and Avatar?"

"I'd watch that mouth if I were you!" the issue riser responded.

Tahno flipped his bangs and folded his arms arrogantly. Korra unintentionally mimicked him. Tarrlok flicked between individuals involved in the dispute before addressing the concern.

"I understand your claim Eon, but as the Avatar and the three time probending champion captain, there waterbending abilities outweigh some of our more experienced members." Members took offence, faces twisted and waned. Tarrlok continued nonetheless, clearly not finished, "They carry more raw power than any of us here. That is the most crucial factor to the succession of this plan."

Tahno and Korra jumped at the praise, taken aback.

The older members were withdrawn, feeling their abilities were not appreciated as much as earlier.

"Although they carry more brutality, their fighting methods still need years of experience to measure with us older folk. Not to worry, I wasn't belittling our abilities, merely explaining the facts. Youngsters are generally arrogant, are they not?"

The older members rekindled their spirits and shared a chuckle, while Tahno and Korra furrowed their eyebrows in disagreement. Their brief agreement had Tarrlok smiling widely, step one in his plan to allow them to co-operate to create an efficient team in check.

Tarrlok's elevated posture and attention seeking cough addressed the Force.

"Now choose a partner and spar for fifteen minutes. No bending. Attempt to restrict your partner with their weaknesses. Comment, then provide feedback and suggest how they can improve."

"Yes sir!"

"Korra, you will be mine," Tarrlok quickly alternated between leading and conversing. Force members groaned at the Chief's cunning thoughts, they wanted to spar with Korra.

"Would you not prefer I sparred against Tahno?" Korra raised an eye curious.

"It would be great if you two could get along, but I'm afraid partnering you two right away will result with someone receiving a concussion," Tarrlok explained, smiling sneakily, "And filling out forms for injury and insurance is not my cup of tea."

Korra briefly chuckled, "You believe I'm stronger than him, huh!"

Tarrlok ceased to further praise her, "It may be so, but you lack his natural wit, patience and psyche in battle."

Korra grumbled, forming an offensive position, "Let's just spar already."

It was the Councilman's turn to chuckle.

Her hands alarm and registered before her chest. Tarrlok used this chance to get close to her, to intimidate her. He pretended to get into a comfortable stance before combusting with a fury of agile movement. His hands flied inches past her face, a right sucker punch grazing her chin. Left hand sharp and flat jabbing her left shoulder, ability to move that arm became immobile.

Korra growled and settled for her feet, she first ducked avoided another ring between her face and his right arm, then pivoted avoiding attacks by reading his feet positions. Years training several art styles, had her fluent in water bending of both northern and southern influences. Once under his right wing, she jabbed him with an elbow toppling him to the side, and sending a scissor kick in his direction. Feet met with chest and Tarrlok hit the plywood hard. A loud thump! She grinned confidently.

"You're feet are too slow," she alerted.

Tarrlok in thirty seconds flat, rolled on to his back and pushed force into his arms, in a leap returning to his feet. He brushed his mouth and nose, wiping sweat, "Not bad Korra. Your lack of concentration on the art of hand-to-hand combat is overpowered by your flexibility and raw power in your legs." His hand fell to his chest, smiling crookedly, "that pound actually brought my heart to a stop."

She snuffed hot air, her hair dishevelled, and cheeks red with thirst for taking down the chief, "If that hurt you, wait until you see-"

"You'd think I'd give the enemy a chance in combat to show me what they have," Tarrlok countered her leap forward; they met colliding power with power. Korra's arms pushing to lock Tarrlok's shoulders out of place, and Tarrlok aiming to dismantle her vice grip by pushing against her elbows.

Surprisingly their raw power was evenly matched, he kept her on her toes, despite being almost double her age, he had just as enough energy and ruthlessness to oppose her brutality.

She was not amused.

Tarrlok on the other hand was. He had a talented, strategic mind to turn situations in his favour.

Korra bluffed, "Is that all you have Tarrlok!"

