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Sandra rolled over. She had only been in bed for half an hour but knew that there was no chance of getting any sleep at all that night. She was worried about Brain, he hadn't been the same since Jack's sudden and suspicious departure.

She knew he knew more than he was prepared to say. She was worried about Jack even more, he was the one behaving out of character, ever since he had left the pub and gotten on that plane to France he hadn't been in contact, not even a quick text to say that he had arrived safely. That wasn't not like Jack Halford at all. It was odd how he had upped sticks and left, all in a day without properly saying goodbye to the team not even giving them a real reason why he had decided to leave and now Brian was becoming paranoid every time Jack's name was spoken.

Sandra knew something was bothering Brain, he was behaving in the same way he had done when he had relapsed before. Her gut feeling told her Jack had confided in Brian about the real reason why he had left UCOS and retired for good and Brian Lane was now battling with his conscience, not knowing if he should keep his promise to Jack or tell her and Gerry the truth as they both had told Brian that they were worried.

Sandra didn't know what to do, she knew if she mentioned something to Esther about Brian's behavior the Brain would never trust her again and there was no way of getting into contact with Jack as he clearly did not want anything more to do with them.

Gerry was the only person left she could really talk to about it, knowing he had a date tonight and did not want to ruin his evening by ringing him she sent him a text:


would it be possible if you came into work early tomorrow, I want to talk to you about Brian, I am worried,

Cheers, Sandra x"

There was nothing more she could do at this moment in time so she thought she might as well try sleeping again.

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