Slightly disturbing Drabble I just wrote about LokixNatasha. It is AU (Alternate Universe), Loki has won and he has taken control over Earth. :)

The woman's bloodcurdling screams echoed throughout the grand palace - sending shivers down the spines of the occupants and guards. Clint Barton's body lay upon the stone floor, distorted and mangled, his eyes still wide open as a bead of fresh blood seeped out of the large crack on the crown of his head. After the event of Loki's unsettling carnage of Hawkeye, Natasha Romanoff lay crouched on the floor beside her friend, breaking down with tears of lamentation due to the torturous pain it caused her to see him like that - Loki grinned sadistically.

The other Avengers were dead, he had slaughtered his own brother and butchered the others; he felt no remorse as he circled the only remaining Agent with pure engrossment flickering in his hungering green eyes. The broken Agent looked up at him with disgust, her clothing ripped and tattered from the God's bladed spear and her face scratched - her lip bled fiercely.

"You.. You're a monster." Natasha uttered with a rasping voice, her teeth were bared at him as she again clutched onto the front of Barton's shirt. Loki's grin merely widened at this in amusement as he knelt down to her face level as to bring up his hand to caress her bleeding cheek - she flinched away in repugnance.

"Now, now Agent Romanoff," he began, his tone suave and deep chested. "What about, 'love is for children'?" Loki jested, standing back up then using a booted foot to push Barton over to lie on his back, smirking in pleasure as Natasha's bottom lip trembled and did not answer. "Then again, aren't we all just children? Children trapped in the delusional power craving bodies of the adult; children who are influenced by the tempting entice of omnipotence that will always be out of our reach. Do you want to know the Achilles heel to this devastatingly paradisiacal envisage? Let me tell you, Agent Romanoff, the only weakness and fragility to the ploy of adulthood is sentiment. When the sentimentality prevails, Romanoff, everything collapses inwards. You are a feeble child... And love is for children, your sentimentality is your weakness - you are weak, Agent Romanoff."

Loki's heart pumped with adrenaline and sadistic lust as he delivered the monologue as he looked down upon the shaken Natasha. Her limbs were trembling and her breath wavered drastically, as she looked down at the limp Barton in her arms, in realisation that Loki was right. Natasha Romanoff loved Clint Barton, whose life had been dramatically snatched away from the very man who helped her reach the epiphany.

"Why don't you just kill me too?" She croaked, with no apparent will to live in the newly war filled Earth, a strand of dirtied red hair fell into her eyes as she looked up at the God of Mischief. Loki's eye twitched in bathos, he let out a small, cold chuckle and whacked his sceptre across the Agent's cheek causing her to collapse meekly on top of Barton's chest – still conscious, but barely.

Loki bent down once more to the woman as he clutched her chin in one hand forcefully turning her head to look at him, causing her to wince. "Now that would be too easy, my dear Agent." He purred as she slowly drifted into unconsciousness.