A snarl crossed his face, as his left leg swept her unbalanced stance. She tumbled to her side, eyes flinching from contact with the hard ground. Tarrlok's clumsy foot movements though alerted her of his position and she instinctively grabbed his kick in its early stages. She pulled him down easily with a tug, demonstrating her rawness. She took the lead, sliding on her palm, and sticking a heel to his waist. He countered on the floor manoeuvring his feet to twist under her and gain the stage by topping her in the end.

Korra attempted breaking out of his grasp with her legs, but his grip on her arms and knee pressed delicately on her lower abdominal muscles, prevented it. She struggled, his callous hands wrapped tentatively around her arm braces and pinned flat against the floor. He towered over her, an unescapable leer and growl escaped Tarrlok which brought attention to his position. His mind snapped, and blinked furiously. He turned to see the Task Force ogling – do these blunders not have something better to entertain themselves with?

Then it hit him. How inappropriate things had become.

The Task Force members had quietly stopped sparring and gathered to watch the 'entertaining' fight.

Korra used Tarrlok's temporary distracted mind to her advantage, she wriggled and grunted. Tucking her knees to her chest and swiftly pushing wind into Tarrlok's gut, he curdled at the attack as she slipped out from underneath him.

"Nice going Korra!" Aidan cheered.

"Things were getting hot for a second," a member tagged fanning himself.

Yeah, that shows Tarrlok who's boss - Korra awarded her triumphant grin to the men.

By then Tarrlok and Korra were a good two metres apart from each other in defensive stances. The councilman empathised for Korra's naivety, simultaneously, rubbing his sore abdominal muscles. Thoughts of insecurity purged his mind remembering the adrenalin that unconsciously released the low possessive growl. It echoed in his mind, teasing him. He looked out to the crowd uncomfortably, and then back at Korra who had only realised the awkwardness and glares.

He watched her panic, "W-Wa-Why have you all stopped sparring!?"

"N-no reason," Wakon defensively proclaimed, his shaggy hair sheltering the embarrassment. Tarrlok noticed he was holding back a snicker, avoiding eye contact with her - that overconfident bastard.

Korra eyed him suspiciously in return. Her attention switched back and forth, between shame and humiliation, knowing the only source for a fair judgement rested on the Chief's shoulders.

"What are they talking about Tarrlok?" She was desperate, her cheeks heating up and refusing to cool.

Stupid hormones he cursed. Tarrlok was well aware of the boundary he had crossed. Although unintentional, it was something that had happened. He attempted to eliminate the thought of any mixed confusion, she was young, and although probably already informed between interactions of the opposite sex, she had no right to be harassed and humiliated in front of fellow Task Force members.

He addressed her politically, "Clearly the sparring match Korra."

Korra's tone hit a note that demanded a direct response, not something that masked the verity of the situation, Tarrlok cringed, the back of his mouth clenching.

"What did they mean by things getting hot Tarrlok?"

Her eyes were pleading.

"Stop playing innocent Korra," a member involved in the bet howled.

Tarrlok's head snapped swiftly at the Task Force member, Lyk, one of the younger immature earthbenders that served well on the battlefield, but lacked wit during a critical situation, much like this one, his inappropriate comment, made Tarrlok resent him. His actions were now having an effect on Korra's reputation. Stupid, stupid man, Tarrlok sighed.

He was torn. The situation was now embedded on to Korra.

His implied face made her want to hurl, facing the reality. She looked back at the ground, then her chest and then Tarrlok. He was speechless.

Korra spat, "I'm not your token!"

The comment sent the crowd into further whispers. Tarrlok and Korra wanted to crawl into balls from the shame. Nonetheless, the politician within Tarrlok attempted to keep the situation under wraps. He ordered Korra, "Go spar instead with Yu Tan."

The only man from memory who displayed respect, and was engaged to a woman already, he could hopefully trust the firebender.

"I need some air," Tarrlok addressed before exiting.

