A/N~ Thanks to WritePassion...she gave me the idea for a car accident & it just turned into this...Hope you like it!

Michael sat at the curbside, holding his head in his hands, he rubbed his face. He flinched as he accidently hit the gash on the side of his head. He pulled out his cell and called Sam before putting the phone away. All he said was "Can you come to the corner of Main and First? There's been an accident."

Sam was the first to arrive. Seeing the condition the Mike was in, he shook his head in sorrow. "You OK brother?"

"Jesus Mike, what happened?"

Michael looked straight ahead, not meeting Sam's gaze. "Chasing that guy who robbed the nuns. He turned around and plowed into the front end. There were cars in back of me so I couldn't back up."

Sam put his arm around. Michael and asked "They let you see her yet?"

Michael shook his head. "No. I tried but they keep pushing me back. See if you can find something out for me."

Sam got up and walked out of sight, looking for someone in charge. Michael let an EMT clean and cover his wound. Sam came back and sat down, placing a hand on his best friend's shoulder. "Its really not good Mike. Her body was badly damaged her frame just couldn't handle the impact. I don't know what to say. I never thought we'd have to say goodbye so soon. You just got her back only a few years ago. Whatever wasn't right you fixed it and things got better in time." Sam's voice cracked as he added "It was damn near perfect."

"What am I going to do Sam? I loved her." Michael said, trying to hide how upset he was.

"You start over. It's pretty easy now. If you want the same kind, you look online or the newspapers. The newer ones are incredible these days. Not like in the ninety's. Bodies are lighter and pretty damn impressive." Sam said, picking up a pebble and tossing it into the street.

Michael turned his head and looked at Sam in disbelief. "Do you even hear what you are saying?"

As soon as Sam finished asking "What's your problem?", Michael grabbed Sam by the collar and knocked him to the ground.

"My problem is that in one breath you are telling me Fiona is dead and the next you are telling me that I should get a new girlfriend!" Michael snarled at Sam.

Sam laughed but then stopped when he saw Michael's pained expression. "Mike, when you said they wouldn't let you go see 'her' and wanted me to check on 'her', I thought you meant the Charger! I had no idea Fiona in the car with you! I'm sorry buddy! I would never tell you to go out and get another girl if you lost Fiona."

Michael was frozen for a moment, until the paramedic came and tapped Michael's shoulder. "Sir, we have Miss Glenanne asking for you. She was unconscious before but she's awake now. We are going to take her to the hospital so you ride along if you want."

Michael got off Sam and walked away. He could still hear Sam yelling "I'm sorry!" in the distance.

Sitting down in the ambulance, Michael leaned over and kissed Fiona on the head. "I'm so relieved you are ok." He whispered, taking her hand in his.

"Takes more than a bump to the head to get rid of me." Fiona said jokingly. Noticing his eyes fill with tears she asked "What's wrong?"

"I asked Sam to check on you. He thought I thought I meant the car. He went and talked to someone and they said the car had too much damage to the body and the frame couldn't take it the impact. Then he's telling me how I can get a new one, meaning car, but I thought he meant you. I thought he meant you died." Michael leaned forward and kissed her hand.

Fiona sighed. "Michael, you poor thing. I'm fine."

The paramedic came in and made Michael lean back. They rode to the hospital in silence. Once at the hospital Fiona was admitted for overnight observation. Once in the room she sat on the edge of the bed and began to get up.

"Where do you think you are going?" Michael asked.

Fiona took her clothes from the counter and smiled and said "Home. I am not sleeping overnight in a hospital. The bed is dreadful and the sheets make my legs break out in a rash. I am not staying."

Michael grabbed her clothes from her and raised his voice to Fiona. "You are staying. You were knocked unconscious. You heard the doctor say that you need to stay here because you have a bad concussion."

"I will not let you tell me what to do!" Fiona said, snatching her clothes from Michael.

Michael placed his hands on her arms and said "I thought I lost you today. I am not taking any chances. If something goes wrong, the doctors are here and they can help."

Fiona began to protest. "Please do this for me, Fi. This one thing I need you to do." Michael took her hands in his and looked into her eyes. He whispered "Please."

Fiona obliged and quietly climbed back in bed. He leaned over and gave her a kiss on her forehead. "Thank you."

Throughout the night Fiona drifted into a light sleep but only to be woken up by nurses coming to check on her.

Around two in the morning, Michael looked over at Fiona and said "Fi, I'm getting out. I'm done."

"What? Done with what?" Fiona asked groggily.

He walked over to the bed and sat down facing her. "Everything we've been doing the past few years. I've had it. I've had too many near misses with losing you forever and I don't want to push my luck. I thought you died in a house explosion, you were going to move to Ireland, Strickler shot you and tried to drown you, you've been held hostage a few times, you were either going to spend the rest of your life in prison or be executed on British soil if you got extradited and now the car accident. I'm tired of being scared."

"What about people who need your help? Are we just going to turn our backs on them?" Fiona asked.

Michael closed his eyes and said "Yes. I know it seems wrong, but I just want to keep you safe. I can't do that with the life we lead."

Fiona opened her arms and pulled him onto her chest. "What about the CIA?"

"They'll offer me a buyout if I want to retire. I have enough money that accrued when I was burned. We sell some of our weapons..."

Feeling Michael's breathing slowed, she lazily ran her fingers through his hair as she herself drifted off to sleep.

The next day, the doctor released Fiona with strict orders that she was to rest and not do anything too strenuous. Still mad at Sam, Michael called Jesse who came to pick them up at the hospital and drop them off at the loft. Michael made Fiona spend the day in bed, but gave her files to shred. He sorted through his collection of weapons and toys he had amassed since being back in Miami.

"I meet with Tom Card tomorrow. You'll be ok by yourself?" Michael asked.

Fiona got out of bed and wrapped her arms around Michael. "I will be fine. Are you happy with your decision?"
"One hundred percent happy. I'm ready to do this." he answered without hesitation.

Fiona turned him around so she could see his face. Looking into his eyes, she said "I just want you to be sure this is what you want. I don't want you to wake up five or ten years from now and regret leaving the life you've built."

Pulling Fiona into his arms, he rested his head on hers and said "I won't regret anything because I have you. You are my life."

He pulled back a little and gave her a kiss. "How about I join you on the bed so you can rest?"

"Rest?" Fiona said, raising her eyebrow.

Michael smiled and said "By rest I mean you are going to lay down and I will rub your back until you fall asleep."

Fiona pouted and said as she climbed into the bed "You're no fun!"

"One good thing about me retiring, we'll have plenty of more time to spend in bed when you are better." Michael said with a smile.

As he began to scratch her back, she sleepily said "Promise?"

Michael laid down next to her and kissed her cheek. "I promise."