Heavy silence filled the dojo.

Korra grumpily avoided contact with everyone. Marching her way to the lockers, "I'm leaving, don't let Tarrlok wait up," she mentioned to no one in particular.

Tahno was quite surprised. He thought this practice session would have been a waste of time. Instead he had received some entertainment; never would he have guessed the Avatar's temper and unwillingness to co-operate would provoke the Councilman in such a manner. He eyed his sparring partner and asked, "Does that happen often in practice…errm.?"

"The name's Kronos, and it's a first, things have gotten that tense between the two."

Kronos looked quite toned and athletic, tanned, with a short cut, and easily in his late 20s. He seemed to be experienced in the field of body language.

"Did I misunderstand the situation…I mean I have had my fair share of fights, but even I don't get that caught up in…"

"In…" Kronos echoed.


"No you're on the right track."

"Newbie!" If Tahno remembered correctly, the person calling him was one of the waterbenders he overheard had a crush on Korra. She was strangely quite popular amongst the guys. "Come here."

Tahno's voice spoke with annoyance, "Is it important brunt?"

"Yeah just get your ass over here frilly."


"Yeah your hair," the older male addressed mockingly.

"Just because I spend a little required time grooming efficiently, I get nicknamed, Frilly?" Tahno wavered, flaunting his bangs, "The name is Tah-no."

"Roo-kie!" The man pushed Tahno's shoulder, "Learn your place."

Tahno scoffed, pulling the man's arm off his shoulder, "Whatever. What did you want?"

"You seemed to notice too," One of the other guys leaned a shoulder on the main informer now identified as Wakon.

"Notice what?" Tahno grumbled impatiently.

"The chief's feelings for the Avatar."

"The Uh-vatar."

The two nodded in unison.

"Didn't notice anything that is not of my interest," Tahno clarified. He was generally self-righteous, the business of his team members did not interest him at all.

"Sure you didn't," he added sarcastically chuckling.

"And what if it's true? The Uh-vatar would never be interested."

"That's what I've been saying."

"The thing is though, we have a bet going around."

"And since I've won the pot a few times, you want me to put my own entry on whether Councilman Tarrlok has feelings for someone twenty years his junior. You lot are lame and not worth my time."

"I'd watch my mouth punk if I were you."

"You are not me. And you actually bring a tear to my eye to believe you could lay a finger on me."

"How about we show you?" Wakon, taller than Tahno, bigger in muscle, and supposedly more experienced did not intimidate Tahno in the least. He looked up at the knotted face of his enemy, and simply side-stepped him, he swayed to the locker room and walked out, noticing Korra had snuck out. He decided he would change later and left the dojo as if he had no care in the world.

His stop on the way out was intruded by Korra strolling out on the pier by the moonlight. The water glistened beside her, entrapping and reflecting on her tone.

He was tranced by her silhouette. Tahno paused, wanting to say something to break the awkward silence. Korra took a seat on the edge of the dock, feet a foot above the water. She looked upset by the way her shoulders hunched. Tahno's feet shuffled to the calling of her heart. He held between his fingers the bridge of his nose, warding off the coming headache.

"Men can be pigs."

Korra snapped her head at his presence, wiping away a trail of tears with the heel of her palm. Tahno's face softened.

"Pretty boy, what are you still doing here?"


"What do you want?"

"Not sure, could be the magical pull of the moon," Tahno wavered; he was never direct went it came to being affectionate and gentle. The young adult contemplated before continuing, "I just wanted to assure you to not let those…other men…pigs…get the best of you."

Korra shot back quickly, "Why would you care?"

"Not sure. Could be because we're a team, they say co-operation is important."

Korra laughed lightly, "Since when does that work for you?"

"You should head back to the temple. Even if you are the Uh-vatar, pigs won't think twice about a young girl."

Silence entrapped them once again. Korra staring at the ocean, Tahno up at the clear night sky.

"Walk me home then," Korra murmured.

Tahno paused.